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Chapter 263: Back to the workplace

Chapter 263: Back to the workplace

Ruby had a peaceful sleep last night. The thought of her daughter really pulled her out of despair. Even now she and Ryu slept together in bed with her daughter between both of them. Behind her, she can feel another body sticking to her back. Must be her mother. Dim rays of the morning light illuminated the face next to her.

Using her soft hands she carefully caressed the cheeks of her younger brother. He truly had been a great support in these testing times. Her heart filled with affection, her hands swept his long strands of bright green hair to reveal his cute face. 

Right then, the boy seems to have woken up, using his hand to hold hers on his face. “Better?” “Hmm.” A slight nod of head answered him positively. “It was very depressing to find you in that state is. Please can you try to pull yourself together? I don’t think mother and father would be any different.”

“Brother James must have known the cost. Still, he chose to fight instead of running away, you must respect his choice.” Tears began emerging in her eyes but this time Ryu didn’t allow them to fall. Bringing his head close to hers, he kissed her face without any regrets. 

Ruby didn’t resist, however, she didn’t participate either, letting the boy suck on her dry lips. He was aware of her condition and hence didn’t push her too much, ending his kiss in another minute. Thankfully, the distraction made sure that she didn’t shed any further tears. 

“Although I want to stay with you, there are some commitments that I need to be present for. Think you can stay away from me for a while?” Since last to last night, he had been with her almost all the time. “I will be fine, just try to return early.”

Ryu nodded with a smile on his face. Kissing her forehead, he kissed the little girl beside him as well, before getting up and moving to the other side of the bed. *Paah* “Oi.. sleepyhead, get up.” A good slap to Amelia’s butt made her wince in pain, leading to a small chuckle from her daughter. 

“You bratt… Aiiio..” The redheaded mother sure was annoyed at the rude awakening. Before she can resort to violence, Ryu cupped her face and kissed her face. This kiss was not shallow at all, their tongues rolled into each other’s mouths with their saliva dripping from the side of their lips. 

“Look after sis, I will be out for a while, need to visit granny from the milk farms.” Amelia calmed down and pecked his lips in return. “Okay. What about your breakfast?” “Not required, first I will be seeing aunt Lyla and Kira will eat something at grandma’s place.” 

Saying that he left the room, leaving behind the two redheads looking in his direction. Next Ryu walked over to the other room. Finding Suna, sleeping with his maids. Kissing all three of them, he left the house. 


Lyla and his sisters had planned to drop by Ruth’s place. Apparently, the old lady is going to leave the town today. They need to say their final goodbyes to her. She had been extremely kind to him, it’s only natural that he pays his last respects. Who knows if she will be returning any time soon or not? 

After a 20 minutes walk, he found the lady dressed in white sitting in her garden, meditating. Not disturbing her, he moved in to find the mother and daughter pair. Lyla was awake, but the girl had still not opened her eyes. Every time he saw her pale face, his heart turned colder and colder. 

Had he been powerful, she would have never had to go through all this. ‘Why is she not waking up?’ Lyla had still not noticed him, being busy caring for her child. Standing against the door, his words were meant for someone else.

‘It’s better for both of us if you answer.’ One more minute passed when the reply came as a heavy voice in his head. ‘Ohh.. are you talking to me? Sorry, I was sleeping.’ Ryu gritted his teeth, frustration visible on his face. ‘Hahaha.. you are no fun kid. Why are you so serious? I am telling you, we can be great friends.’

‘Good. Now answer my question.’ He completely ignored his words of temptations. ‘Hmm.. it can’t be forced then. About the girl, how am I supposed to know? She is a kid, after all. It might be a few more days before she wakes up.’ 

Ryu sighed, releasing a cold breath. ‘You better hope she does. If l find out that you messed with her in any way, it won’t end well for both of us.’ For the next minute, his mind was blank, before breaking into furious laughter. ‘Are to trying to threaten me, boy?’ 

‘Yes. Don’t take me as a naive brat. Believe me, whatever you are planning, I can make sure that it never succeeds.’ ‘Looks like you have grown yourself a pair after that night. Hmm.. did I expose you to too much violence? Hehehe…’

Voice fading in his head, Ryu walked over to Lyla, sitting beside her and checking Kira’s pulse. “Don’t worry, she will be alright. Grandma is here, she is the best help out there.” The woman took the opportunity to close the distance between them, hugging onto him. “I know. I believe in Mrs. Emily. It’s just, this girl is my only relation in this world. It pains me to watch her like this.” 

Ryu raised her chin and kissed her lips, patting her head to console her. “Why do you say that, lady? Ain’t I another relation you have?” Lyla blushed a little, snuggling in his chest. “I am sorry, I wasn’t able to drop by yesterday. I hope Ruby is recovering from this unfortunate event.” 

Emily must have told her about James, already. He only rubbed her back. “She is holding on. The last two days had been very bad, but her condition has improved a lot.” “Thank goddess! I will try to join Amelia, maybe later today.” 

“You can come with me. And what about granny? What do you guys have in your mind?” From her words, Ryu had figured out that Lyla and her fellow sisters were planning something. It’s just that she refused to let him on any details. 

“Yes, in an hour we are all going to converge at granny’s place, today. I hope you can come with me.” Ryu bend down and kissed Kira’s forehead before holding Lyla by her hands and bringing her out. “That’s why I am here. Come let’s eat something first.” 


“Lyla, do you believe in me?” “Hmm? Why do you ask?” On their way to granny’s milk farm, Ryu consulted with the lady walking beside him. “Just tell me.” Lyla smiled and took hold of his hand. “Absolutely.” Her response got her a very public display of affection in the form of a gentle peck on her lips. 

“Thanks. I will try to talk to granny, you need to support me wherever you can.” Lyla knew that Ryu must be feeling bad that the amiable old lady was leaving the town. “Huu.. sure. Only thing is that she possesses a resolute personality. Once decided, she very rarely changes her mind.” 

“It’s okay, we will try our best.” Lyla hummed in a positive note, gracious walking down the street with the boy, holding onto his hands. 

Half an hour later, in the central mansion of the milk farm, a lady sat in her chair with two of her spirits standing on each side. “Haha.. did you really think this would go any differently?” The blue-skinned spirit with woman hid her lips while giggling incessantly. 

Roth furrowed her brows, she too can sense what Abigail just pointed. She put her head in her palm, disappointed. “Go, let them in.” At her command, one of her two guards leaped into action. “These idiots, I specifically warned them not to return here now.” 

“You are such a cutie, Ruth haha..” Isabella, her red spirit, bent down and placed her long arm around her neck. “On the outside, you always try to act all selfish and stern. But anyone who spends a decent time with you can very easily peel through the artificial layer and discover your benevolent soul. You as why they return? Isn’t it self-explanatory? They are here to support you, just like you went out of your way to support them as well as shelter them.” 

Abigail was nodding her head. “It’s only natural for people to try helping out their benefactors unless they are a demon incarnate like your previous ‘child’.” “Huuu… it’s okay, let them come. I am sure I can send them back.” Ruth took a deep breath, staring at the door leading to this hall.

“Seriously, all of you are here. Do you love this place this much?” Outside the farm, a group of ladies had assembled, waiting for the occupants to let them in. Despite Lyla’s insistence, Ryu was not expecting every milk woman to be here. All of them, except one, revealed a beautiful smile for him. “Huh.. what do you know about us, brat? You are just a newbie here, we had been with granny for much longer hmph..” 

Who else can it be except the headstrong Hannah? Ryu was no longer their milker, that is why she was able to gather all her courage to stand up to her. “Ohh my… isn’t it Ms. Hannah! You truly like to stick your head out, don’t you?” He had casually walked straight to the lady, only stopping when their face almost collided. 

“What are you trying, brat..? You have been fired if you don’t remember.” Ryu completely ignored her warning, with a swift motion, he had restricted both her hands behind her back and held her against his chest. “Ahhh.. sister Rose.. save me..! Ahhh.. what are you doing?” 

Most of these ladies had little to no cultivation. They were like a herd of sheep, totally on the boy’s mercy. Even after all the ruckus she created, no one came forward to her rescue. Rather, each one of them had a good laugh at Hannah’s expense. “All of you!! Ahhhh..!!” Right now she was angrier at her sisters, than this brat. 

“What happened? I thought you guys were inseparable sisters. That’s not really a sign of good camaraderie. Or are you the only one they have cast out?” “Hmph!! I will… I will…!!” Ryu gently bit on her neck, using his right hand to crush her chest, eventually reaching to her long nipples. “Aahh.. don’t do it.. mhhh.. aaiiio.. mhh..!!” 

*Tap* *Tap* Among the giggles of the ladies, they heard a woman approaching them from inside the mansion. “Come in.” She unlocked the doors, allowing them entry. Ryu saw the guard lady staring directly at him with her emotionless eyes. Being the first lady he had milked at this place, he waved to her with a big smile on his face. The response was quite lackluster as she didn’t even acknowledge him back.

“Hahaha.. beat that, brat. You are just a nobody around here haha..” Ryu can only smile and tug on Hannah’s tits harder. Leaving the woman in pain, he took off behind the group of ladies. Making his way through the crowd, he reached to one of the more mature ladies. 

“What are you guys planning, Rose? You should let me know, maybe I can add something.” Rose looked at the handsome boy holding her hand like a kid, a beaming smile on her face. “So Ms. Lyla didn’t tell you anything?” Getting a negative headshake from him, she resumed. “It’s nothing big. We are just planning to keep this place open.” 

That’s all she told him when the lady from earlier led them through a hallway. Pushing open the door, a massive space was revealed with a woman sitting on her chair in the center. Yet, the first thing Ryu had noticed were the beings on both sides of Ruth. Each one of them was more than two heads taller than a human. They both looked like twins, the only difference being the color of their skins. 

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