Chapter 1037 Tricked?

Chapter 1037 Tricked?

Grey stared at all three of them, they were the only ones who might still be able to put up a fight. The other three at the Late stages of the Sage Plane were still lying on the ground, even if they could move, it was impossible for them to leave with Grey around unless Grey wanted them to leave.

Unfortunately, there was no way he would allow that, the fact that they had been capturing people and killing them for such evil practices made him hate them. One of the reasons he hated necromancers was not only the fact that they marked and tried to kill him, but it was because they would kill people and use them as puppets. It was a disgusting act that he felt should never be practiced.

The trio at the Peak of the Sage Plane looked at Grey with depressed expressions, they exchanged glances before turning to look at the building. As things stand, their only hope of escaping was if the old man came out, however, they hadn't even heard a noise from the place, nor could they sense any aura. It was clear that something was also happening on the old man's end.

They gritted their teeth and without a second thought, their auras spiked. They wanted to fight with their lives on the line, it was already in danger from the start, so it was best to try and see if they could at least injure Grey and maybe one or two of them use the opportunity to escape, or even kill him.

Grey laughed when he saw their desperate act. His figure blinked, and before the eyes of the two Water Elementalists, the Fire Elementalist appeared in the same spot as Grey.

They quickly recalled what happened some moments ago, and reacted accordingly, striking the position the Fire Elementalist was previously standing on which was currently occupied by Grey.

However, their eyes changed expression when their attacks passed through Grey's body and simultaneously landed on each other's bodies.

The Fire Elementalist was standing in the middle of the two, so when Grey switched places with him, he was also standing in their middle. He knew with the short distance, it would be difficult for him to dodge their attacks, but he didn't mind, with one of his space element's ultimate techniques, he didn't need to fear any attack as long as it was not of the space element or had enough power to affect the space around him.

The two Water Elementalists were sent flying by each other's attacks. Of the two, one of them was more affected by Grey's orb when it exploded the last time, and he was also the one attacked by Grey when he tried to escape, so against this attack, he was the one who was more affected, dying on the spot the second his back hit the ground.

"Oh, you killed your friend." Grey said, a little hint of playfulness in his tone.

The faces of the Fire and Water Elementalists changed, even though the other Water Elementalist was injured, he could still put up a fight.

"What do you want?" The Fire Elementalist asked, angered by their lack of strength.

They couldn't tell Grey's age since his face was covered, but from his voice, they guessed he wasn't too old, they felt he shouldn't be over thirty years old.

"Me? Nothing, I want to give you guys a taste of your own medicine." Grey replied, staring at them.

They can't escape at this point, so he was more relaxed.

The other three Late stage Sage Plane Elementalists were still sprawled on the ground, groaning in pain.

The Fire Elementalist was trying to speak with Grey, but they were disturbing him, and out of anger, he killed them as well. It wasn't like they were going to make it anyway.

"Look, we have nothing to do with this. If my guess is correct, you already have the Lord, he's the one giving the orders, and we just follow them for our own benefit. If you let us go, we…"

"I expected you to push the blame on him, besides, it's not like what you said is wrong. However, you participated in it, this can't be changed." Grey interrupted the Fire Elementalist.

The hands of the Fire Elementalist shook repeatedly, he was examining his options. Attacking Grey seemed to be out of it since he already knew how strong the other party was, and from what Grey said, it didn't seem like he wanted to let them go even if they were just pawns.

He soon fell to his knees, "My Lord, please, spare me, I have a family that needs me."

The Fire Elementalist had stopped pleading on behalf of the two of them, instead, he focused on his own safety. Maybe Grey would be magnanimous and allow him to leave if he pleaded.

"What about him?" Grey asked, an evil grin on his face. However, it was covered so they couldn't see it.

"Him… if… if you can My Lord, spare him too." The Fire Elementalist kept his head down all through the time. Never bringing his head up once, with his current position, he was at the mercy of Grey.

Grey looked at him for a long time, and just when he was about to take a step, he felt a chill run down his spine, without a second thought, he retreated as fast as he could.


A loud explosion came from where Grey was standing.

"Run!" The voice of the Fire Elementalist sounded out and he rushed out of the building.

Grey took some steps back and quickly stabilized himself, looking at the spot the explosion came from, his eyes turned cold. That was the place where the three Late stage Sage Plane Elementalists were lying. The Fire Elementalist had killed them when they were disturbing him, only now did Grey understand why he did that, and also the reason he was pleading, he was buying time for his secret attack to be unleashed.

Grey never expected that at the time the Fire Elementalist killed them, he planted something in them as well.

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