Chapter 1038 This Is My Domain!

Chapter 1038 This Is My Domain!

Grey didn't stand idle, after a few seconds, he picked his target. Of the two, the Fire Elementalist was the one who had the highest probability of escaping if left unattended, so he chased after him first.

While fighting, he had already marked them, just in case of things like this. Now that he had to chase them down, he picked the Fire Elementalist.

The speed of a Peak Sage Plane Elementalist should not be undermined, a regular Peak Sage Plane Elementalist can travel over a thousand meters in the space of two to three seconds, and a Wind or Lightning Peak Sage Plane Elementalist can travel even further with the same time.

Grey's body was covered with both the lightning and wind element and he shot after the Fire Elementalist.

Within three minutes, he caught up with the Fire Elementalist, and he sent a lightning bolt at the fiery figure blazing through the sky.

The lightning bolt hit the Fire Elementalist, striking him down.

He rushed to the spot where the Fire Elementalist crashed and soon found an empty crater. Behind him, the figure of the Fire Elementalist shot out from the ground and continued his escape.

"Running is futile, stand still so I can kill you." Grey chased after him.

'This is nice, I should chase people more often.' He thought to himself.

He had always been the one who had to escape from the chase of others. Now, he was the one chasing, and he couldn't help but feel thrilled, it was a new feeling for him.

The Fire Elementalist didn't fly up to fifteen seconds before he was once again struck by Grey's lightning bolt. This time, when Grey got to the place, he unleashed his domain, covering a large area.

When the Fire Elementalist tried to use the same tactic, he was swiftly knocked down. Grey attacked at the same time, killing him with a sword blade.

The Fire Elementalist was only prepared to escape, so he couldn't defend against Grey properly.

After killing him, Grey sensed the area the Water Elementalist ran towards, his expression changed slightly when he sensed where the aura of the mark was coming from.


Back in the town.

Under a building that was housed by a family.

The Water Elementalist could be seen resting. There was a large flowing water here. This was a place he found by accident during his time here, and he had been using it to hide.

? When the Fire Elementalist told him to run, he guessed that Grey would most likely chase after the Fire Elementalist, so he ran into the town and hid there. It was a huge gamble, but after not sensing Grey's aura behind him, or any person monitoring him, he knew his gamble had paid off.

He took a deep breath before looking around, wondering if he should stay there or leave.

'It's best I stay here. No one knows of this place and I can recover properly before leaving.' He thought to himself.

He didn't even think of the fact that he might be caught. Even he wouldn't search for someone he wanted to kill in the same city, he would naturally feel that the person had escaped outside the town.

"Looks like you have a lot of time on your hand."

A voice that seemed to be from the underworld sounded beside him.

He turned around and it was as if he saw a ghost, he froze, unable to react.

"What, I've been watching for a while, I must say, this place is quite nice. It's cozy for recuperating, and no one would even be able to find you here. Well, except for me." Grey didn't have his mask on any longer and his face was open to the Water Elementalist.

"You… you… how… did…" The Water Elementalist tried to speak, but he couldn't.

"Find you? Easy, I marked you, now, I can track you no matter where you go. This information is useless to you since you have no use for it." Grey said calmly, tossing a slim rock into the water and watching it skip on the water's surface before finally sinking.

The Water Elementalist acted and tried to jump into the water. He was a Water Elementalist, and in such a place, he would be stronger than usual.

Just as his foot was about to touch the water, he noticed that he landed on the ground and Grey was standing on top of the water.

"Come on, you don't think I'd allow you to leave like that, did you?"



Back in the compound.

Void and the Old man were still entangled, after Void used his innate skill, he gained the advantage, the old man was unable to move freely and after some time, he was already hurt repeatedly by Void's attacks.

Void didn't stop attacking, with the freedom to do whatever he wanted, of course he would not give the old man any chances.

The Old man's expression was ugly, he wanted to leave, but Void was forcing him to stay. He hadn't been able to increase his strength any longer due to Void's interference.

He gritted his teeth and decided to take the risk of forcing his way out of this place. He already knew that this was Void's domain, breaking it won't be easy, but it was not impossible.

Void continued to attack with his elements, the darkness element would corrode the old man's attacks, while the lightning, fire, and space elements would attack.

The old man was blocking, but that was pushing him into the paths of the golden spots, and each of them was causing him unimaginable pain.

After being hit by it repeatedly, he was already able to bear the pain, so he wanted to try and use that to his advantage and breakthrough Void's domain.

The old man blocked Void's fire element attack and shot upwards. He wanted to break it from above.

Void sneered, he knew what the old man wanted to do and made all the golden spots gather in that area.

'This is my domain!'

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