Chapter 1042 An Assassin

Chapter 1042 An Assassin

"So strong!" Martha exclaimed.

She didn't have any time to answer the old man's words, she herself was stunned beyond words. Not just her, even Lucas was speechless.

"Isn't this a bit too much?" He muttered to himself.

Even though he knew having all elements would make Grey powerful, this was beyond his expectations. At most, he felt maybe Grey would be able to fight against five people on the same stage as himself. Although having more elements meant he was more versatile, it didn't change the fact that the people he was fighting against were all at the Peak of the Sage Plane, the same stage he had forcefully increased his strength to.

The old man looked at the shocked expressions of his son and Martha and knew they had no idea Grey was this powerful.

He paused for some time before saying, "Stay on guard, don't let them act against him."

The more brilliant Grey was, the more he would attract the ire of their enemies. At this moment, he started to regret his decision in sending Grey here. Such a genius should be hidden and only a few people should be aware of his combat strength. If too many people knew, it wouldn't be too good for him.

The Dawson Family had too many enemies, but with Lucas around, they didn't have anything to fear. If their enemies were to find out that Grey was even more monstrous than Lucas, they wouldn't be able to sleep in peace. They would definitely search for a way to kill Grey. The threat should be removed while it was still young.

"I know, Father." Lucas replied in a serious tone.

Since Grey started to fight, he was keeping a close watch on those from the enemy camp, if an Elemental Venerable were to step into the battlefield, he would instantly attack them, disregarding everything else. Others could die, but his son could not.


On the enemy camp.

The middle-aged man was short of words, he didn't know what to say. At present, from Grey's performance he already knew no matter how many people he sent forward, as long as they were still in the Sage Plane, Grey would be undefeatable, much less being killed by any of them.

"This is bad. Now I know why the Gnomes wanted him dead." He muttered to himself.

He looked around and his gaze fell on a young man, "Do you think you're capable?"

The young man his gaze fell on was at the Peak of the Sage Plane, he looked at the battlefield for a long time before saying, "In a one-on-one battle, I'm not his match, but as long as they can delay him, I'll assassinate him without a doubt."

"Go, try to hide your face, you must kill him before 'he' can make a move." The middle-aged man said.

The 'he' the middle-aged man was referring to was none other than Lucas. If another Peak Sage Plane Elementalist were to enter the battlefield, Lucas might not give it any thought since he felt they wouldn't be able to kill Grey.<.com>

The young man stood up and bowed, "Yes, My Lord."

With that, he stepped out and charged towards the battlefield. The direction he was headed was the place where Grey and the others were fighting.

He had a mission to carry out, and he would complete it no matter what. When he got there, he didn't make a move the instant he got close, rather, he started to lie in wait.


Grey sensed the new arrival even though the young man tried to hide his aura, and after noticing that the person didn't make a move he focused on the people before him.

After killing a few of them at the start, the others were wary and didn't group together, nor did they carelessly attack. They were all trying to present an opportunity for themselves, as well as the others.

According to what they were told, no matter who killed this person, as long as they were all involved, they would be rewarded.

Grey couldn't help but shake his head when he saw how cowardly they were all acting. At this rate, as long as he willed, he would be able to kill a few of them. All he needed to do was to explode out at a time they didn't expect and he would be able to kill one of them.

Grey continued blocking their attacks while also counterattacking. He wasn't attacking as ferociously as the first time, deciding it was best to save energy.

When the group noticed that Grey wasn't too bothered with them any longer and seemed to be only trying to delay them, they felt he was creating an opportunity for those fighting against one opponent from the Dawson Family. If these people could kill their opponents, then they would be able to help him.

Originally, they were powerful, so these people didn't dare to fight against them one on one, even when fighting three against one, these people from the Dawson Family didn't fall to the disadvantage, although they were being pushed back, it wasn't like they were on the verge of death.

Now that they had to fight one on one, even though they were injured from the previous battle, they were still more powerful than their opponents.

Thinking about this, they all started to get anxious. If one or two of them came over, then they would not be able to kill Grey, instead, they would be the ones who risked getting killed.

"Don't hold back any longer, kill him." One of the older men amongst them yelled.

The others exchanged glances before gritting their teeth. Some of them regretted coming to fight Grey, but they didn't have any option as things stand.

Grey chuckled when he saw this, initially, that was his plan. Void was secretly interfering with the battle. With him being the main focus, others wouldn't take note of the slight changes in the battle as Void stepped in.

'I thought they would stay back a little longer.' He shook his head in regret.

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