Chapter 1041 What Did You Feed Him?

Chapter 1041 What Did You Feed Him?

These people didn't only want the secret realm, they wouldn't go to an all-out war against the Dawson Family just because of this, there was something else they wanted, something very precious in the territory. The Dawson Family didn't know of it yet, but they on the other hand had discovered it and wanted to use the excuse of the secret realm to enter the Dawson Family.

Originally, their plan was going well, then some years ago, Lucas who hadn't been seen for years suddenly returned. They stopped high-ranked battles after Lucas killed four of their strongest fighters, so they resolved to a battle of the lower ranks. At least, there was no way there would be another Lucas in the low ranks.

However, although Lucas was strong, he was not invincible, at a critical time, with some sacrifices, they would be able to kill him, their only problem was that if he escaped, then they would be done for.

Back on the battlefield.

The order had gotten to those there and more Peak Sage Plane Elementalists rushed in Grey's direction. They've received the order to kill Grey, and some of them who had been holding back rushed after Grey, wanting to kill him.

They were all promised enticing rewards, some of them were people who had almost no hope of breaking through to the Elemental Venerable Plane, but with the help of supreme experts, there was hope. Once they get to the Elemental Venerable Plane, they might even be able to break through to the Elemental Sovereign Plane as well.

With so many people going after Grey, there was a clear distinction on the battlefield. Some Peak Sage Plane Elementalists on the side of the Dawson Family tried to rush over to help Grey, but they were unable to free themselves from their opponents.

The few people who were still fighting against two people were left with only one as the others rushed in Grey's direction.

"Stay back, I'll be fine." Grey said to the others.

He didn't want them to rush over and make things difficult for him. He was freer when he was fighting alone, once he had to help others, he wouldn't be focused any longer.

The few who were trying to rush over hesitated, but they still focused on defeating their opponents, if they were able to defeat them in time, then they would rush over to help him, regardless of what he wanted.

Grey looked at the over fifteen Peak Sage Plane Elementalists that were currently chasing after him. He took them outside the original battlefield to ensure that the impact of their battle doesn't affect others.

"One, two, three…" He counted them as if he wasn't even bothered with them, when he was done counting, he said, "Fifteen, I thought there would be more."

They looked at Grey before one of them said, "Aren't you a bit too arrogant, even if you're stronger than one of us, do you think you stand a chance against all fifteen of us?"

Grey smiled before nodding his head, "Yes, yes I do."

The men scoffed and attacked. Only three of them attacked first, the others were waiting for when Grey would try to dodge the attack and then attack him at that time.<.com>

Grey already knew the strongest one, so without further delay, he switched places with him. This old man was standing close to five Peak Sage Plane Elementalists, so the moment Grey appeared there, he attacked.

They didn't notice the switch, so when Grey attacked, they were unable to block.

The old man was unable to defend himself, so he was bombarded by attacks from the three Peak Sage Elementalists.

Of the five people Grey attacked, two died instantly since they were the ones closest to him, and the other three were injured, of three of them, only one of them had a light injury, and the others had heavy injuries.

Within a brief second, Grey had taken six people out of the fifteen people that attacked him.

When those watching saw this, their eyes expanded. They had all underestimated Grey, even those who felt they had a good understanding of Grey were shocked. Grey's strength was beyond belief.

The difference between two Peak Sage Plane Elementalists shouldn't be this large. They should've at least had a chance to block or even counterattack, but they were being killed like they were not even Sage Plane Elementalists.

Grey didn't stop, he immediately continued his attack, directly killing one of the trio who attacked him. He was faster than they were, and with the old man who was killed by the attack of the trio, he had no one else to be scared of. Some of them could still put up a fight, but none of them would be able to exchange more than ten moves with him if he went all out.

Presently, only eight of them had their complete fighting strength, in the space of about a minute, Grey had killed four Peak Sage Plane Elementalists, and three of them were injured.

Now the other understood why he said they were not enough.


On the wall.

Lucas, Martha, and the old man were all stunned. They didn't expect anything in this manner. There was no way they would believe it if they heard that there was someone who could do something like this. It wasn't the fact that Grey was able to defeat them that shocked them, it was the speed at which he did it.

If a genius fought for a long time, some of them might be able to achieve this, even Lucas could when he was at the Peak of the Sage Plane, but there was no way he would be able to do so in such a short time.

"This kid, what did you feed him?" The old man looked at Martha, she was the one who took care of Grey till he got to fifteen or so he heard, so seeing him display such strength amazed him.

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