After Being Reborn, I Tortured The Vicious Sister-in-law

Chapter 310 - 310 Not On Purpose

310 Not On Purpose

Guo Xiang was in a hurry to hand Xiao Bai over to Su Meng, so he didn’t mind what the security guard said. However, Su Meng did.

She didn’t care how others treated her, but if they bullied her master, she wouldn’t be able to tolerate it.

Listening to the security guard’s words just now, wasn’t he saying that Guo Xiang was a thief? Su Meng saw the anxiety on Guo Xiang’s face and decided to put this matter aside. Her master’s matter was more important.

Su Meng looked at the security guard and walked out of the door.

Guo Xiang handed Xiao Bai to her and quickly got back into the car. Before the car started, he told Su Meng, “Girl, you’re not fully recovered yet. If there’s anything, wait for Master to come back and take care of it. You just have to take good care of Xiao Bai.”

Before Su Meng could reply, the car sped away.

Xiao Bai was very obedient. It only shook a little when Guo Xiang handed it to Su Meng, then it lay quietly in her arms. Looking at the fluffy Xiao Bai, Su Meng’s mood improved.

Su Meng stood at the door and watched Guo Xiang leave in his car. The security guard waiting to close the door was getting impatient. He urged, “Young Madam, you should come in now that he’s gone. If you don’t plan on coming back, I’ll close the door.”

Su Meng didn’t go in despite the security guard’s urging. Instead, she asked the guard, “How long have you been working at the Wei family?” The security guard looked unfamiliar and must have just arrived.

Su Meng remembered that before she left the Wei family, it was another security guard who was working. The security guard was a chubby little guy. He was not tall and had a fair complexion. He was always smiling and was very polite to her.

Even though the little fatty did not have much interaction with her in this life, the little fatty had helped her a few times in her previous life.

According to the normal trajectory, the little fatty should still be working as a security guard here at this moment, but now he was replaced. It seemed that his departure had also caused a change in the subsequent development.

The security guard heard Su Meng’s question. Although he didn’t think much of Su Meng, she was still the head of the Wei family. No matter how much he looked down on her, he had to be polite to her.

“I was recruited by Second Miss two months ago,” the security guard replied.

No wonder he was so uncultured. Su Meng immediately understood.

Su Meng looked at the security guard’s fortune. She didn’t expect it to be emitting a thin layer of black mist. If she guessed correctly, this security guard had a murder case on his hands.

Keeping such a person at home as a security guard, they would suffer in the future.

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Su Meng smiled, and the unhappiness in her heart suddenly disappeared. She didn’t need to do anything, she just needed to wait and watch the show.

As the two of them were talking, Wei Ting and Wei Xue walked over. Wei Xue followed behind Wei Ting and looked at Su Meng with resentment.

She was having a good conversation with Wei Ting, but once Su Meng appeared, Wei Ting ignored her. She was too much of a hindrance.

When the security guard saw Wei Ting and Wei Xue, his expression immediately changed. He nodded and bowed to greet Wei Ting. “Hello, Young Master Wei, Second Miss.”

Wei Xue smiled and nodded in response, but Wei Ting ignored the security guard as if he didn’t hear him. Instead, he walked directly to Su Meng.

Before Wei Ting could say anything, Su Meng looked at their unhappy faces and said, “What’s wrong? Did I just disturb you and your sister’s reunion and you came to question me?”

When Wei Xue heard Su Meng’s sarcastic words, she quickly stepped forward to explain on behalf of Wei Ting. “Sister Su Meng, how can you think of Brother Wei Ting like that? Although we were talking just now, you didn’t disturb us. We came over after we finished talking. After all, if you’re worried about being alone outside, what if what happened in the backyard happens again and you’re teased by another man?”

Wei Xue only realized that she had said something she shouldn’t have. She quickly pretended to cover her mouth and asked Su Meng, “Oh, Sister Su Meng, I’m sorry. I almost said something I shouldn’t have. Fortunately, there’s no one else here. You won’t blame me, right?”

Su Meng looked at Wei Xue’s fake face and smiled. She mimicked Wei Xue and said, “You have to be careful in the future. Don’t get photographed sleeping with other men again…”

Su Meng covered her mouth like Wei Xue and apologized, “Oh my, Xiao Xue, look at my mouth. I wanted to care about you, but I accidentally said that you were photographed sleeping with another man. I really didn’t do it on purpose. You won’t blame me, right?”


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