After Being Reborn, I Tortured The Vicious Sister-in-law

Chapter 311 - 311 The Security Guard’s Strangeness

311 The Security Guard’s Strangeness

That incident had always been a pain in Wei Xue’s heart. It was because of that incident that she was often laughed at. Later on, she didn’t even dare to leave the house. This was all because of Su Meng, and she still had the nerve to say it.

Wei Xue looked around. Other than the security guard, there was no one else. The security guard immediately turned his head when Wei Xue looked over. He looked at the sky and then at the ground, pretending not to hear anything.

Seeing that the security guard was very sensible, Wei Xue was relieved. Fortunately, no one else heard him. As for the security guard, he was just a small character. There was no need to pay attention to him.

However, what she didn’t see was that the security guard’s face darkened when he lowered his head. He looked up and secretly glanced at Wei Xue, then lowered his head and stopped looking around.


Wei Xue took a deep breath and smiled at Su Meng. “How could that be? Sister Su Meng, you didn’t do it on purpose. I’m not as important as you being photographed hugging a man and being known by so many people.”

Wei Ting frowned as he listened to the conversation between the two. After the two finished, he said to Su Meng, “Let’s go back to the room and talk about it in detail.”

Xiao Bai was sleeping in Su Meng’s arms. After stretching, it looked up at Wei Ting and Wei Xue. Then, it grunted and closed its eyes to continue sleeping.

Su Meng touched Xiao Bai’s body gently. It was so fluffy and comfortable. She touched it a few times, then looked at Wei Ting and nodded in agreement. “Sure, but…”

Su Meng looked at Wei Xue who wanted to follow her and said, “We adults are discussing business. Xiao Xue, you don’t have to follow us.”

“I’m not a child. I’m already so old. Is there anything I can’t hear?” Wei Xue protested. “Sister Su Meng, I’m sad to hear you say that.”

With that, she looked at Wei Ting, hoping that he would agree to let her go with him. She wasn’t interested in what Su Meng had to say. She simply couldn’t bear to see the two of them alone. Even if she had to be thick-skinned, as long as she could ruin their private time, she didn’t care.

Unexpectedly, Wei Ting completely ignored her gaze. He said in a deep voice, “Go back, we have some private matters to discuss.” Then, he grabbed Su Meng’s arm and walked toward the villa.

Private matters? What private matters could there be between Wei Ting and Su Meng?

She saw Wei Ting grab Su Meng’s arm, but Su Meng didn’t seem to reject him at all. She felt that the relationship between the two of them seemed to have really changed.


“Brother Wei Ting!” Wei Xue wanted to follow, but she was scared back by Wei v’s warning gaze.

Wei Ting’s eyes had never been so cold before. This was the first time Wei Xue had seen Wei Ting look at her in such a way.

Was it because of Su Meng? Wei Xue looked at their backs and gritted her teeth. As expected, as soon as Su Meng came, Wei Ting’s attitude toward her immediately changed.

“She’s really like a piece of sticky candy that I can’t get rid of no matter what,” Wei Xue cursed in a low voice.

At the same time, she consoled herself to hold on a little longer. As soon as Su Meng left the Wei family, her plan would start immediately. By then, even if Su Meng wanted to continue being with Wei Ting, he would not agree to it.

‘Su Meng, you’re the one who insisted on coming to the Wei family. No matter what happens, you can’t blame anyone else.’ She had already warned her, but she didn’t listen.

As there was no one around, Wei Xue didn’t hide her jealousy and hatred this time, and it was all on her face. The security guard at the side was baffled. He asked Wei Xue with a smile, “Second Miss, what’s wrong? Did you encounter some difficulties? Do you need my help?”

Wei Xue glared at the security guard impatiently and tried her best to suppress her temper. She forced a smile on her face and said, “I’m fine. I just don’t feel well after being bullied. You can go and do your work.”

“You were bullied? Is it the Young Madam?” the security guard asked tentatively.

Hearing the security guard call Su Meng ‘Young Madam,’ Wei Xue couldn’t keep her face straight anymore. She looked at the security guard with a sullen face and didn’t say anything.

The security guard was also a smart person. When he saw Wei Xue’s reaction, he immediately knew that he had said the wrong thing and quickly changed his words. “Second Miss, forgive me for being blunt, but I think Miss Su and Young Master Wei don’t match at all. Miss Su still lacks something.”

The security guard knew his identity. If he wanted to please Wei Xue, the premise was that his words couldn’t cross the line. He was hired by Wei Xue. The last bodyguard was fired because he was too close to Su Meng.

Of course, Wei Xue had never directly said these words to him, but he knew how to read expressions, so he knew without Wei Xue saying it.


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