After Breaking Off My Marriage, I Became A Powerful Minister’s Treasure

Chapter 500 - 500 He was almost led astray too

500 He was almost led astray too

Seeing that Prince Yi had led Prince Jin into the conversation, Xiao Hanzheng did not take the initiative to ask what he wanted to do.

He and Shi Qingluo sat at the side and listened to their conversation.

It was also because of this that Liang Yujun was even more annoyed with his younger brother, Liang Yulin.

He had originally wanted to come to find Xiao Hanzheng and wait for them to ask him if he had come for anything, and then he would mention it in the passing.

Who knew that with Liang Yulin’s interference, everything would be messed up.

Seeing that Liang Yulin was still holding him back to talk, he immediately turned to Shi Qingluo.

“Princess Fubao, I heard that you brought back a lot of potatoes?”

When Shi Qingluo heard this, she knew that Prince Jin had come today to ask for potatoes.

“Yes, I brought back a few hundred catties,” she nodded.

“My husband has already taken a look at a few villages and asked the villagers to come over and sow the seeds.

“After we harvest the potatoes next year, we’ll keep them for planting. A few years later, the people at the northern border will be able to eat potatoes.

She said this to stop Prince Jin from asking for potatoes.

As expected, Liang Yujun’s expression was a little unnatural.

He was just about to tell Shi Qingluo to get half of the potatoes and bring them back to Northern City.

Who knew that she would tell him how she would distribute the potatoes, so he couldn’t ask for more.

The main thing was that Liang Yulin was here, or else he would have threatened and bribed her.

He forced a smile. “This arrangement is quite good.

“When the potatoes are harvested next year, you can give me some as well. I’ll make arrangement to plant them in other counties at the northern border.”

“No problem.” Shi Qingluo nodded and smiled.

This was a good thing for the people of the northern border. Even if Prince Jin did it for the sake of his reputation, she would not go against him.

“Is there anything else, Your Highness?” she asked. “If not, I’ll make a move first. I still have to go to a few villages to see how they’re raising bees.”

Liang Yujun had originally wanted to talk more with Shi Qingluo and her husband, mostly for their sake. In the end, he divorced his wife and demoted his daughter.

However, he did not expect Liang Yulin to follow him in, and Shi Qingluo did not do as he had expected.

He could only hold his breath and say, “There’s nothing else. You may leave.”

Hence, Shi Qingluo left first.

Liang Yujun asked Xiao Hanzheng about the general situation in the county.

He also left early.

Liang Yulin smiled and said, “Imperial brother, do you want to stay for lunch? Let us have a few drinks as well. I would like to thank you.”

Liang Yujun remained silent. He was afraid that the wine was poisoned.

He immediately refused. “I have something to do in Northern City. I’ll pass this time. We’ll go for a drink when I have the chance in the future.”

He really didn’t want to see his brother anymore.

Furthermore, Liang Yulin had almost died at the hands of the men of sacrifice he had sent out.

Based on his understanding of this guy, his mind was narrower than a needle. There was no way he would just let it go.

This was Xiao Hanzheng’s territory, and Liang Yulin had been here for a while. It would be much easier to plot against him here than in Northern City.

Therefore, for safety’s sake, he had to leave.

He would think of a way to meet Shi Qingluo and her husband after this bastard built a canned food workshop at the border.

Hence, he brought forward his original plan to return to Northern City.

It was within Liang Yulin’s expectation that as he constantly revolted against Liang Yujun, he wouldn’t want to see him and would also be afraid that he would do something to take revenge, so he would definitely return to Northern City early.

This was exactly what he wanted.

He pretended to be disappointed and said, “Why did you leave in such a hurry? I really want to have a few drinks with you.

“We’ve never had a good drink in Beijing before.”

Liang Yujun chuckled internally.

Their relationship had not reached the point where they could sit down and drink together.

“I’ve already dethroned the princess consort and sent her back to her maternal family, so I have to go back and deal with it.”

He said to Xiao Hanzheng, “I’ll keep the road construction in mind and ask Mdm Ruan and her family to gather the money as soon as possible. I’ll send someone to deliver it to you. I will be in charge of the road construction.”

This time, he was going to send someone to spread the news.

He placed his righteousness over family.

Not only did he divorce his princess consort, but he also punished her and her maternal family to take out money to build a road to the capital and let the crown prince in Prince Jin’s residence to take charge.

This would also bring convenience to those at the northern border.

He could also win the favor of the merchants from the Western regions and other countries.

Xiao Hanzheng could guess Prince Jin’s plan. He smiled and cupped his hands. ”

“Thank you, Your Highness!”

As long as Prince Jin quickly sent the money over and let Liang Mingyu start the road construction, it didn’t matter if their reputation improved a little.

In any case, he had already gotten his people to spread the news of what the former princess consort and Ordinary County Princess had done, including their intention to massacre the county.

At that time, everyone would first have a bad impression of those in Prince Jin’s residence, and it was not easy to even it with just building a road.

Not to mention, this compensation idea was proposed by his wife.

With that said, Liang Yujun left in a hurry without hesitation.

After watching Prince Jin leave the courtyard, Xiao Hanzheng said to him meaningfully, “Your Highness is very good at setting pitfalls.”

If Prince Yi didn’t deliberately stir trouble, Prince Jin wouldn’t have been so easy to get rid of.

Liang Yulin smiled and patted Xiao Hanzheng’s shoulder. “We’re a family, we’re together.”

He didn’t know that this future easy to get son of his was also dark hearted. He had dug many pitfalls for others.

Xiao Hanzheng said, “I didn’t expect you to be so thick-skinned, Prince Yi.”

Who’s in the same family as you?

For the first time, he found that Prince Yi was just a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

All the things about him being handsome and refined, and all the things about him being otherworldly were lies.

Just by looking at Prince Jin’s reaction, he knew that Prince Jin had been tricked by him many times in the past.

No wonder he was so ruthless this time.

He probably had too many grudges in the capital.

“I don’t dare to admit,” he was lost for words.

“When will Your Highness go to the border to make canned food? If we wait any longer, the price of mutton will continue to increase.”

This was to remind Prince Yi not to stay in Heyang County’s government office.

How could Liang Yulin not know? He smiled and said, “I’ll be there in two days. I’ve already made arrangements to build the canned food workshop. We can start collecting mutton when we get there.

“But once I leave, you’ll be lonely for a while.”

Xiao Hanzheng was puzzled. “Huh? ”

He didn’t understand what he meant.

Liang Yulin had an innocent smile on his face.

“I received a memorial from my royal brother. He asked me to bring your wife and your mother along. They can be of great help to me.”

Xiao Hanzheng thought to himself, stepfathers shouldn’t exist.

No, he was also almost led astray by Prince Yi.

Whether he had a stepfather or not, it was still not confirmed yet.

He chuckled. “Your Royal Highness, you’re really good at scheming.”

It would be fake that he asked his mother to tag along to help him.

It was to cultivate their feelings together.

Prince Yi had even dragged his wife into this, causing the two of them to be separated for a while.

He finally understood why Prince Jin hated Prince Yi so much.

Prince Yi found it funny to see his stepson’s face change.

After all, his stepson had always been calm and composed.

He was clearly a young fox, but he was more cunning than an old fox.

It was also a pleasure to make his facial expression change.

He laughed happily. “If you have time in the future, go visit your wife and mother.”

Xiao Hanzheng remained silent. I don’t know you.

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