After Breaking Off My Marriage, I Became A Powerful Minister’s Treasure

Chapter 501 - 501 Just this?

501 Just this?

After Prince Jin returned to the courtyard, he called Liang Mingyu over and gave him some instructions before bringing his men back to Northern City.

He even asked someone to ask Zhuo Zheng if he wanted to leave with him, but he turned it down.

Prince Jin had no objections.

The benefits of his son staying by Shi Qingluo’s side were greater than the cost, so he let him be.

When he returned to the Northern City, he would help to convince Zhuo Zheng’s mother.

After he left, he was ambushed and assassinated on his way on the second day.

Fortunately, he had brought many people with him, and they were all experts. He had also had the dragon guards, the men of sacrifice left behind by the late emperor to escort him in secret.

Otherwise, he would have been assassinated.

On the way, they were first met with a wave of arrows, and then encountered a trap dug along the way.

Then, waves of men of sacrifice appeared and ambushed them.

Prince Jin was about to go crazy.

He hated Liang Yulin once more. As expected, this bastard wouldn’t let him go so easily.

Prince Yi, who was packing his luggage in the county office and preparing to choose a location for the border canned food workshop, was drinking iced sour plum soup leisurely.

He also received news that Prince Jin had been ambushed and had fled with his men.

He was the one who had arranged for the ambush and assassination of Prince Jin.

Prince Jin could not die yet, else the northern border would fall into chaos, and the Ge Kingdom would take the opportunity to send troops.

He squinted his eyes and sneered.

Did Prince Jin really think that he could escape his death with the dragon guards protecting him?

In truth, he had half of the dragon guards, they didn’t come from his imperial brother, but from the late emperor.

Before the late emperor was about to die from his illness, he would often take the initiative to go and serve him.

Then, he would recall all kinds of bitter and sweet memories, making the late emperor remember that it was his mother who had been by his side during his most difficult times.

And how much hardship did his mother and his royal brother suffer behind his back?

She even pretended to be sad and reluctant to see the old man leave.

When the old man’s heart began to soften a little, he took the initiative to say that he was weak and sickly, which led to him not having any children in his life.

This made his brothers and sisters laugh at him secretly, hinting at how bitter and sad he was.

The old man also felt guilty towards him and his mother, so he took the initiative to give the other half of the dragon guards that he had originally wanted to give to Prince Jin.

He had also given him the elite portion of the dragon guards, the strongest force their imperial family had publicly trained.

He said that he wanted to make it up to them.

After all, his mother had a premature birth back then as others schemed against her, which caused him to be weak and sickly.

The old man expressed his regrets, saying that he shouldn’t have treated him and his mother so coldly all these years.

At that time, he was touched on the surface, but he was not moved at all in his heart.

He only wanted to ask what he had been thinking previously.

At that time, even his royal brother on the throne didn’t know about this, so Prince Jin naturally didn’t know about it.

Otherwise, he would be furious.

After he had obtained the authority to mobilize the dragon guards and became their leader, he had taken the initiative to be honest with his royal brother on the throne and let him take over.

However, his royal brother didn’t want it, so he let him keep it.

Therefore, he had also sent out his men of sacrifice, the dragon guards, to let Prince Jin have a taste of something similar.

This also made Prince Jin realize that he still had half of his men of sacrifice and the dragon guards.

If Prince Jin had not used his men of sacrifice and the dragon guards to kill him, he would not have used them.

However, he was so ruthless, and he also had the intention of using the late emperor to provoke him.

He was indeed displeased, so he naturally had to “repay” him.

If the late emperor had known about this in the underworld, he would have been so angry that he would have wanted to lift the lid of his coffin.

After all, the old man would never have thought that after he secretly split the dragon guards within his two sons, they would use them to kill each other.

If Prince Jin knew about this, he would definitely be furious.

Liang Yulin’s lips curled up. Come, let’s provoke and hurt each other!

In any case, he had never admired the old man, much less treated him as his own father, so he had at most felt that it was ironic that the old man’s men of sacrifice, and dragon guards had tried to assassinate him.

However, Prince Jin was different.

After all, Prince Jin believed that he was the old man’s most beloved and one-of-a-kind precious son.

His first blow was that he wasn’t the successor to the throne and the second blow was these men of sacrifice and dragon guards.

He estimated the time.

Prince Jin’s rescuers should be arriving soon.

Liang Yulin wanted to give Prince Jin’s just a sneak preview of it, so he quickly asked his people to withdraw it.

With his personality, he would definitely want to retaliate.

There was no need to risk this.

This was just the beginning.

Since he had just arrived at the northern border and Prince Jin had already given him a big gift, he would definitely return it slowly.

As expected, after another wave of ambush, Liang Yujun managed to escape with the protection of his personal guards and dragon guards.

His face was ashen with anger as he asked the commander of the dragon guards, “The people who have been ambushing us for the past two days, are they the same people as you?”

The leader of the men of sacrifice half-knelt in front of Prince Jin. “Yes, we were not together during our secret training, so I didn’t know about the existence of another group of men of sacrifice and dragon guards.

“But looking at their attack methods and style, they are indeed very similar to us.”

He raised his head and glanced at Prince Jin.

After some thought, he said, “I also saw the person who ambushed our leader today at the training ground.

“I had once heard our commander saying that our men of sacrifice and dragon guards trained in two groups.”

Liang Yujun couldn’t help but smash the teacup in his hand to the ground.

“Father, you’re really my good father!”

He truly hadn’t expected that his imperial father would actually give the other half of the dragon guards to that bastard Liang Yulin.

His father even said that he was the son he truly doted on and loved the most. But this?

He didn’t pass the throne to him and insisted that his personality was not suitable to become the emperor.

He was afraid that the new emperor would take revenge on him, so he sent him and his mother to the northern border.

At the same time, he had also given him two troops of dragon guards, one in the open and one in the dark.

Therefore, although he was a little resentful of the late emperor because of the throne, he really regarding him as a father he truly admired.

He knew that Liang Yulin was a black-hearted person who was the best at acting.

When his father was on the verge of death, he would often run over to comfort him.

Then, his imperial father gave another troop of dragon guards to Liang Yulin, euphemistically saying that it was compensation, because Liang Yulin’s health was the worst among the brothers, and he might even die without descendants.

Although they weren’t very happy about this, they accepted it.

After all, everyone knew that Liang Yujun could not have children.

They often mocked and gloated over him.

But his father had actually given the other half of the men of sacrifice to Liang Yulin.

This was very difficult for him to accept.

This showed that his father’s so-called “most beloved and unique” son was simply a lie.

No wonder his imperial mother insisted on making his imperial father a cuckold.

In the past, he had been very resistant in his heart, but he could not stop it and could only turn a blind eye.

But now, he had decided that he was going to search for a few more young and beautiful men to send to his mother.

Liang Yujun was furious.

Nothing had been going his way recently.

In addition, he had suffered heavy losses in this ambush, and a third of his men of sacrifice had died.

He took a deep breath and suppressed his anger. “When will our reinforcements arrive? ”

“They will reach today,” the leader of the men of the sacrifice replied.

Liang Yujun heaved a sigh of relief.

“Then we won’t be traveling today. You guys can discuss and set up a trap to kill those who will ambush me tomorrow.”

His men had suffered heavy losses this time, but Liang Yulin’s men had been pre-arranged, so they hadn’t suffered much.

This time, he would definitely make sure that he would not be able to return.

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