After Breaking Off My Marriage, I Became A Powerful Minister’s Treasure

Chapter 502 - 502 He really got off easy

502 He really got off easy

The next day, Prince Jin and his men were fully prepared, but no one else appeared on the road to ambush them.

Prince Jin was unable to vent his pent-up anger, making him feel even more uncomfortable.

Xiao Hanzheng soon received the news regarding Prince Jin.

After he finished reading the message, the words on the paper quickly disappeared.

Prince Yi is indeed not a kind person.

Not only did he ambush and assassinate Prince Jin, but he also played the other party like a fool.

He told Shi Qingluo what had happened in the message.

Shi Qingluo was stunned. “I didn’t expect Prince Yi to be like this.”

The first impression that Prince Yi gave her was that he was a refined gentleman.

Who would’ve thought that his hear would be filled with black sesame? More importantly, it was not just any ordinary dark.

“If he also has dragon guards, why didn’t they appear when he was being hunted down?” she asked in confusion.

“Probably because I didn’t bring him earlier,” Xiao Hanzheng replied.

“When I went up the mountain to look for mother and the others, I found some very small traces,” he said after some thought.

“It should be left by Prince Yi when he fled up the mountain, so he probably has a backup plan.”

“It’s just that he probably didn’t expect Prince Jin to be so ruthless as to send the dragon guards to ambush him.

“That’s why he almost lost his life. My mother saved him.

“However, if he really had a backup plan, perhaps he would have been able to survive even if he did not meet my mother.”

Through their recent contact, Xiao Hanzheng found that Prince Yi had deliberately revealed his true nature in front of them.

He was definitely a cunning fox, worthy of being the scheming younger brother of the emperor.

To be able to obtain the other half of the dragon guards from the late emperor without Prince Jin finding out was already very impressive.

Shi Qingluo also realized that although Prince Yi looked like an idle Prince on the surface, he was actually very powerful.

No wonder the emperor asked Prince Yi to build a canned food workshop in the northern border.

In addition to building the workshop, she felt that Prince Yi probably had other important tasks.

Prince Yi was the emperor’s most trusted person.

“Then do you think that if your mother really gets together with him, she won’t be able to win against him? Will she be eaten up until not even her bones are left?” she suddenly asked.

How could a little white rabbit like her mother-in-law be a match for this cunning old wolf?

Originally, she was quite optimistic about Prince Yi being her father-in-law.

After all, be it his identity, appearance, temperament, or how considerate he was, he could be Mother Xiao’s first choice.

These days, she had seen Prince Yi talking and doing things beside her mother-in-law, who naturally went along with it.

Shi Qingluo was also very considerate and was concerned about her mother-in-law over many small matters.

Naturally, Mother Xiao protected her and her little husband.

She also realized that her mother-in-law’s attitude toward him softened bit by bit.

Prince Yi didn’t pursue him aggressively.

Instead, he used the move of boiling the frog in warm water.

Before, she had been impressed by how smart Prince Yi was.

If he chased her too fiercely, her mother-in-law would be scared and would refuse or hide.

And now, the two of them were getting along well.

Therefore, she and her little husband both felt that the possibility of Prince Yi becoming their stepfather or father-in-law was quite high.

But now she found that Prince Yi was too black-hearted, she couldn’t help but worry if Prince Yi was suitable for her mother-in-law.

Xiao Hanzheng said, “Actually, it’s good that he’s like this. He was born in the royal family, and the late emperor was so biased. There are people targeting him everywhere. If he really didn’t care about the mortals, the grass on his grave would have been really high.

“I’m more at ease to hand my mother over to Prince Yi like this.”

Shi Qingluo was stunned. “Why? ”

“That’s the only way he can protect my mother,” Xiao Hanzheng replied honestly.

“If he were someone else, my scumbag dad would definitely make a move.”

He had already noticed that his scumbag father’s impression of his mother had changed a lot.

With his scumbag father’s manly personality, he could find true love and remarry, but he would never tolerate his ex-wife finding a new husband.

Prince Yi could suppress his scumbag father with his identity and ability.

“And Prince Yi has been deliberately showing his true nature in front of us recently.

“If he doesn’t want to, we should still have the same impression of him.”

After all, Prince Yi had often come to him to treat his illness, but he still had that otherworldly and idle appearance.

After Shi Qingluo heard this, she felt that her young husband’s words made sense. “That’s true.”

Prince Yi had deliberately revealed his true nature. Did he see them as a family?

No wonder he had told her young hubby that they were one family.

So this old wolf had already established his cave here?

Her mother-in-law, who was like a rabbit, could be taken away at any time…

But upon thinking further, if her mother-in-law was looking for a second marriage, Prince Yi seemed to be the most suitable one.

Putting aside his identity, Prince Yi’s considerate, careful, and respectful appearance to his mother-in-law, as long as it was not an act now, would be a good man who would pamper his wife in the future.

Moreover, with Prince Yi’s identity, he would not pretend to be considerate and respectful.

He had the right to be proud.

Unless he was like Prince Jin, whose brain was problematic.

However, she had heard from Prince Yi that Prince Jin always disagreed with his princess consort, which meant that he didn’t agree with Prince Jin’s way of doing things.

Then, she suddenly realized that they seemed to have gradually accepted Prince Yi’s integration.

They had to admit that this old wolf was really powerful.

Even they were almost like those frogs in boiling water.

She thought for a moment. “Then tomorrow, I’ll follow Prince Yi to the border to build a workshop with your mother. Shall I continue to turn a blind eye to his various thoughtfulness and performances in front of your mother? ”

She felt a little jealous when she thought about how that wolf would take away her mother-in-law, that little rabbit, in the future.

She really liked her mother-in-law.

She couldn’t help but pout. “He’s really lucky.”

Xiao Hanzheng sneered and hugged her. “If you’re really unhappy, you can dig a hole for him to vent your anger.”

Although he didn’t object to having a stepfather, he didn’t feel good about it either.

Especially with an old wolf who was full of evil tricks and even separated him and his wife.

Shi Qingluo looked at him disdainfully. “Is there anyone who would make things difficult for their step-father like this? ”

Xiao Hanzheng pinched her face. “I’m not sure if he’s really my stepfather.”

Shi Qingluo chuckled. “Forget it. It’s better if you, the son, do it.”

She liked to see her little husband and Prince Yi, who seemed to be her future father-in-law.

Recently, she was amused by the two of them had been bickering quite a lot.

Moreover, she was afraid that once she interfered, the situation would change.

She’d better let her mother-in-law and Prince Yi let nature take its course.

It was better for others not to get involved in these relationship matters.

Xiao Hanzheng lowered his head and saw his wife’s excited face.

He didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. “You! We’ll talk about how to set a trap for him later.

“When you leave tomorrow, we won’t be able to see each other for a long time again.”

After he finished speaking, he carried Shi Qingluo and walked towards the inner room.

Shi Qingluo wrapped her arms around his neck. Looking at the bright sky outside, she realized that her little husband’s health was getting better.

However, when she thought about how they would be apart for a while, she indulged him.

The two of them were intimate and didn’t even go out for dinner.

Seeing that it was getting late, Mother Xiao was a little worried that her son and daughter-in-law would be hungry.

Then, Prince Yi coaxed her to go to the night market.

However, before she left, she still ordered the kitchen to continue heating the dishes, and then followed Prince Yi out with his daughter and younger son.

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