Chapter 400 - 400 Wudang's Invitation

400 Wudang’s Invitation

Qin Fen understood his own martial arts path. Although he didn’t know what kind of difficulties were waiting for him in the future, he was not afraid anymore. He was able to rise up in Di Yi high school with a D-grade talent, and the last thing he lacked was perseverance.

Although Lin Xuan knew that the future of martial Dao was bright, he didn’t know if this martial Dao was the same martial Dao as the other one. All he could do was give Qin Fen his blessings. Qin Fen already had his own great Dao of the body and soul. Naturally, he would not steal the path of others.

That night, the two of them had a great time drinking. Julia hugged Lin Xuan’s arm tightly and did not let go. Lin Zhenyue sat at the side and looked at Lin Xuan with an inexplicable expression. Her thoughts were completely different from her calm expression. Her heart was a mess, but she did not know how to express it.

However, it was too late for her to speak. The two of them were once teammates, and they had the advantage of being in a favorable position. Now, she could only look at the woman holding Lin Xuan’s arm tightly with a happy face, and of course, the most important thing was that Lin Xuan did not stop her!

Times have changed!

She was no longer Di Yi’s little princess, nor was she Lin Xuan’s teammate. For Lin Xuan, the two sisters were more appropriate to be called familiar strangers.

It was late at night, and the bonfire party was coming to an end. Lin Xuan firmly rejected Julia’s decision to sleep with him.

Julia was not the kind of girl that could be played around casually. She had a very powerful background. Once Lin Xuan slept with her, the higher-ups of Taixia Country would probably force him to marry her. This was not what Lin Xuan wanted. It was not that he did not like Julia, but that he himself did not know what he wanted!

It was a quiet night.

The next morning, many geniuses were ready to leave. Lin Xuan and Qin Fen were naturally ready to leave as well. Both of them had graduated from Emperor One, so naturally, they would not return to the Imperial City. They would find a place suitable for their own cultivation to cultivate.

“Lin Xuan, I’m about to break through to earth-rank, and I think you’re about to as well. Shall we have a match soon then?”

The two of them stood face to face as they said goodbye to each other.

“Sure, when I beat you up into a pig’s head, don’t go home crying!”

Lin Xuan agreed with a chuckle. In the end, the two of them gave each other a fierce hug, and Qin Fen left.

Su Tian returned to Di Yi; Yang Cheng said that he would travel around the cities in Taixia Country and draw a picture of all the beauties in Taixia Country; the Lin Sisters were also preparing to return to the capital city. Each of them had their own future to walk.

Everyone had a bright future!

“Lin Xuan, where are you going?”

It was Julia who asked the question. Today, she was wearing a light-colored long dress, heavy makeup, and a small pearl hanging on her ear. She showed a fresh temperament and was extraordinarily charming.

“I… I don’t know. I might go to the nine beasts chaotic world instance dungeon for a trip. It’s time to take revenge.”

Lin Xuan’s brows twitched, and he suddenly caught a flash of inspiration. The nine beasts chaotic world instance dungeon… That’s right, there was the mission target immortal slug that could unseal the second template’s sixth skill, as well as the scriptwriting Crow King that had a grudge against Lin Xuan. The nine beasts chaotic world instance dungeon story was not over yet!

Julia’s eyes narrowed. She thought, ‘Lin Xuan wouldn’t go look for Lin Zhenyue, would he?’

That should be it. Lin Xuan had many girls around him, but if one were to talk about who could give him the most sense of danger, it would be Lin Zhenyue. First of all, the two of them were teammates and had lived together for two years. They had more time to interact with each other than the others. Second, Lin Zhenyue was different from Lin Zhenxing. She was more reserved. To men, girls like these were to die for.

Furthermore, Lin Zhenyue’s strength had improved very quickly. In just a year, she had almost caught up to the strongest step in the mystic-rank list.

‘I can’t give them another chance to reignite the flame!’

Alarm bells went off in Julia’s heart. She was worried that Lin Zhenyue would take her Lin Xuan away.

However, she could not stop Lin Xuan from going to the dungeon. After all, Lin Xuan was going there for revenge, and his reason was very legitimate. Besides, with Lin Xuan’s personality, he would probably hate it if someone was controlling him.

She thought for a while, then finally looked up and said in a low voice, “I’ll go with you!


Lin Xuan was a little helpless. Although he was lusting after her body, it was only limited to that. He was more than used to being alone, so he was still a little uncomfortable when she offered.

“You should find a place to cultivate. I’m telling you, I won’t think about my own personal problems before I step into earth-rank. Even after I step into earth-rank, I might not think about it ever.”

Shaking his head, Lin Xuan told Julie directly that he really did not want to be distracted by emotions at this time. It should be known that he had less than a year left. Once Zhang Ningtian entered the earth-rank, the layout of Taixia would start, and he really wanted to go over and take a share of it.


Julia’s face looked a little off, but she knew that there would be no turning back if she continued. According to her own observation, her relationship with Lin Xuan was the closest among all the girls’ Lin Xuan knew. The other girls had never held Lin Xuan’s arm before!

“Alright, then you must remember to consider me when you decide to get married!”

“Alright, alright, alright.”

Just as Lin Xuan was preparing to return to the Imperial City to play for a few days before going to the dungeon to kill everyone, his smartwatch notified him with an urgent message.

Lin Xuan raised his wrist and looked at it with an inexplicable expression.

The message was simple and did not contain much, but the sender and the specific content surprised Lin Xuan.

The sender was the immortal Wudang. It had the official certification mark and was not fake.

[My young friend, come to Mount Wudang for a chat!]

These short words gave Lin Xuan an inexplicable sense of glory. Lin Xuan had to go since he was invited.

Julia was surprised to see Lin Xuan rooted to the spot. She came over to take a look and covered her mouth in shock. The immortal Wudang was inviting him to Mount Wudang?

What kind of glory was this?!

Although she had a good relationship with the Bright Phoenix, she usually didn’t get the chance to see her often. Among the four pillars of Taixia Country, she could not establish a relationship with the immortal Wudang at all. Perhaps, she could establish a relationship with him by relying on Lin Xuan?

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