Chapter 401 - 401 Going to Wudang

401 Going to Wudang

Wudang Mountain was covered with continuous mountain ranges and dense vegetation as it was in the center of Taixia Country. There was no large city nearby. However, many villages were in the surroundings of Wudang Mountain. Despite being villages, it didn’t lack the supporting facilities that big cities had.

After the Flying Thunder Gate was widely used, the surrounding areas of Wudang Mountain also welcomed more development. Numerous urbanites started to make a pilgrimage to Wudang Mountain. The immortal of Wudang was the spiritual pillar of the last generation. He ruled the central plain and the immortal land and suppressed the flames of war in nine provinces alone. From then on, Taixia Country entered a peaceful age.

Other than coming here for a pilgrimage, this place was also a tourist site. The forest was beautiful, the air was fresh, and there was a magnificent waterfall that brought calmness into one’s soul. Many people who were used to living in a bustling big city yearned to be in this primitive world. They felt an inexplicable sense of freshness. Because of the dangers in the wild, it was very difficult for them to leave the city for the rest of their lives.

By contrast, the surroundings of Wudang Mountain were different. Although it was dense with forestry and had a complex terrain, no wild monster dared to live there. It was the safest place in Taixia Country.

Lin Xuan went through the Flying Thunder Gate alone and arrived at a small town at the foot of Wudang Mountain. It had just been recently upgraded from a village to a small town. The small town mainly operated as a homestay for outside guests. The small town was at the foot of Wudang Mountain, so most of the people who came here were pilgrims. Therefore, the locals changed the name of the town to Chaosheng Town!

The Flying Thunder Gate was set up at the entrance of Chaosheng Town. As soon as he walked out, Lin Xuan felt an inexplicable pressure. This was the aura of an earth-rank Demon King, and there were more than one of them. If they wanted to put pressure on Lin Xuan, it would be impossible without dozens or hundreds of them to be present.

He turned to look at the nearby Wudang Mountain. Golden lightning covered his eyes, and the corners of his eyes twitched crazily. It was not a mountain, but a tomb. Hundreds of dead earth-rank Demon Kings were currently buried under the mountain rocks. Even though they were dead, the immortal did not let them pass the afterlife. He kept extracting the death aura produced by them and transformed it into another kind of energy through the array, trapping the terrifying existence in the sky.

It made sense as to why he felt like that!

Lin Xuan stood there in a daze, and it took a while for him to come back to his senses. Then, he slowly walked into the town.

Chaosheng Town was divided into two parts. One part was the newly-built houses, mainly for the purpose of providing homestay and shops that provided daily necessities. The other part was the village, which was made of green bricks and stone tiles, with upturned eaves and corners. The whole aesthetic brought back the style of a hundred years ago.

Lin Xuan was very interested in the village. He liked this kind of scenic life where he would have nothing to do. He could bask in the sun, play with cats and dogs, start a fire to cook, and have smoke curled up from the kitchen every night with decent food on the table. This was his dream.

After passing through the village, there was a narrow mountain path that led straight to the top of Wudang Mountain. However, those who came here for pilgrimage did not dare to take this path. They only knelt at the foot of the mountain sincerely. Without the invitation, no one would dare to go up the mountain to disturb him.

Lin Xuan took a look at the people kneeling. Other than the many ordinary people, there were also a few ability users who wanted to be apprenticed to a master or to receive some guidance. Lin Xuan shook his head at this sight. The path of cultivation had always been walked by one’s own self. It was true that the noble could guide others on the right path, but that would only be considered when one encountered a wrong path during cultivation.

Lin Xuan leisurely walked up the mountain path and past the crowd. Many people saw this scene in shock, suspicion, and worry.

Lin Xuan chuckled and turned to look at the crowd. He did not explain anything, and there was nothing to explain. In fact, the Wudang immortal had never forbidden anyone from going up the mountain. In fact, everyone and anyone could go up the mountain. As long as one could reach the peak, they would be able to see him.

Of course, Wudang Mountain was not easy to climb. Just like what Lin Xuan had felt before, it was a grave, an ominous grave. Hundreds of fearsome Demon Kings were buried inside. Each of them could dominate a region, but they all died in the hands of the immortal.

If one wanted to climb the mountain, the first thing one had to face was immense pressure. The pressure from hundreds of Demons Kings had been condensed for nearly 100 years. These auras had long been colliding with each other, and the powerful auras could cause damage to the soul.

Even Lin Xuan was not at ease walking on the mountain path.

It was easier to walk at the foot of the mountain, and Lin Xuan could easily cross it with his own strength. However, at the mountainside, the aura became even more condensed, and Lin Xuan had to release his Dragon King’s Might to resist the pressure of the powerful aura.

The higher he went, the greater the pressure became. After crossing the mountainside, Lin Xuan had to activate his bloodline equipment to continue moving forward. After activating both of his bloodline equipment, he stopped less than 300 meters away from the top. He had reached his limit, and he had to use his trump card.

Great Sun Energy and Blood, activated!

Right then, the Great Sun Inferno Dragon appeared!

A huge dragon that was emitting a terrifying golden light appeared on Wudang Mountain. Many people at the foot of the mountain were silently waiting for Lin Xuan to be kicked out. However, they did not expect such a terrifying scene to appear at the peak of the mountain.

Has a huge sun descended on the human world?

Or was there an enemy attacking Wudang Mountain?

Should they call for help?

They stood rooted to the ground, not knowing what to do.

Lin Xuan continued to walk forward despite the unparalleled energy and blood. His tyrannical physical strength was not afraid of the pressure that was pushing onto him. Although the pressure was powerful, it did not stop Lin Xuan from reaching the top.

Lin Xuan stood at the end of the mountain path. In the last three to five steps, he would be able to jump onto the stone platform and enter the front yard of the Martial Hall. However, the terrifying pressure of the Demon King suppressed Lin Xuan so much that he could not move at all. He had reached his limit. The energy and blood in his body burned wildly, but he could not break through this pressure. Other than energy and blood, Lin Xuan’s Divine Elephant’s Destructive Force was activated. Unfortunately, it was still unable to break through the restraint on Lin Xuan.

This was not a spell’s imprisonment, but an aura suppression. Lin Xuan’s substitute spell was not effective.

So, what else could he do?

There was another way!

Spell Technique — Multiplication!

After walking for such a long time, Lin Xuan could tell that this path had high requirements for one’s physical strength. If he was not… Wait a minute, not everyone had a physique like Lin Xuan’s. No, it could be said that no one in the mystic-rank list had a physique like Lin Xuan’s. This path wasn’t for the physique, but for the person!

Everyone takes a different path!

In the next moment, Lin Xuan’s eyes turned black and white. The surrounding area was filled with a storm with heavy lightning. Two great bloodlines were used at the same time with a single bloodline spell technique.

Bloodline Supernatural Ability — Wind and Rain Summoning, Bloodline Supernatural Ability — Riding Mist, and Spell Technique — Extreme State Multiplication, combine!

In an instant, Lin Xuan gained a whole new sense of power. He leaped up and landed firmly on the stone platform.

The immortal chuckled as he looked at Lin Xuan.

“Not bad, not bad at all!”

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