Amongst Cultivators, I Stand Above All

Chapter 379 - 379 Enlightened

379 Enlightened

Dong Xi looked at her Master with a dumbfounded expression. She opened her mouth and said hesitantly, “Master, what you said just now… You sound like an enlightened Buddhist monk!”

Daoist Lingxu was stunned for a moment before he came back to his senses. Daoist Lingxu said,” Hurry up and grow your hair out!”

Dong Xi touched the hair on her head. When she saw her Master’s disappointed gaze, she sighed softly. She took out hair growth cream from her storage ring and wiped it on her head.

Dong Xi frowned and whispered, “Master, this hair growth cream is useless. The story is all a lie. Senior Brother is also lying…”

“Humph!” Lingxu snorted coldly. “Your body, hair, and skin are all from your parents. You were so reckless. Now you’re blaming the hair growth cream?”

What did Dong Xi say? Her hair had been repeatedly electrocuted, and it would take a lot of effort to grow it back. It would be easier to shave it off and grow it back.

Daoist Master Lingxu did not know that his beloved disciple had actually developed a new hair growth cream because it was useless. It even had some miraculous effects.

Of course, this was all in the future.

Dong Xi brought the chicken in his hand to Lingxu. The man and chicken looked at each other and looked especially stupid. Lingxu patted its forehead helplessly. Dong Xi said, “Master, you asked me to raise it. Do you know what kind of bird this little thing is? This little thing… Can it really be used as a mount?”

Dong Xi’s tone was a little doubtful while Lingxu had a complicated expression. Upon closer inspection, there was even a hint of envy on his face.

“It’s not a problem to be a mount,” said Lingxu.

“What kind of demon beast is this?” asked Dong Xi.

Lingxu shook his head. It was not that he did not know, but he could not say it.

A demon beast of this level was the favorite of the Heavenly Dao. Unless one exposed themselves, no one could say its name.

Dong Xi saw her Master like this and immediately felt troubled.

Was this little fellow very rare? Even someone as knowledgeable as his Master did not know? Forget it, I’ll go back to the sect and take a look at the library.

The speed of a Soul Formation cultivator was very fast. Even if he brought along Dong Xi, this little girl, it would not affect him.

Moreover, they had flying magic tools now, so their speed was even faster. When night fell, the full moon in the sky slowly rose, and the master and disciple slowly landed on the sect square.

Dong Xi immediately sent a message to Ke Xin and Chi Yan. When Dong Xi was about to reach the cave abode, she saw that the two of them were already waiting for her in front of the cave abode.

Dong Xi ran over with a smile and hugged the two of them.

“I’m back,” said Dong Xi.

The other two hugged Dong Xi happily as well. After the moment of happiness, Chi Yan’s lips twitched and he raised his hand to stroke Dong Xi’s bald head.

No, it was not as smooth now. It looked more like a kiwifruit.

“Junior Sister, what kind of trendy outfit are you wearing?” Chi Yan asked. “Could it be that you want to enter the Buddhist Sect at such a young age?”

Dong Xi said with a serious face, “If my hair grows, it will affect my cultivation. Although cultivators don’t have to wash their hair, it will be troublesome if my hair is too long when practicing the sword.”

Ke Xin, “…”

Chi Yan, “…”

Although they knew that Dong Xi was talking nonsense, they felt that it made sense.

“Hurry up and recuperate, or else Master will think that you want to betray the sect,” Chi Yan said.

Dong Xi opened the restriction of the cave dwelling and invited the two of them to sit inside. After entering, Dong Xi found that he had fallen into a swamp, surrounded by mud with a rotten smell, and there seemed to be something Dong Xi moving below.

Chi Yan and Ke Xin were shocked when they saw this scene. They immediately looked at Dong Xi. Dong Xi’s forehead was twitching.

“Be careful!” Chi Yan shouted.

Following Chi Yan’s voice, the creature in the mud jumped out and pounced on Dong Xi’s head.

Dong Xi did not dodge, nor did she activate her protective shield.

A squirrel whose fur was getting thicker and thicker, jumped onto Dong Xi’s head and said, “Bad Little Xi, bad Little Xi. You promised to bring Songsong along, but you didn’t.”

As Songsong jumped onto Dong Xi’s head, the environment disappeared.

Chi Yan and Ke Xin looked at the squirrel on Dong Xi’s head and gloated.

Dong Xi looked ridiculous wearing a squirrel as a hat!

Although the two of them were gloating, they were not new to the cultivation world. The squirrel’s environment was so realistic. Not only was it visual, but it was also very realistic to touch. Most importantly, it was the smell. The smell just now almost suffocated the two of them.

With such a powerful demon beast, why didn’t Dong Xi bring it with her?

This was because everything Dong Xi did outside was shameful.

Dong Xi distributed the local specialties that she had brought back from Qinan City. The three of them sat by the pond in the backyard and began to barbecue.

After sending the two sisters away, Dong Xi sat on the praying mat.

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