Amongst Cultivators, I Stand Above All

Chapter 380 - 380 Breakthrough Again?

380 Breakthrough Again?

Just as Lingxu returned to his cave dwelling, he suddenly noticed a fluctuation of spiritual energy coming from the next door. This kind of fluctuation of spiritual energy was not something that he cared about, but it did not seem to be something that could be caused by a Qi Refinement cultivator.

Daoist Master Lingxu spread out his divine sense. When he saw everything next door, he was instantly stunned on the spot.

Dong Xi had broken through again?

Daoist Master Lingxu was shocked. It was as if a great war had occurred in the Central Plains. Dong Xi had just returned to the sect and had broken through? She had not eaten the Foundation Establishment Pill and had not made any preparations. How could she break through so easily?

Master Lingxu came back to his senses and his figure began to dissipate. In the next moment, he appeared in Dong Xi’s cave abode.

Master Lingxu looked at Dong Xi, the willow tree, the squirrel, and the chicken with a complicated expression.

Dong Xi was still closing her eyes to stabilize her cultivation realm. She looked inside her dantian and saw that the purple Qi had gathered into a ball.


In the end, it turned into a purple liquid and dripped into Dong Xi’s Dantian. Her body shook.

Dong Xi felt as if her body had changed, and it was no longer limited to the change in her cultivation realm.

As for the other changes, Dong Xi could not tell if it was an illusion.

Everything around Dong Xi turned into elements. The trees were wood elements, and the cave abode was earth elements…

She raised her head and saw a large ball of fire elements not far away. There seemed to be some wood elements too?

Dong Xi was stunned. What was this?

Dong Xi took a closer look and realized that this was her Master.

Dong Xi quickly stood up and walked forward happily.

“Master,” replied Dong Xi respectfully.

Daoist Master Lingxu’s thoughts were pulled back. Hearing Dong Xi’s passionate call, a thought suddenly came to his mind.

It seemed that the treasures in the storage ring were no longer safe. Now that the child achieved success, she’ll be asking for a reward again.

“You’ve already reached the Foundation Establishment stage?” asked Daoist Master Lingxu.

“Master, do you remember what you promised me?” Dong Xi nodded.

Daoist Lingxu glanced at Dong Xi and said, “I haven’t forgotten.”

Thinking about it this way, it was no wonder why Dong Xi had such an expression when he said that he would wait for her to reach Foundation Establishment before going to train.

Lingxu wanted to refine a cauldron of Foundation Establishment Pills in the next two days. When Dong Xi broke through, Lingxu wanted to protect her.

But before Lingxu could make a move, Dong Xi had already broken through.

Looking at the happy Dong Xi in front of him, Master Lingxu did not say anything.

He suddenly understood that these disciples all had their own opportunities. He had to let them out and let them find their own opportunities.

Raising his head, he saw this resentful disciple looking at Daoist Lingxu eagerly. Dong Xi said, “Master, I have already broken through. You…”

“Your cultivation speed is so fast. You’re going to suck me dry of my resources. I can’t keep up at all.” Lingxu sighed.

After pausing for a moment, Lingxu continued, “Fine, fine.”

After saying that, Lingxu resigned himself to his fate and took out a storage bag and gave it to Dong Xi. He said, “You talk a lot, so your expenses must be quite high. This is all I can help you with.”

Dong Xi took the storage bag, and Daoist Master Lingxu immediately turned around and left.

Dong Xi was surprised to find that her Master, who had always been steady, seemed to be a little anxious this time.

Dong Xi respectfully bowed to his Master’s back and said,”Disciple respectfully sends off Master.”

When Master Lingxu heard Dong Xi’s words, his footsteps became even faster.

Dong Xi watched as her Master disappeared before looking at her storage pouch and sighing.

It seemed that her Master’s family fortune was gone. His storage ring had become a storage bag.

Dong Xi opened the storage bag and saw that it was filled with spirit stones. She silently retracted her previous thoughts.

Dong Xi knew that she was too shallow. Her Master was an 8th grade alchemist, how could he be poor?

With a lot of money in his pockets, Dong Xi was much more generous when feeding her little chicken. She actually gave two spirit stones at a time.

The two spirit stones disappeared as she fed it to the chicken.

Dong Xi frowned. This little chick would not have such a big appetite. Why did it disappear just like that?

Could it be… This little chick also had a storage bag?

It can’t be… Two spirit stones were bigger than this little thing. How could the little chick put them away?

Dong Xi grabbed the back of the little chick’s neck and started to size it up. After looking around, Dong Xi suddenly had an idea.

Could it be… This little chick had a storage space?

Dong Xi was speechless.

To have a storage space, it was definitely not an unknown demon beast. Even Songsong only had a storage bag.

What kind of demon beast was this little chick?

Dong Xi felt that she still had to go to the Library Pavilion to take a look.

Of course, before that, Dong Xi had to collect all her benefits.

Now that he had been in the sect for three years, the novice benefits were long gone.

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