Behind the Scenes in Naruto World

Chapter 603 Uehara Naraku's Conspiracy

Chapter 603 Uehara Naraku's Conspiracy

A group of players looked at each other.

One of the players was the first to react.

This player looked at Uehara with a dumbfounded expression. For a moment, he could not believe his words, “Wait, do you mean… you are the president of the game company… and not the world boss made by the game programmers?”

This joke was a bit too big…

The president of a game company actually appeared as a world boss…

Just as Uehara thought this group of players finally understood, the tavern suddenly became lively again, and the players’ continuous discussion entered his ears.

“Hey, hurry up and compensate us!”

“Restore the log-out system first!”

“Yeah, at least repair the log-out system first!”

“However, the game’s new version is really good. It seems to be more real, but it’s not very friendly to newbies…”

“Hey, hey, it’s a bit biased to describe it as good. It’s obviously done amazingly. You can really touch oppai here. It’s so amazing. I’ve never played such a great game before!”

“Yeah, as expected of the game company that issued the YGGDRASIL. It can actually create a game with a higher degree of freedom. It’s really amazing!”

“Speaking of which, I can’t even find a recharge point. In fact, this game has just begun the beta test, right?”

“That’s for sure…”

While discussing, a player turned to look at Uehara and asked loudly, “Hey, President Uehara, when will the official release begin?”

“I’m ready to resign and continue playing this game!”

“I feel like I don’t need to get married in reality anymore! The Lady Boss Marianne has a great figure, I want to give her everything I own!”

“Hey, hey, your brain is a little abnormal!”


Uehara’s expression gradually became stiff.

The group of players around him did not express any other panic. They were only surprised for a while and immediately began to put the topic of discussion back to this novel and interesting world…

This group of guys…

They seemed to be doing well here!

Moreover, they had not discovered the truth until now. Instead, they seemed more relieved after seeing Uehara. After all, the game company boss would not risk himself being locked up in the game world like them!

Just as Uehara was about to continue to say something, a player suddenly suggested, “Hey, President Uehara, if this game’s new update has inherited all YGGDRASIL attributes, do you still have the power to destroy the world?”


Uehara nodded speechlessly.

Finally, some players found the right direction…

In the next moment, the player suddenly shouted, “Then the president is the only GM… Can we share our opinions? We are in too much of a mess right now. There is no punishment for PK, and there is also the resurrection point…”

“Yes, yes, yes. The resurrection penalty is too serious now!”

“You can only consume your own level and experience to revive…”

“If I want to level up, I can only train hard. We don’t get any experience or equipment drop from killing monsters. You need to change this point!”

“Actually, this is in line with reality! After all, killing monsters will drop equipment gold coins, or something, it doesn’t seem to be true at all!”

“You should be more rational. We are playing games…”

“But I think this is more realistic!”

“Then why don’t I see you train but spend your every day in the tavern…”

“Isn’t it to take care of Lady Boss Marianne’s business? “


This group of players went off the rails while chatting. A group of players didn’t care about Uehara’s ability to destroy the world. They only talked about all kinds of opinions about this game one by one.

They were off-topic again.


Uehara’s expression froze slightly.

If this goes on, he feels like he was going to be led astray too…

This group of players can not stay here any longer. He must find a way to expel them all together. The brain circuits of the Fourth Natural Disaster were really beyond his imagination…

“Okay, stop!”

Uehara stretched out his hand to stop their argument. He took a deep breath and said in a deep voice, “One month later, I will make a game announcement in Baharuth Empire’s Imperial Capital… No, this world… Forget it; it doesn’t matter anymore… I will announce important matters regarding this game in the imperial capital. Help me inform everyone to come to the imperial capital…”

Teleportation light slowly appeared under Uehara’s feet. He slowly waved his hand and said, “If you want to know or have any opinions about this game… then gather in Baharuth Empire’s Imperial Capital in a month!”

In the end, Uehara’s figure completely disappears, leaving only the last sentence, “And only I can help you log out and leave this game… If anyone doesn’t come to the imperial capital, they can only wait for the company to repair the bug…”

“Hey, wait…”

“Don’t be in a hurry to leave!”

“We still have a lot of things to say!”

“If you can log out, send me away first!”

A group of players hurriedly wanted to stop Uehara, but they could not stop the teleportation activation. They could only watch Uehara leave the tavern.

After Uehara left, one player after another immediately began to contact their friends or guild companions and told everyone the news of Uehara’s appearance.

Baharuth Empire’s Imperial Capital was unprecedentedly lively.

Apart from Baharuth Empire’s local players, Slane Theocracy and Re-Estize Kingdom’s players also swarmed toward Baharuth Empire.

Just as the players were swarming over…

Uehara appeared at the highest point of the Baharuth Empire’s Imperial Capital. He felt a little complicated as he watched a group of happy players enter the city one after another.

Even Ainz Ooal Gown’s guild members had sneaked into the Imperial Capital.

Originally, after knowing that the strength of the other players had been greatly weakened, Ainz Ooal Gown Guild still wanted to rely on several max-level NPCs to try to break through the other guilds and seize all the resources in this game first.

However, Momonga, who had always been cautious, was worried that other guilds might have similar NPCs, so they temporarily stopped this plan.

Now the news about Uehara Naraku made them a little bit impatient…

Apart from Momonga, who was still defending the Great Tomb of Nazarick, the other members of the Ainz Ooal Gown Guild had all rushed to the imperial capital. They were the people who really wanted to go home.

Only Momonga was not very interested in this…

If not for his gentle personality, he really wanted to tell his companions that the day they could not log out and leave the game during this period of time was the happiest time of his years.

The real world was too lonely…

Only in Nazarick could Momonga feel the warmth of friendship.

Momonga’s skeleton body sat in the throne room, slowly stroking the guild’s scepter with his own hand, “If Uehara had not appeared, it would have been fine even if we could not log out… But everyone else has family and life…”

Especially the current Nazarick…

Apart from his guild companions, the NPCs also seemed to be real. This place really made Momonga feel like it was his real home.

Just as Momonga was stroking the guild scepter alone, Touch Me’s contact suddenly cut into his ears, “Momonga, this is the real world. Don’t get in touch with Uehara Naraku; it’s all his conspiracy!”

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