Behind the Scenes in Naruto World

Chapter 604 - I Arranged Your Life Just to Make You Guys Quit the Game

Chapter 604 - I Arranged Your Life Just to Make You Guys Quit the Game

When Momonga received the news, he was still a little confused.

Why did he say that this was Uehara Naraku’s conspiracy? What exactly happened? No, Touch Me, and the others seemed to have gone to Baharuth Empire’s Imperial Capital!

Because they want to log out and leave the game!

In the next moment, Momonga immediately regained consciousness and hurriedly contacted Touch Me wanting to ask what had happened. At least he wanted to know what had happened to his friends!

The Imperial Square of the Baharuth Empire.

Over a hundred thousand players were lying on the ground.

When they gathered here, they thought that they would receive a big gift from the game company. They had not expected that what they would receive was not a compensation reward… but an attack from Uehara with his overwhelming strength!

Uehara stood at the highest point of the square and looked down at the players on the ground. He calmly told the truth that the players thought of, “You don’t really think that this is a game world, do you? This has always been a real world. Every NPC you think is actually a living human!”


The players just lay powerlessly on the ground.

However, it was difficult for every player to hide the shock in their eyes.

Clearly, the number of people that had crossed over was too high, and they still retained their game abilities. Even if they had occasional doubts, they would quickly dispel this thought…

Because they could revive in this world!

Moreover, they had also seen the NPC here being able to use resurrection skills at a huge price. If it was the real world, how could there be a resurrection?

Could life and death be reversed?

Most importantly…

Transmigrating from a game world to a different world sounded too inconceivable, especially when hundreds of thousands of people transmigrated here at the same time.

The problem was…

From what Uehara had told them, it seemed that there was no need for him to lie to them now because more than a hundred thousand players had already been crushed to the ground by his imposing manner.

If this was the real world, could the players who had transmigrated to another world go back?

“I have known the existence of this world since twelve years ago.”

Uehara looked down at all the players on the ground and continued calmly, “At that time, I knew that the YGGDRASIL game world was actually connected to another world of another dimension. I could even bring all the items and abilities from the game world here…”

“So starting twelve years ago, I created an NPC named after myself and raised my game stats to a level that no one can beat so that I can maintain absolute suppression in this world…”


The expressions of every player changed.

After the YGGDRASIL game was launched twelve years ago, the game company suddenly launched a large-scale update. After that update, there was an additional world boss called Uehara Naraku in the game world.

Even until the game server was closed, no player could defeat this world boss, and there was no existence in the game world that Uehara Naraku could not defeat…

Later, they learned that the World Boss Uehara Naraku’s image was based on the game company president…

The players even joked that the programmers of the game company made this world boss to please the president. They never thought that the powerful world boss was actually the body that Uehara had prepared for him!

In order to conquer this world…

He prepared a powerful character for himself!

“I remember now…”

Bukubukuchagama’s body was covered in cold sweat. There was a trace of fear in her delicate voice, “When I first went to the game company… someone seemed to have mentioned that… the world boss, Uehara Naraku, was practically made according to the game company president…”

“Don’t be afraid…”

Peroroncino comforted his sister.

Ulbert raised his head and looked at Uehara, who was floating at the highest point of the Imperial Square, “So, at that time, what he made the game company update was actually not a world boss. Instead, it was a body used by the game company president to conquer…”

“Have you started preparing since then?”

A hint of confusion gradually appeared on Tabula Smaragdina’s face. He couldn’t help but ask, “But what’s the point of this? Why would he want to come to live in another world?”

“Strength, life, power, status.”

Touch Me replied calmly and said in a low voice, “Because in the real world, no matter how noble his identity is, he can’t stand at the apex of that world… Only in this place where he can rely on his own strength to obtain everything.”

Touch Me’s mind was very sharp. He continued to look for reasons for Uehara, “If we can bring our race and occupation to this world, it also means that our lifespan will be greatly extended. He can live forever in this world…”

If someone gave him a chance…

A chance to conquer a world and obtain eternal life!

Touch Me didn’t know if he could resist such temptation!

Even a winner in life like him couldn’t help but doubt his heart, let alone other people. Many people who lived in the real world were already full of regret at this moment…

If they knew the truth in advance…

Those players would definitely keep their levels and equipment and then start a new life in this different world, a successful new life!

“It’s a pity.”

Uehara stared at the players on the ground and continued calmly, “There is something that can still threaten me in the YGGDRASIL game world. It is a world item that a group of people threw out to increase fun…”

“Therefore, I have secretly taken back any world items that can threaten me in the YGGDRASIL game world. It was not until I obtained the two strongest world items, Ouroboros and World Savior, that I met you in the game publicly…”

“After obtaining these two items, I began to use you to take back the other world items until all of the world items were taken into my own pocket to ensure that in this world, nothing can be a threat to me…”


The players looked slightly regretful.

These people seemed to have the ability to stop Uehara, but because Uehara was easier to use, they wanted to use the world items to let the World Boss, Uehara Naraku, work for them. They did not expect that they would become Uehara’s accomplice…

Among them, when the guild war was the cruelest, Uehara received eleven world items in a day. There were only two hundred world items in the entire YGGDRASIL game world, and Uehara had collected at least ninety-nine percent of them.

Even if there were one or two fewer…

It was impossible for them to be of any harm to Uehara.

Among them, the ones who regretted the most were undoubtedly the Ainz Ooal Gown Guild Members. They were the guild that had given the most world item to Uehara… Other than the ones that had fallen during the cataclysm, they had taken the initiative to give five or six away!

“Don’t regret it.”

Uehara slowly said, “Because all the event releases by the game company are prepared for you to give world items to me as much as possible…”

“In order to get more world items, I have been pushing the battles of the various guilds. Even every battle will let you learn how to use me…”

“At that time, you must have thought that you could make use of a world boss, right? In fact, that was just to get rid of the threat…”


One of the players suddenly raised his head and couldn’t help but laugh at Uehara. He loudly mocked, “Having said so much, it’s actually just for a few items. It sounds really petty, President Uehara!”


“Yes, this is too stingy!”

“If you had begged us with your status as president, maybe we would have given it to you!”

“It’s really disappointing…”

“We thought that your game company wanted to take back world items to balance the game. We didn’t expect that it was only because of your selfish desires…”

“Too stingy!”

The group of players suddenly became noisy.

It seemed that the first player gave them courage, so they dared to sneer at Uehara in this state of being trampled on!

They had always been game players!

They would not care about world items!

If the game company president repeatedly tampers with the game world for his own selfish desires, it would be a bit too contemptuous!

“Nohara Hiroshi.”

Uehara looked at the first player who spoke. He was not ashamed of his ridicule. He just continued calmly, “You want to quit the game in July this year because your company has 17 more items that were returned due to quality problems, which made your company short of a large amount of money due to overstocking…”


There was a hint of fear on the player’s face.

Because what Uehara read out was his real name!

What he said was also something that happened in the real world!

In the next moment, his expression became a little ugly. He gritted his teeth and said, “You… investigate me?”

“It’s not an investigation.”

Uehara shook his head calmly and continued, “It’s that these goods were originally supposed to be received by a subsidiary company of a certain group. I just asked them to return them, which will cause a little trouble in your life…”

After saying this, Uehara took out his notebook and began to call names one by one, “Koizumi, the rent, electricity, and property fees have increased a lot, right? Don’t think about it. I asked someone to raise it so that you can quit the game… “


A player’s expression suddenly became a little speechless.

Uehara continued to read slowly, “Suzuki Haruo, your schoolwork in college should suddenly become tense. Did your mentor give you a lot of tasks? Don’t think about it. I arranged it for you to leave the game…”


Another player’s expression became stiff.

Uehara turned a page and continued to read, “Kobayashi Heizo, your parents should be urging you to get married and find a partner again, right? Don’t think about it. I specially arranged someone to whisper in their ears in order to let you leave the game as soon as possible…”

“Hey, hey, hey, this is too much!”

A player couldn’t help but wave his fist, “I am a very serious, non-married chauvinist!”

Uehara was too lazy to pay attention to him. He continued to call out names slowly, “Kimura Seigo, if I remember correctly, your company should be getting busier. Don’t think about it. In order to make you busy, I specially asked someone to give your boss a big order and let you take responsibility, just to let you leave the game…”


A player’s expression became a little strange. He even bowed to Uehara, “Although I am very grateful…but, is it really just to make me leave the game?”


The players on the ground became noisy again.

Everyone began to recall their troubles in real life involuntarily. These things could not have been arranged by Uehara, right?


All of it was just to let them leave the game. Wasn’t this too much?

No, this was really too much! How could there be someone who would cause trouble in the real world just to let players leave the game?

One of the female players suddenly stood up and shouted, “Hey, Uehara, my ex-boyfriend broke up with me. It can’t be you…”

“I’ll check it.”

Uehara flipped through his notebook and slowly said, “I remember that many couples broke up because the other party had a lot of girlfriends or boyfriends…”


The expressions of many young men and women on the square could not help but change. It was obvious that these people had broken up recently, and many of them were still immersed in the pain of breaking up…

“Uh, thank you. There’s no need to look.”

The female player lay down again with an embarrassed expression.

The players all looked at the female players with questioning eyes. Obviously, they knew the truth without much explanation.

“Well, I don’t know how long it will take…”

Uehara put away his little notebook and looked at the players in the game. His face became gloomy again, “Because your appearance will make this world full of uncontrollable things, so I always want to let you leave the game…”

“I worked so hard to create a cataclysm in the game world. I did not hesitate to arrange everything for you in the real world, just so that you can leave the game world and let me be at peace in this world…”


Uehara was still chattering away.

Many players in the square slowly calmed down.

Although Uehara arranged their lives for them to leave the game, this guy did not do anything bad!

Touch Me looked at Uehara in the sky and slowly fell into deep thought. After thinking for a long time, he finally contacted Momonga again.

“The crisis is over.”

“Although Uehara’s plot is a little scary, and I thought he was a terrifying guy, now it seems…”

“Uehara seems to be a good person.”

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