Behind the Scenes in Naruto World

Chapter 605 - I Really Miss Time We First Met!

Chapter 605 - I Really Miss Time We First Met!

Uehara seemed to be a good person.

After Momonga received the news, he fell into confusion again. What exactly did Touch Me mean? What exactly happened over there?

However, after Touch Me sent this message to Momonga, he did not continue to answer because the Baharuth Empire Imperial Capital Square, where they were, became lively again.

All the players discussed the troubles that they encountered in real life. Could Uehara cause this trouble…

A player touched his chin and turned to knock on his friend’s shoulder, “The matter of my wife divorcing me, could it be Uehara’s fault?”


When his friend heard this, he couldn’t help but smile awkwardly, “It should…it should be…you don’t go home very often at night…”

“Because I’m too busy with work…”

The player rubbed his eyebrows and said unhappily, “Recently, there have been a lot of social gatherings. Maybe it was Uehara who did this…”


Uehara’s expression stiffened, and a strange expression flashed across his face. He raised his hand, and a flame burned one of the players to ashes, “This guy, it was obviously you who did it. Don’t let me take the blame…”


Uehara had arranged things for everyone, but not every problem they faced was his fault.

Uehara’s forehead kept twitching.

These players were clearly giving him more and more headaches…

‘What exactly is going on with these people? Shouldn’t they be discussing the matter of him, the mastermind behind the scenes, controlling their real life now?’

‘Why did they…’

‘They even blamed him for all their mistakes.’

‘Why does this group of people feel like if they are out of his control, their lives can become more positive…’

All the players in Imperial Capital Square seemed to have found the meaning of life again. They blamed the difficulties they had suffered on Uehara…

Uehara’s words indeed brought them the confidence to face life again. If Uehara did not play tricks, their lives would definitely be as happy as before!

He really doesn’t know where their confidence came from…

“Hey, Uehara, hurry up and let us log out!”

“Since you know about this world, you must also know how to leave this world!”

“Yeah, hurry up and let us leave this place!”

“Hey, hey, hey. If we leave, who will stop Uehara? Lady Boss Marianne is still waiting for me!”

“Bastard… don’t you want to go home?”

“Of course, I want to go back, but Lady Boss Marianne is still waiting for me…”

“She is waiting for a lot of people!”

“I am living a lonely life. Only Lady Boss Marianne’s broad mind can bring me warmth…”

“Uehara caused your loneliness!”

“If not for Uehara, you would have many good friends!”

“Uh, what you said makes sense…”

The entire square became noisy again. A group of players wanted to argue with Uehara, but they argued with the people around them…

More than 100,000 players were arguing.

Some players hoped they could stay in this world because they were lonely and not happy in real life. Some players wanted to return to their real world because they wanted the warmth of their homes more.

There were also some disputes in Ainz Ooal Gown Guild.

However, Touch Me had almost figured out everything. His voice gradually became darker, “Speaking of it, it seems that everything about us is in the hands of the game company president. If we want to go back, we can only wait if he wants to do it…”

As a mature adult…

Touch Me was often very reliable at critical moments.

For example, he was the first to recognize the situation at this time.

Ulbert was a little displeased. He glanced at the life winner Touch Me, whom he had never liked. He snorted coldly and said, “But what about this world? And who knows if he will really send us back?

In that case, why don’t we beat Uehara Naraku first? Didn’t this guy say that world items can threaten his existence?”

There was some uneasiness in Bukubukuchagama’s voice as she said, “But… the world item in the game world has already been taken away by him, right?”

“No… there are two more.”

Ulbert slowly raised his head and said with a chuckle, “The two world items are actually in the hands of one person. Because one of them is a world item that can hide the player information, Uehara has never found it”


Everyone couldn’t help but be a little surprised.

From the sound of it, Ulbert seemed to know the truth!

Ulber was quite popular in Ainz Ooal Gown Guild. In a sense, someone who can stand up to Touch Me was also quite charismatic…

“Don’t look at me. I don’t have it.”

Ulbert glanced at Touch Me and said slowly, “Back then, something happened to our guild. So after the last cataclysm, I searched the last two world items and handed them to someone who could keep them properly…”


Touch Me fell silent.

Because Touch Me once trusted a player too much and pulled him into their guild, that player stole a world item from Ainz Ooal Gown Guild and defected, causing Touch Me’s prestige to drop greatly.

It was from that time…

Because of Touch Me’s silence, the good old man in the guild, Momonga, slowly became the most trusted person in Ainz Ooal Gown Guild.

Of course, there was no conspiracy theory.

The relationship between Touch Me and Momonga was very good.

In other words, all the Ainz Ooal Gown Guild Members had a good relationship with their Guild Master Momonga because that guy was really a good person…


He was unusually persistent in protecting his companions.

Touch Me looked at Ulbert and nodded slowly, “It looks like you gave the two props to Momonga. Indeed… there is no one more suitable than Momonga to keep the world item…”


Ulbert nodded and said, “Speaking of which, it was because of Tabula Smaragdina’s hobby of collecting. At that time, the game was getting more and more desolate. Few people paid attention to world items, so I took the opportunity to get it…”

Seeing that Touch Me did not change his expression at all, Ulbert continued, “I gave the two items to Momonga. One of them can hide any information, even a world item information, so no one can detect it…”

Touch Me subconsciously opened his mouth to question, “So you want to use the world item to defeat Uehara and force this guy to take us home?”

“Do you still want to beg him?”

Ulbert snorted and said in a low voice, “Think about it clearly, Touch Me. This guy has obtained unparalleled power here. Do you think he will care about the attitude of ordinary players like us?”

In comparison…

Ulbert believes in power even more!

“Although I don’t want to say that…”

Touch Me shook his head and continued in a deep voice, “But Uehara’s character is not particularly bad. He is not as bad as we think he is… No, he is just a guy with bad taste…”

Touch Me looked at Ulbert and continued, “In the past, people used world items to suppress Uehara. You have seen the result, not to mention our current level and equipment…”


In the game world, there was no shortage of people who wanted to crusade against Uehara.

However, even if they had world items, it was impossible for them to defeat World Savior and Ouroboros of the “Twenty” series!

“That is the game world!”

Ulber folded his arm and said coldly, “This is the real world. No one knows what kind of power a world item can unleash in the real world…”

“But this might anger him…”

“Then should we go and beg him?”

Ulber laughed and said, “Maybe if we go and beg him, he might really let us go!”

He was a stubborn person!

How could he be willing to bow his head?


A voice sounded in their ears.


When the entire Ainz Ooal Gown Guild heard this voice, their expressions couldn’t help but change!

Uehara’s figure slowly floated to the side of the Ainz Ooal Gown guild members. He had a warm smile as he said, “Interesting. I can hear all the sounds in this square. The whereabouts of the last two world items…”

An ordinary club slowly appeared in Uehara’s hand. His smile gradually became bigger, “No wonder I couldn’t find the two world items no matter what I did. I didn’t expect one of them to be a concealment item…”


A dark shade appeared on Ulbert’s face.

“As expected of a high-level krypton gold player!”

Uehara looked at Ulbert. His aura gradually erupted, suppressing him from moving. He slowly opened his mouth and continued, “I actually said a lot just now… but the most important thing is that only a world item can threaten me. It looks like you put this matter in your heart…”

“What do you mean…”

“What he means…”

Touch Me looked at the trembling Ulbert and suddenly stood in front of him, “He just wants to use this opportunity to see if he can take back the last two world items. Those words earlier are a trap!”

When he said this, Touch Me stared at Uehara and asked in a deep voice, “World items are actually just a matter of convenience! Other than taking back the world items, what else does President Uehara want to do?”

“As expected of the person I bestowed the first Ring of Destiny!”

Uehara slowly said, “That’s right, I need to create a big event so that my name can spread to every corner of this world, causing everyone to tremble in fear when they hear my name…”

Uehara looked at Touch Me, who was in a defensive stance and also saw Touch Me golden special effect behind him. The corners of his mouth could not help but twitch, but he still continued, “There is probably nothing more frightening than killing hundreds of thousands of adventurers in the capital of an empire…”


Everyone couldn’t help but feel abrupt!

The purpose of this guy calling all the players was to kill these hundreds of thousands of players and create a massacre!

However, Touch Me suddenly laughed. He seemed to want to suppress his laughter, but in the end, he couldn’t suppress it, “Hahahaha… Hahahaha… This is really interesting!”

“Touch Me…”

Bukubukuchagama looked at her companion worriedly.

The group of people could not help but look at Touch Me worriedly.

In the next moment, Touch Me’s expression suddenly became solemn, and he said earnestly, “He is really kind… Compared to killing hundreds of thousands of civilians in this world in one go, killing us players who can be revived is merciful enough!”


Uehara had a strange expression. He could not help but ask, “Aren’t you… worried that you won’t be able to revive after you die?”

“Of course, I’m worried.”

Touch Me smiled and continued calmly, “But just now, I heard the story of President Uehara manipulating other people’s lives. It seems that no matter how I think about it, it makes me feel like punishing evil and promoting good!”

Touch Me chuckled and continued, “This kind of president doesn’t seem evil! Perhaps your bad taste is indeed unacceptable, but I believe you are not a pure evil person…”

“How bold…”

Uehara could not help but sigh faintly.

Touch Me spread out his palm and continued softly, “If possible, before President Uehara wants to create this big event, I want to leave a message to my friend. I hope he can return safely, or maybe he is more willing to stay in this world…”

“… Tell me first.”

Uehara folded his arm curiously.

Great Tomb of Nazarick.

Finally, Momonga could no longer sit still. His figure disappeared from the throne room and appeared in the deepest part of Ainz Ooal Gown, the guild treasury. He slowly chanted the password.

An empty cell appeared in the treasury.

This empty cell was one of the world items called the world gap, where any player and any item can be placed.

Moreover, no one would discover the existence of the world gap.

This item could hide from anyone’s prying or attack and protect any item from being discovered. However, it could only be used as a simple concealment item and could not be used to launch an attack.


This powerful item was not included in the “Twenty” list.

Another world item that could be used to attack was hidden in the world gap. Ulbert found these two items after the last catastrophe… These were also the trump cards that could ensure Ainz Ooal Gown Guild’s safety.

Just as Momonga was about to put away the two world items and rush to Baharuth Empire’s Imperial Capital, Touch Me sent him another message.

“I really miss the time we first met…”

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