Cultivating Disciples To Breakthrough

Chapter 1204 Calm Before the Storm

Chapter 1204 Calm Before the Storm

Knowing how dangerous it would be if anyone familiar with her noticed her before she could get to safety, Chun Hua continued walking through the city at a relatively slow speed, while also stopping by different shops along the way to avoid raising any suspicion and just appear like any normal wandering Nascent Soul Realm cultivator.

Considering that it was the core region of the continent, filled to the brim with powerful cultivators, it wasn't odd for someone in the Nascent Soul Realm to be walking along the streets of the massive city by themselves. Not to mention Nascent Soul Realm Experts, there were quite a few Domain Lord Realm cultivators walking around the streets with the weaker cultivators instead of flying, something that could only be seen inside a powerful city governed by powerful cultivators above the Soul Ascension Realm.

The only people who would dare to fly through the air in such a city would be people with a significant status or those at the same level as the powerful existences above the Soul Ascension Realm.

In the end, while slowly moving towards the part of the city under the control of her family, Chun Hua encountered more than a dozen Domain Lord Realm cultivators.

Luckily, none of them were from the different powers against her family. Allowing her to reach the territory under her family's control after three days of slowly making her way through the massive city. Finally giving her a chance to let out a sigh of relief before she took out a special communication talisman to contact her family and make them aware of the fact that she was back.

The reason she didn't dare to do it before entering the territory under her family was rather simple, as she feared that some of the forces working against her family might pick up on it and catch her before the people from her family had a chance to arrive.

Even if there was still a chance of something like that happening inside her family's territory, it was rather low considering that the entire place was covered in a formation under the control of her family.

If someone really dared trying to kidnap her, the formation would make it hard for them to leave before her family members arrived to help.

"I hope nothing happened during the time I was gone…" Muttering this to herself as she finished sending the message regarding her arrival, she put away the special communication talisman before rushing towards the direction of her family home with all her strength. No longer intending to try and keep a low profile now that she had arrived inside the part of the city under the control of her family.

Even though her family was going to be caught up in a dangerous situation according to what she managed to learn before the disaster that landed her all the way in the Sky Empire, Chun Hua also understood that the people behind the disaster might have decided to accelerate their plans after what had happened.

Back then, her parents had managed to uncover a plot against her Chun Family.

In the end, before they had time to inform the rest of the family, a disaster befell her and her parents while they were on their way back to the core territory of her Chun Family after discovering the plot while out investigating the sudden disappearance of a branch family under the Chun Family.

It was during this disaster that came in the form of a large number of assassins descending upon her and her parents that she had fallen into a large ravine. Landing on an ancient teleportation formation, it had directly activated. Sending her far away before she could react. Ultimately leading to her finding herself in the primeval jungle and later the Star Shattering Sect.

Although she had no idea what had ended up happening to her parents during the time she had been gone, she knew deep down that it was unlikely for them to have escaped alive.

After all, her parents were only around the First few stages of the Domain Lord Realm, while the people attacking them had all reached the Middle and Late Stages of the Domain Lord Realm. Not to mention, there had been more than five people present at that time. Making it even more unlikely for her parents to have safely survived the attack back then.

Shaking her head as she thought about this, Chun Hua focused all of her attention on getting back to the family home as fast as possible and informing her grandfather about the situation, while secretly hoping that her parents had somehow managed to survive the attack like she had done.

Not long after Chun Hua returned back to her family, the Chun Family began to secretly mobilize their power in preparation for something, though unnoticed by most of the powers inside the city, some people still noticed, causing a wave of unease to spread among the higher echelons of the city who were unaware of why the Chun Family had suddenly begun to act like that.

"In the end, they still ended up discovering something…"

"It doesn't matter, we have already gone down this path and there is no way for us to turn around now. At least with all of us working together, we should be able to take out the Chun Family!"

"Indeed, even if they have an idea of what is happening, it's unlikely that they know much outside of the fact that someone is targeting them. If they really knew, they might have decided to run away instead of just preparing for a battle." freeweb novel. com

"True, looks like we should be fine to proceed according to the original plan with a few alterations added to ensure nothing goes wrong…" As for those who were aware of what the Chun Family's movement symbolized, they could only gather together and plan around the fact that the Chun Family seemed to have some idea that they had been targeted.

After all, no matter how confident these people were, they all understood that they couldn't underestimate an old family like the Chun Family that had already existed for thousands of years and had a solid foundation that included an ancestor in the Earth Immortal Realm.

Even if the ancestor in question had been injured during a journey to the primeval jungle a few hundred years ago and was said to be close to dying. Giving them the confidence to plot against the Chun Family, they also understood that it wouldn't be easy for them to deal with someone in the Earth Immortal Realm. No matter how injured the other party might be!

At the time that Xuan Hao finally managed to make it through the large empty plain controlled by the countless smaller city states all aiming for the blood left behind by the powerful Celestial Immortal Realm demon beast in the past and once again found himself inside the primeval jungle again, the situation inside the massive city started to affect the weaker cultivators who just happened to be visiting the city for trade or as a place to rest safely.

No matter who, every single person had realized that something was brewing below the surface. Ready to erupt at any moment. Only, they had no idea what this was and didn't dare try to investigate it, as the only people capable of causing such unrest would be the powerful families and clans in control of the city with powerful ancestors in the Earth Immortal Realm backing them.

"I think it would be better to avoid this place for a few years…"

"True… Now that I think about it, my family did need a little vacation as well."

"Mine as well!"

In the end, as the unrest in the city affected the weaker cultivators, some of the smaller families, clans and merchants decided it would be better to leave the city for a few years and wait until things calmed down. Even if doing so would end up harming their benefits and the resources they had access to during these few years, the weaker cultivators of the central region all understood that it was better to lose out on a few benefits if they could avoid getting swept up in the struggle between the different forces vying for control over the central region.

By the time Xuan Hao reached the edge of the primeval jungle, countless people had already packed up their things and begun heading away from the massive city in an attempt to avoid getting caught up in the storm that was brewing beneath the surface.

In the end, some of these people also decided to hide away inside the primeval jungle. Resulting in Xuan Hao meeting them before he had reached the city. Giving him a chance to learn more about the situation of the empire that his future fifth disciple was a part of, while also learning about the current situation of the city that he could clearly feel that she was inside of through the soul mark he had left on eewebn

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