Cultivating Disciples To Breakthrough

Chapter 1205 Here to Pick up a Disciple

Chapter 1205 Here to Pick up a Disciple

From listening to the different groups of people fleeing to the outskirts of the primeval jungle where only weaker monsters resided, he realized that the Chun Family that Chun Hua had referred to was far more powerful than he had first expected. Not only was it one of the ruling families in a massive city commonly known as the frontier city that acted as the bastion between the Astorion Empire and the demon beasts of the primeval jungle, but it also had an old ancestor at the Dao Seed Realm. freeweb m

Although the Chun Family couldn't be considered the strongest among the four families in charge of the frontier city, it was by no means weak and had an extensive network that covered a large part of the Astorion Empire. Placing them firmly as one of the strong factions in an empire that was just below a hegemon like the Blue Sea Empire.

The fact that Chun Hua actually came from such a powerful background was a bit shocking but considering the fact that she had managed to reach the Nascent Soul Realm at such a young age, it was not too surprising.

Out of everything, the main thing that shocked Xuan Hao was that a large force like the Chun Family would be encountering a calamity capable of wiping it out according to what Chun Hua had shared with him before she rushed back to warn her family.

Though it didn't seem like this calamity had arrived considering that the Chun Family was still around, the situation in the frontier city made it clear that the calamity of the Chun Family was about to arrive even after Chun Hua's warning and the Chun Family preparing themselves.

"So… Is it those three other ruling families who want to take down the Chun Family or someone different?" Narrowing both his eyes as he muttered this to himself, Xuan Hao descended from the sky and landed on the ground at the perimeter of the primeval jungle.

No matter who was behind the upcoming calamity of the Chun Family, Xuan Hao had a feeling that things were not as simple as the three other ruling families just vying for more control. After all, they all came from the same empire and the death of the Chun Family would not benefit them much and would only result in the ruling imperial family dispatching someone new to take over what was left behind by the Chun Family.

Not to mention, them killing the Chun Family might result in the imperial family losing trust in them and think they are spies out to weaken the Astorion Empire.


Knowing that he would not find out more on the current situation by just dawdling around on his own, Xuan Hao began making his way towards the frontier city with a cultivation base that looked similar to someone in the Domain Lord Realm.

By far, one of the more hidden benefits of being in the Dao Domain Lord Realm was the fact that he could easily disguise his cultivation realm as that of someone in the Domain Lord Realm. Making it impossible for even those in the Dao Seed Realm to notice anything unless he used his Dao Domain.

And with this, he managed to smoothly enter the frontier city without attracting any attention from the four ruling families.

Even though he didn't fear any of them given his current strength being more than enough to kill weaker Dao Seed Realm cultivators, he didn't plan to waste time dealing with any of them considering that his main reason for coming here was to pick up a new disciple.

If possible, Xuan Hao just wanted to walk into the Chun Family, pick up Chun Hua and then leave.

Even if it was unlikely to happen considering Chun Hua's clear attachment to her family that wouldn't stop him from trying…

With this in mind, Xuan Hao soon found himself at the entrance leading up to the Chun Family Estate located at the southern side of the frontier city.

Given the current storm that seemed to be brewing beneath the surface of the city, the entire estate had a large number of guards patrolling around the clock. Not leaving a single inch around the estate unguarded… And that was not to mention the large number of Domain Lord Realm Experts and a few Soul Ascension Realm Experts keeping an eye on things from the shadows.

All things considered, the current Chun Family would be able to react and respond with their full force the second something happened in their territory. Even at this point, Xuan Hao clearly felt a few of the Domain Lords hidden away focusing their attention on him and making sure that they were ready to respond the moment he did something.

Talk about being on edge…

Smiling a bit wryly as he thought this to himself while going over the different measures that the Chun Family had put in place to defend themselves against a possible attack, Xuan Hao shook his head as he began making his way towards the Chun Family Estate. Almost immediately catching the attention of both the normal guards and those in the shadows-

"Greetings senior."

And not even a second after he began making his way towards the Chun Family Estate, one of the normal guards around the Later Stages of the Core Formation Realm approached him with a tense expression on his face. Clearly indicating how nervous he was.

"Greetings." Feeling a bit bad for the guard, Xuan Hao decided to politely respond in an attempt to show that he meant no harm.

"Senior, this is the Chun Estate, and the place is currently under lockdown. If you don't have any business here, I will have to ask you to leave!" Seeing that Xuan Hao didn't seem to have any bad intentions, the guard calmed down quite a bit as he said this. Making sure to emphasize on the last part of the sentence so Xuan Hao understood that he should leave.

"Oh, I do indeed have some business with the Chun Family." However, instead of leaving like the guard had expected him to do, Xuan Hao just smiled slightly as he said this-

"Huh? Y-you do…?"

Catching the guard completely off guard.

"If you do have business with my Chun Family, please be understanding that now isn't the right time for such things." Feeling that the guard wouldn't be able to handle the situation on his own anymore, one of the Domain Lord Realm cultivators who had been observing the situation revealed himself and landed beside the guard as he said with a stern tone.

"Oh? What if I insist?"

Rolling his eyes upon hearing what Xuan Hao said and seeing the somewhat teasing look in his eyes, the Domain Lord Realm cultivator from the Chun Family understood that Xuan Hao wasn't someone easy to deal with.

Outside of that, he also had a feeling that someone at the Peak of the Domain Lord Realm wouldn't recklessly throw away their life by offending the Chun Family for no reason. Meaning that whatever business he had with the Chun Family should be something important. Possibly related to his breakthrough to the Soul Ascension Realm.

"At least state what business you have with my Chu Family, a person like yourself who is only a step away from the Soul Ascension Realm shouldn't be planning to kill yourself by needlessly offending my Chun Family." Knowing this, the Domain Lord Realm decided to ask Xuan Hao what he had come for.

At least, if possible, he wanted to avoid having to fight with someone at the Peak of the Domain Lord Realm, as he understood very well that someone at that realm could cause quite a bit of damage even if the seniors of the Chun Family interfered.

Though the difference between the Domain Lord Realm and the Soul Ascension Realm was large, the self-destruction of a Peak Domain Lord Realm cultivator still had enough strength to threaten someone in the Soul Ascension Realm… And considering that he knew nothing about Xuan Hao, he felt it would be best to solve things peacefully if possible. freeweb(n)

"No need to look at me like, I'm just here to meet someone."

"Huh? Just here to meet someone?" Not having expected that Xuan Hao was just here to meet someone, the Domain Lord Realm cultivator from the Chun Family could not help tilting his head in confusion. Not understanding why Xuan Hao had come at such a dangerous time just to meet someone.

"Yes, the person is going to become my fifth disciple!"

"Ha? Disciple? You… You are her to take in a disciple!?"

"Indeed, I have travelled quite far to reach this place and planned to head back immediately after picking up the little one." Nodding his head without a single bit of hesitation, Xuan Hao responded like it was the most natural thing in the world.

He had indeed just come to pick up a disciple… Was there anything wrong with that?

Xuan Hao just here to pick up a disciple~ Nothing out the ordinary~

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