Cultivating Disciples To Breakthrough

Chapter 1206 Entering the Chun Family Estate

Chapter 1206 Entering the Chun Family Estate


Not knowing how to respond to Xuan Hao after hearing what he said, the Domain Lord Realm cultivator from the Chun Family momentarily froze on the spot with a speechless expression on his face.

Out of everything he had expected Xuan Hao to say, he had never expected him to be here to pick up a disciple. Even without the current dangerous situation of the Chun Family, when would someone who was just in the Domain Lord Realm have the qualifications to take someone from the Chun Family as their disciple?

If it had been one of the branch families that were significantly weaker, it might have been possible, but the main family had more than a dozen people in the Soul Ascension Realm and hundreds in the Domain Lord Realm. Not to mention the old ancestor above the Soul Ascension Realm!

In such a situation, where would a person in the Domain Lord Realm be qualified to take in a disciple from the Chun Family? Even if it was someone at the Peak of the Domain Lord Realm that had a high possibility of reaching the Soul Ascension Realm in the future, it was still far from enough considering that the Chun Family had Soul Ascension Realm Experts of their own.

Outside of all of this, there was also the fact that none of the people present knew anything about Xuan Hao… And given the current state of things, they had no way to ensure that he wasn't someone belonging to the powers secretly moving against the Chun Family.

For this reason, the Domain Lord Realm cultivator from the Chun Family didn't recover from his shock before Xuan Hao had already begun making his way towards the Chun Family Estate-

"Ah! Wait a second!"

Almost jumping off the ground as he rushed in front of Xuan Hao to stop him.

"Hm? Is something wrong?" Showing an expression that looked like he didn't understand why the Domain Lord Realm cultivator from the Chun Family had stopped him, Xuan Hao silently laughed to himself as he watched the speechless expression on the face of the person in question.

Although he understood that he wouldn't be able to enter the Chun Family like this and find Chun Hua given the current state of things in the frontier city without forcing his way inside, he never planned to do so in the first place and had already informed Chun Hua about his arrival through the mark he had left on her soul.

In the end, what he was doing at the moment was simply just to poke a little fun at the guards of the Chun Family while waiting for Chun Hua to show up.

After all, even though they didn't have much of a relationship to speak of, he did save her through the mark left in her soul once already. Of course, there was also the fact that the mark in her soul gave him complete control over her life and death, but that was not something she knew anything about, so it was not worth mentioning. Instead, it would be a far better option for him to start figuring out how to get Chun Hua to accept him as her master, as saving her life once might not be enough to convince her… Maybe helping out her family in their current predicament was the only way in the short term…

"This- You- Ahhh!"

As Xuan Hao was contemplating his current relationship with Chun Hua and how to go about having her accept him and become his disciple, the Domain Lord Realm cultivator from the Chun Family looked increasingly frustrated as he had no idea how to respond.

If Xuan Hao was weaker, he might have been able to intimidate the other party into leaving, but with his current strength being at the Fourth Stage of the Domain Lord Realm, he was far from strong enough to intimidate a senior at the Peak of the Domain Lord Realm into leaving and in the end, he could only turn towards one of his seniors at the Soul Ascension Realm for help. Hoping that the senior could get him out of dealing with Xuan Hao.


Seeing this situation, the senior in question could not help rolling his eyes in disbelief. Not expecting his junior to look for help when dealing with another Domain Lord Realm Expert.

Even if the other party had reached the Peak of the Domain Lord Realm, both of them were still in the Domain Lord Realm and his junior also had the backing of the Chun Family. Giving him more than enough power to send Xuan Hao away, but in the end, he had been left unable to even say anything in front of Xuan Hao after a few short sentences. Leaving the Soul Ascension Realm senior quite disappointed in his junior.


Even then, he still had to help out his junior and prevent the unfamiliar Domain Lord Realm cultivator from entering the Chun Family Estate. No matter what business Xuan Hao had, be it taking a disciple like he had said or something different, it would have to wait until the Chun Family crossed over the current dangerous situation, they found themselves in.


Seeing someone in the Soul Ascension Realm stepping forward, Xuan Hao also understood that he wouldn't be able to play around with the Domain Lord Realm cultivator any longer or he might really end up in a fight with the people from the Chun Family, something he wanted to avoid. Not just because it would look bad to fight his future fifth disciple's family, but also because it would end up revealing his strength to the group of people, he could clearly sense not too far away keeping an eye on the Chun Family. (f)

Though these people were only around the Nascent Soul Realm and only a few had reached the Domain Lord Realm, they undoubtedly belonged to the remaining three ruling families and other powers in the frontier city. Possibly even the force that was preparing to attack the Chun Family.

Considering that the other party should at least have reached the Dao Seed Realm to scheme against a powerful family like the Chun Family, Xuan Hao felt that it would be best for his strength to remain hidden if he had to interfere in the future to save his future fifth disciple's family…

"Good to see that you understand, you can come back in the future for your business when the situation calms down." Not knowing anything about what was going through Xuan Hao's head at the moment, the Soul Ascension Realm cultivator from the Chun Family just thought Xuan Hao's pause was him about to turn around and leave after seeing him.

With a Soul Ascension Realm cultivator showing up, this was the least he could do to show respect. At least, it was enough in the eyes of the Soul Ascension Realm cultivator from the Chun Family.

Unexpectedly and outside of the Soul Ascension Realm cultivator's expectations, Xuan Hao didn't leave and instead just happily smiled at him without moving. "I'm not leaving, I just spotted the person I was looking for." "Ha!? You-"


However, before he had a chance to say anything, the voice of a young girl echoed out behind him, causing the old Soul Ascension Realm cultivator to turn around with a shocked expression on his face. This young lady was none other than Chun Hua, the person Xuan Hao had decided would be his fifth disciple. "This senior is with me; it should be fine for him to enter the estate with my guidance… No?"

"Young lady!? You know this- Haaa… I understand, just make sure to keep an eye on him and inform us immediately if anything happens." Knowing that he had no authority to speak against the young girl who had just come out from the estate, the Soul Ascension Realm cultivator just said this before leaving.

"Senior… I didn't expect you to show up here all of a sudden. Considering the current state of things, it won't be good for us to speak out here. Let's head inside for now. My grandfather is also quite curious about you…"

"Oh? So that's where that probing divine sense is from, sure, let's head inside first." Having archived his goal of meeting Chun Hua, Xuan Hao smiled gently as he followed her inside the Chun Family Estate under the shocked eyes of the Domain Lord Realm cultivator who had been played with him for the past few minutes.

At the same time, the divine sense that had been mentioned by Xuan Hao trembled slightly in shock. Clearly, the owner of the divine sense had not expected that he would be discovered by someone he perceived to be a junior in the Domain Lord Realm.

Considering that the other party was in the Dao Seed Realm and had his divine sense seen through by someone in the Domain Lord Realm, it was an understandable reaction…

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