Cultivating In Secret Beside A Demoness

Chapter 380 - Chapter 380: Who Took the Bait?

Chapter 380: Who Took the Bait?

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The library was managed in rotation. Members from each branch helped to maintain it.


‘So, this time, the place is managed by the Law Enforcement Hall. Does that mean Hua Le is from the Law Enforcement Hall?’

Jiang Hao headed to the designated venue for the screening process. Several people were already in line.

“So many people?” Jiang Hao was surprised.

He thought there would only be a few applying for the position.

After confirming with a junior in front of him, he joined the line too.

The person in front was in the middle of the Foundation Establishment Realm.

People who had never met before usually tried to figure out each other’s cultivation realm. Whoever had the higher realm had the authority.

That was the best way to avoid offending someone of importance.

If people knew each other, then they would already be familiar with each other’s status.

Jiang Hao was somewhat curious about these people. There was no indication of spirit stones as a reward on the board.

Jiang Hao had planned to get into the library, find more books on language, and get close to Hua Le enough for her to teach him about languages.

That way, Xuanyuan Tai would also know about him and might help him secretly.

However, with so many people… They couldn’t possibly be here to read books.

Since they were allowed to organize the library, the available books might not be particularly outstanding.

“I don’t know if I can enter this time. They’re going to change people in a few months, but I don’t know how many would get selected,” said a woman nervously.

“There’s probably not much hope. We have no idea about their criteria, or why they’re changing the staff. I was doing well before, and they just told me to leave without a reason. It seems they change people every month without fail,” said a middle-aged man.

Being in the Foundation Establishment Realm at that age… his cultivation path might be difficult. However, Jiang Hao saw that his cultivation was quite good.

In theory, he shouldn’t have remained in the middle stage of the Foundation Establishment Realm for so long.

At this moment, the middle-aged man sighed. “If that senior who reads books could give me some guidance again, I’d be able to advance smoothly. I hope I can get in again this time.”

‘The senior who reads books?’ Jiang Hao was surprised.

So, there was a senior who was guiding people inside! It was no wonder so many people wanted to be selected.

“Senior Brother, how did you get in last time?” asked the woman in front.

The others immediately leaned in to listen.

Jiang Hao did the same. He knew very little about this place.

“Actually, I don’t know… Maybe Senior Sister Hua Le was in a good mood at the

time? She glanced at me and said I could enter.” said the middle-aged man The others didn’t believe it. They were unwilling to say anything.


A man walked out with a frustrated face. Someone asked him what Hua Le had asked in the interview.

“This task is clearly about organizing books, but she asked me about forging techniques. How would I know that?” said the man furiously.

Jiang Hao suddenly understood why the mission requirement had highlighted that applicants needn’t have to be from Candlelight Pill Pavilion.

Going by the criteria, it might offend most Foundation Establishment Alchemists.

If a powerful alchemist appeared later on, the people inside would surely regret it.

Geniuses wouldn’t care for missions like these.

It seemed like recruiting and changing people every few months was so random.

‘I wonder if it’s intentional.’

Jiang Hao wasn’t in a hurry. He wanted to wait and see what Hua Le would say when she saw him.

After waiting for some time, individuals began to come out of the room one after another.

They looked frustrated and annoyed. Some were furious.

“What did she ask?”

But the answers were different each time.

“She asked me how old I was, and then told me to leave.”

“It was different for me. She asked about my cultivation realm and then told me to leave.”

“Mine was outrageous. As soon as I went in, she told me to leave.”

“She talked with me for a long time and then told me to leave.”

Each answer was baffling, and no one understood what was happening. They could only hope that luck would favor them.

At this point, there were still four people ahead of Jiang Hao. He thought the process would continue, but someone came out and said that the selection process was over for today. They had to come back tomorrow.

Jiang Hao was stunned.

This was so random.

The next day, Jiang Hao arrived early. There were only four or five people in front of him. Those were the same people from yesterday.

Soon, the woman in front of him from yesterday went in. She had her hair tied in a big twist at the back of her neck.

She looked quite young. She was at the early stage of the Foundation Establishment Realm.

Once she went in, she didn’t come out again. The next person was called in.

“She’s got through!” said someone.

Jiang Hao lowered his head. He hadn’t observed anything.

Next was the middle-aged man who had gotten accepted once before.

He hadn’t been inside for long before he walked out in frustration.

Jiang Hao looked at him.

“I was accepted once, but they won’t accept me now! They told me to come back in a year or two.” Jiang Hao nodded.

He was now first in line.

When the previous person walked out, he went in.

Inside the room, there were three people. Two people were at the peak of the Foundation Establishment Realm.

In the middle sat a woman at the early stage of the Primordial Spirit stage.

Jiang Hao was quite shocked. It was no wonder they dared to offend those at Foundation Establishment Realm.

At the moment, the woman was looking at some books with her head lowered. She didn’t pay attention to the newcomer.

“Hello, I’m Jiang Hao from the Cliff of Broken Hearts. It is nice to meet you, Seniors,” said Jiang Hao in a polite introduction.

He didn’t think Hua Le would ignore him.

Hua Le raised her head to look at him. Her eyes were calm, and her aura was steady.

There was nothing strange as if she genuinely didn’t care about the person in front of her.

“Why did you accept our mission?” she asked.

“I wanted to read and learn things,” Jiang Hao said.

“Can’t you read in the library?” She asked.

“I think there might be more books here.” Jiang Hao’s voice was calm.

He knew she would accept him, so he didn’t need to think hard about the answers.

If he was rejected, it meant Xuanyuan Tai didn’t have influence over Hua Le, or he was no longer needed.

In that case, he would have to come up with another plan. “Is reading that important to you?”

“Just something to do in my spare time,” said Jiang Hao.

Indeed, it was just something to pass the time.

“Alright, I’ll take you.” Hua Le stood up. “I’m Hua Le, you can call me Senior Sister Hua. Today, it’s just the two of you. Let’s end it here. Follow me.”

Jiang Hao looked to the side, and the woman with the twisty braid was also there. She looked excited.

Hua Le walked with loud, crisp footsteps.

She walked toward another door.

Jiang Hao quickly followed.

On the way, he used Daily Appraisal on her.

[Hua Le: True Disciple of the Blackheaven Sect. She bears the heavy responsibility of her sect and possesses a special treasure that can detect the Heavenly Fragrance Dao Flower. Her cultivation is at an early stage of the

Primordial Spirit Realm. Undercover at the Law Enforcement Hall. Xuanyuan Tai entrusted her to carry out missions in the library for a while. She was waiting for you to come knocking on her door.]

Jiang Hao was quite surprised. Hua Le had actually been waiting for him!

At that moment, he couldn’t quite figure out who was using whom..

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