Cultivating In Secret Beside A Demoness

Chapter 381 - Chapter 381: Going Undercover

Chapter 381: Going Undercover

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Regardless of the situation, Jiang Hao could ascertain one thing: Xuanyuan Tai still needed him.


Previously, it was a one-sided thing, but now, Jiang Hao also needed something from Xuanyuan Tai.

Having established this, things would become much easier from now on.

He just needed to let the other person approach him without leaving any traces. This way, he would have some leverage. And others wouldn’t suspect anything.

After all, they were insisting on teaching him, not the other way around. There was a fundamental difference.

For now, he would focus on helping out here in the library. He would also try to find out about the seniors that those people were concerned about.

Were they elders of the sect, or someone else?

Apart from that, he could also read some books.

“Time?” Hua Le thought for a moment. “Morning, afternoon, evening. You can choose. As for compensation, if you do well, it will be calculated based on the spirit stones from your sect’s resources. For those at the peak of Foundation Establishment Realm, it’s fifty spirit stones per month. For those at the early stage of the Foundation Establishment Realm, it’s twenty spirit stones.”

Mian Lian pouted. She would earn much less because of her cultivation realm.

However, she didn’t come here for the spirit stones.

Anyway, as long as she could join, it was enough. Twenty spirit stones were better than nothing.

Where would she find so many spirit stones for such a simple mission?

“This is under the assumption that you do well.” Hua Le Fairy looked back at the two. “If you don’t do well, you get nothing.”

Jiang Hao nodded.

He should be able to do well. After all, they were worried he wouldn’t come at all.

They continued forward and entered various formations. Finally, they arrived at a huge library. There were many books there.

Not just paper ones, but also some stone tablets and white jades.

Jiang Hao saw many people copying notes from the books, while others were arranging them.

“You’re new here. The task you need to do is simple: arrange the books over there by category. When arranging them, you’ll need to activate an array with spiritual energy. Once you’re done, you can leave or stay back. Every month, we use a rotation system for the work. There are a dozen or so people here, so you might get a turn.”

After that, Hua Le left on her own.

Jiang Hao and Mian Lian approached the bookshelves. There were many books here, each with related titles on the shelves.

“It doesn’t seem like much,” Mian Lian said. Then, she looked at Jiang Hao.

“Senior Brother Jiang, you are from the Cliff of Broken Hearts?”

“Yeah.” Jiang Hao nodded.

“I’m from the Ice Moon Valley. I just joined the inner sect. Have you heard of any senior here, Senior Brother Jiang?” Mian Lian asked.

Jiang Hao shook his head. “I’m not very familiar with this place.”

He found that the merit requirement wasn’t very effective. This junior didn’t seem to have any merits at all.

“There seem to be quite a few people here. I think we should give something to the people here on another day, so they can help us find our way,” Mian Lian said.

Jiang Hao placed a book on the shelf and activated the array with spiritual energy. He realized that there was a rather high requirement for controlling spiritual energy here.

“Are you here to find a certain senior, Junior Sister?” He picked up another book.

“Yeah.” Mian Lian nodded. She also picked up a book and tried to place it on the shelf. “I heard that this senior can see through others’ flaws at a single glance. If you get his guidance, you can avoid wandering off the right path.”

She started to activate the array with spiritual energy but found that she couldn’t activate it at all.

Seeing how easy Jiang Hao had made it look, she assumed that it would be quite simple.

At that moment, she finally understood why those at the peak of the Foundation Establishment Realm received so many spirit stones. Jiang Hao had placed three books, while she hadn’t managed to place even one properly.

If she didn’t work hard, she might have to leave next month.

Jiang Hao didn’t have any other thoughts. He was content with just doing his tasks every day.

After that, he read some books. He found some books very complex.

He waited for others to arrive. Maybe he can ask about it. Even if Hua Le didn’t come here herself, other seniors might.

Sects weren’t very strict when recruiting people. It wasn’t difficult for some to infiltrate the Heavenly Note Sect. That was the case with every sect.

Even if one couldn’t successfully infiltrate the sects, they would always go for a visit.

As long as the sects weren’t mortal enemies, they could find common ground.

So, for the sake of benefits, the Blackheaven Sect might actually visit the Heavenly Note Sect again.

But recently, the Heavenly Note Sect had been causing trouble everywhere. That would certainly make other sects cautious. It might lead to distrust among other sects when it came to the Heavenly Note Sect.

“Senior Brother Jiang, how is it so easy for you to activate the arrays?” Mian Lian asked.

“It’s because of a slightly higher cultivation realm, I guess,” Jiang Hao said.

Having a higher cultivation realm wasn’t enough. One also needed to be able to control the spiritual energy.

There was no need to hide it. He was only using the power of the peak of the Foundation Establishment Realm, so it wasn’t something extraordinary.

In the evening, he had organized all the remaining books.

Mian Lian had already collapsed on the ground.

Jiang Hao picked up some books nearby and began to read.

They were all easy to understand. They were mostly biographies.

It was a good way to broaden his horizons.

When he finished reading a book, it was already late. So, he left.

He needed to go back and make talismans to earn more spirit stones.

The next day, in the Blackheaven Sect, Xuan Yuan Tai received a message.

He smiled. Finally, they succeeded!

After so many years of waiting, he finally managed to make contact with Jiang Hao.

“I still don’t know what he wants. Spirit stones? Pills? Techniques? Treasures?” He wasn’t entirely sure.

First, he didn’t know whether Heavenly Note Demoness knew the secret of the Heavenly Fragrance Dao Flower’s seeds.

If she did, she knew Jiang Hao’s value. He probably didn’t lack anything.

“But based on the message Hua Le had sent, it seems that the Heavenly Note Sec didn’t value him so much. It’s as if thev don’t know his worth. Is it reallv that they don’t know, or are they stopping Jiang Hao from finding out his own worth?”

If it was the latter, it was beneficial for him because it would be easier to persuade Jiang Hao.

“He might not really want ordinary things. What could I give him that interests him and yet will be unnoticeable?”

Looking at the message sent by Hua Le, he knew that Jiang Hao had been reading books in the library.

And in that library, there were books from various regions with significantly different languages.

“Find a book that compiles various languages, preferably one that holds a secret, and make him notice it. As long as you pique his interest, it’ll be easier. By then, if we offer some spirit stones, treasures, or techniques, he won’t refuse to help us. I just need to use an alias to enter the Heavenly Note Sect. I’ll say I just need help with planting a seed.”

The more Xuanuan Tai thought about it, the more possible it seemed.

It was just a matter of the books and how to let him discover the secret.

As long as he succeeded in it, it would become easier to intervene.

“Now, we’re just missing one person.”

At this moment, Xuanyuan He rushed over.

“Senior Brother, I found a method in one of the books. It says that by using a growth array and adding spiritual blood, it’s possible to encourage the growth of seeds that are difficult to sprout.”

“I already tried it. It didn’t work.” Xuanyuan Tai looked at her. “Junior Sister, I found a method, but now I need your help..”

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