Cultivating In Secret Beside A Demoness

Chapter 382 - Chapter 382: They Dashed Your Hope Of Advancing To The Golden Core Realm

Chapter 382: They Dashed Your Hope Of Advancing To The Golden Core Realm

At noon, Cheng Chou delivered 1,800 spirit stones to Jiang Hao.

“This is the compensation paid by Senior Sister Yi Lian.”


These compensations were meant for the damaged spirit herbs.

“What about the list of spirit herbs?” Jiang Hao asked.

After getting the list, Jiang Hao realized that he had lost seven hundred spirit stones this time.

He put away seven hundred, then proceeded to replenish the spirit herbs.

He used the name of the Spiritual Herb Garden to repurchase the items on the list.

Finally, he added herbs from his own stock of spirit herbs, making sure to add whatever he could purchase.

He ended up with a total of 1,100 spirit stones.

The matter with the spirit herbs was delayed by a few days, but the task was still completed.

The only trouble was Yi Lian. He didn’t know if someone else would stand up for her and go against him.

Apart from that, he still needed to go to the library to continue organizing and reading the books, especially those he couldn’t understand.

If the other party noticed that he was interested in books about languages, they might surely find a way to contact him. He just needed to be patient.

So far, there were two events where he could determine whether Xuanyuan Tai was planning to visit the Heavenly Note Sect.

One was during the recruitment process, and the other was when the Blackheaven Sect willingly visited the Heavenly Note Sect.

The recruitment process was still a few more months away.

However, he wasn’t in a hurry.

What needed a bit more urgency was making talismans. He needed to learn enough from Mi Lingyue before she left.

He needed to brush up on the basics and gain some experience. Other things would come with practice.

In the days that followed, he practiced his brushwork and talisman-making technique. He learned a lot about talisman-making experiences.

Many talismans required special timing, and sometimes positioning was crucial.

When making talismans, one couldn’t be too hasty. It required a patient approach.

The infusion of spiritual energy needed to correspond with the brush’s strokes.

The higher the quality of the talisman, the more complete the brushwork needed to be.

During the learning process, he frequently visited the library.

Junior Sister Mian Lian did indeed give small gifts to the others in the library, and she even managed to find the location of the senior she was looking for.

When she shared the information with him, Jiang Hao gave her two spirit stones as a token of gratitude.

He didn’t know the exact identity of that senior, only that he often read books on the outskirts.

Jiang Hao didn’t approach him for now.

While reading, he found a strange biography, which contained a method that greatly enhanced one’s strength.

Unfortunately, it was just an abstract. The actual technique wasn’t recorded.

It mentioned that the technique was incredibly beneficial, but it had long been lost.

Originally, the technique was recorded in a book called “Notes of Mountains and Seas,” which had been missing for many years.

Jiang Hao felt regretful. If he could use this method, it would be much safer for him.

Even if it brought harm to his body, it would be fine since he had the Revival of Withered Wood ability. He would recover eventually.

However, many such records couldn’t be found at all.

Then, on the seventh day, he found the “Notes of Mountains and Seas.”

‘Is this a coincidence?’

He opened the book suspiciously. Then, he smiled.

It was bait, and he was hooked.

It wasn’t exactly what he had expected. It seemed like Xuanyuan Tai knew that he was interested in languages.

That was good. He could have control over their transaction.

Overall, the outcome was good.

The book contained various languages that he couldn’t understand. But he had seen them all in the compendium of languages. It was just that nobody had taught him, so it was more difficult to learn.

Whenever he had spare time, he looked up some information and started studying the “Notes of Mountains and Seas.”

He knew that he couldn’t rush it. He needed to be patient and give the other person some time to make contact.

They were spies, after all. They would likely only act during the recruitment process.

For a month. Tianc Hao shuttled between the Spiritual Herb Garden. the

library, and the Lawless Tower.

There weren’t any further developments on Mian Lian’s side.

He didn’t know what had happened.

He had obtained some information about the senior. He was from the Candlelight Pill Pavilion, and for now, Jiang Hao only Imew that he had a high cultivation realm.

He often guided people in their cultivation. The specific details about him and his relationship with Mian Lian remained unknown.

It was early November.

Jiang Hao looked at the peach tree and saw that there weren’t many fruits left on it.

In a few days, it would be time for it to undergo incarnation.

If he got a purple bubble, it would likely give him another divine ability.

If he got a golden bubble, there was a high probability that it might grant him a treasure.

Whatever it was, it would be a huge gain for him.

In the Ice Moon Valley, Yi Lian was complaining to her senior.

“I’ve investigated it. That person doesn’t really have a great background. At most, he has a decent relationship with a Gold Core cultivator from his own branch. We can still do something about this. Junior Sister Yi Lian, can you swallow your pride and let it slide?” A Senior Sister looked at Yi Lian.

“Why don’t we just forget about the whole thing?” Yi Lian said with a frown.

She had seen Jiang Hao before, and his ruthlessness made her fearful. At that time, if she hadn’t avoided his attack, she might have died.

“Are you willing to accept the loss of 1,800 spirit stones? You were clearly counting on these spirit stones to advance to the Gold Core Realm, and now your hopes have been dashed. How long did it take you to save that much? Why should they shift all the blame to you?” said the senior at the early stage of the Golden Core Realm. “Let’s forget about the spirit herbs for now. They still made you pay everything and took away all your spirit stones. ”

“But…” Yi Lian recalled Jiang Hao’s blade and was fearful.

His eyes had been cold and indifferent when he attacked her. It was as though he didn’t have any remorse for his ruthlessness.

“You’re not alone. Leave it to us. You’re still in a weaker cultivation realm right now. As your seniors, it’s only natural for us to stand up for you. If I’m not enough, then there’s also Senior Brother Qian Chen. Let’s go find Senior

Brother Qian Chen first. Let’s hear his opinion on this.”

She pulled Yi Lian along with her, and they left Ice Moon Valley.

A group of people suddenly appeared at a mountain cliff in the Hidden Cloud Prefecture. They were dressed in black.

When they appeared, two of the men took out treasures to examine their surroundings.

The middle-aged man who led them asked, “How is it?”

“The trace seems to have vanished. It looks like the information was accurate. The people from the Bright Moon Sect have taken Gu Qing away,” said the person next to him.

“It seems like the Sky-Piercing Shuttle has been taken by the Bright Moon Sect as well. They really don’t intend to get along with us,” said the middle-aged man coldly.

“What should we do now?” someone asked.

“Investigate this matter, find out who made Gu Qing give in so easily, and see if she left any messages,” the middle-aged man said.

Others nodded.

“How do we get inside?”

Normal visits definitely wouldn’t work, and sneaking in secretly was out of the question. It would startle people and would make it harder to get more clues.

The people from the Bright Moon Sect had just left, and they didn’t want to alert them. They knew the Bright Moon Sect was visiting various sects in the southern region.

If they were discovered, the Bright Moon Sect would definitely turn back.

There were more risks than benefits.

“Go check when the Heavenly Note Sect will recruit disciples and send someone clever to infiltrate the sect at that time,” said the middle-aged man.

They needed to send someone who wasn’t very strong, but not very weak either.

The recruitment process was the best time to blend in..

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