Death Guns In Another World

Chapter 1 - Prologue

~Alex's PoV

The school bus taking us from Marseille back to our hotel in Paris was hijacked en route by a group of thugs. We were all cowering in the back of the bus like a bunch of pigs waiting to be slaughtered.

It sucks that even our muscle brain of PE teacher Mr. Clark got beaten black and blue when he tried to act like a hero saving the damsel in distress, a.k.a. the most beautiful girl in our class 'Maria Rosares' no adjective could describe her, she's too damn hot and quite tall for a girl. Standing at a lofty height of 1.70 m(5.58 ft) with slender arms and legs that could put the most beauty to shame, And those breasts oh! They're BIG 'D-cup' at least.

Rumor had it that they were natural, meaning no implants or anything of the sort. Nice ass with slender hips, she has lustrous black hair that reaches her back and to top it all off she has the most beautiful ocean blue eyes I've ever seen.

Although Maria is one hot piece of ass, she isn't arrogant like the other girls, and she chats with everybody and everyone. She had fans among the boys and girls alike, but there was a small bemol(problem). Her Papa(father) is the boss of one of the biggest cartels, 'The Rosa Cartel.' This fact alone eliminated any thoughts from men who tried to be a little "forceful" while wooing her.

However, everywhere you go, there's always a bunch of fools. Those who think that because their father or family has a little teeny tiny bit of power, they can have all the women they want. Well, I guess there are some exceptions. Last year, I remembered a freshman who got too full of himself thinking that he was a prince because his father was a senator. He ended up getting beaten up by maria because he became too forceful, akin to a stalker. So, don't go thinking that she's just a pretty flower in a vase. From what I've heard, she knows several martial arts; she even has her team in their headquarters, they said.

Back to the present. Those Thugs were now asking our names, and I guess they wanted them to use for ransom.

Upon Reaching Maria, the leader gulped and audibly said:

"Oh! Jesus Christ! What a woman, she's too damn hot! Hey! You guys! I'm taking her with the ransom money, we'll live a happy life, and with those hips, she can give me at least ten kiddos."

You're right there; Grandma also said the same things upon seeing her when she came to take me home at the school entrance last time. She even urged me to try and get with her, and I told her I would try. Just because she talks with everybody, don't think that she's easy to approach, or you'll be friend-zoned in no time.

The leader asked, "Bella, what's your name? You will become this daddy's wife."

"Maria Rosares," she replied.

There was a long silence before the leader asked again, but this time he started to stutter.

"… What? Miss, could you please repeat that?"

"As I said earlier, my name is Maria Alexia Rosares, daughter of Ricardo Garcia Rosares."

Maria said with a blank face, and she doesn't seem afraid at all, as if she had already experienced this many times before.

After hearing her reply, all five thugs turned extremely pale.

The leader crumbled on his knees, with tears starting to drip from his eyes. He began to cry like a child who got his toy taken away by bullies.

"Oh God! 'Nous sommes morts' (meaning we are dead) we kicked the beehive this time; even our dogs were not going to be spared. To think that we had the nerve to hijack the bus transporting that bloody demon's only daughter. We're screwed; even the police won't save us."

They were all crying, praying to Jesus, even knowing that they don't give a fuck about him.

Well, I guess who can blame them knowing that Bloody Demons history. I heard that when Maria was eight years old, she was abducted for twelve hours before her dad found and rescued her.

However, the next day the group responsible for the kidnapping got destroyed; they eliminated even bugs. Their headquarters got utterly erased from the map, and Their homes also suffered from the same fate. Now, do you understand why they've lost their will to live?

Suddenly, because of a lack of momentary focus, the bus drifted straight into the forest from the road.


Oh! Shit! I'm going to die; Oh fuck! I forgot to introduce myself! My name is Alexander Kael Touch, Alex for short. I'm your average Joe, standing at a normal height of 1.75 m(5.74ft). I'm neither handsome nor ugly, just in the middle with black hair and green eyes. The only good thing about me is that I'm good with technology and a little rich, a billionaire with a few billion, that's all.

I got the nickname 'Flash Fingers' because I'm good at programming, and I'm faster than the flash on the keyboard.

Am I going to die? I asked, but no one answered.

Slowly darkness took over my consciousness. Everything became dark. I cannot feel my body nor hear my heartbeat any longer.

'Well Fuck, I'm dying' Was Alex's last thought as darkness took over.

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