Death Guns In Another World

Chapter 2 - 1: Encounter With Goddess Mea

After some time that seemed like an eternity, Alex woke up because he was feeling groggy.

He had thought that he was a goner.

''Where am I?'' he asked nobody in particular while shaking his head.

The scenery wasn't that of the bus, nor inside a hospital either. All his surroundings were pure white.

''Ugh, where are we?'' a sweet voice beside Alex asked.

Wait, this voice, isn't the voice of that succubus Maria? Alex asked himself, sure it was her after turning around to confirm it.

They were not the only ones here, though.

There were several other people as well. From what he could tell, Alex and the others were numbered around ten, the group of thugs and some people are missing. Well, it's not like he cares about it.

There was that asshole Leonardo and his crew, Dodolus, and his other siblings present. Please don't laugh because it's how he's named.

Suddenly, there was a white light that blinded everyone. After some time, everyone was able to see again, but they were dumbfounded because they heard a woman's voice.

''Welcome Otherworlders''

After that voice rang out in the air, a girl's figure soon swirled in front of them. Her face was beautiful as exquisite jade, and her skin was the color of cream. Her beautiful lips were red as ruby even though she had not applied any rouge. Her bright blue eyes were particularly eye-catching. Strange colors rippled in those clear and limpid pools, and they looked pure and alluring at the same time.

She wore an elegant white and airy robe that clung to her body, accentuating her perfect form with a golden necklace around her neck.

In short, she is a goddess of class beauty. No, her figure and face were so beautiful that they seemed to transcend the concept of beauty itself.

Alex and the other males couldn't help but drool at her figure, with their imagination running wild.

Suddenly, Alex felt a sharp pain in his right thigh, snapping out of his wild fantasy. He looked at the culprit and was astonished because It was Maria, she was glaring at him before she said in a chilling tone.

''Snap out, you're drooling.''

''Ah! Yes,'' It was all he managed to say.

Leonardo was glaring at him, eyes spewing fire. Well, who could blame him? The class Goddess just pinched his thigh, and He has the right to be jealous because it was not him. Hehehe! Serve you right. Alex mumbled.

While Alex and Leonardo started glaring at each other, Maria smiled; looking at them, she seemed amused by their antics.

However, they were soon interrupted by an ethereal voice, and the Goddess talked once more.

''Welcome Otherworlders, I'm one of the managers responsible for reincarnation of the world N° 7543, the world that you guys call Earth. Well, I'm something akin to a goddess if I make it short. I'm Goddess Mea in charge of this sector.''

What? They were all dumbfounded. This is a cliché line that you often read in novels. What, Earth is N° 7543? How many worlds are there in total? Alex wondered.

As if she doesn't care about their astonished expressions, the self-proclaimed Goddess Mea continued.

''You were all dead in the bus accident. I'm in charge of you eight, as for the others I don't know, so do not ask me.''

She said with a blank expression before she added.

''Oh! I almost forgot, the men responsible for this tragedy are already sent to Hell as punishment. Well, they'd committed a lot of crimes before this. So, don't worry, they got what they deserve.''

'Wait, wait, that's a lot of information to take in, don't you think?' They almost shouted

Once again, she continued without waiting for them to say anything.

''I will make it brief. You are dead, and I will reincarnate you eight in another world; your actual body is a temporary one. The world I will send you into is a Fantasy world of Sword and Magic. Don't ask some stupid questions like why you were chosen or can you go back on Earth?. That's impossible. Either you agree to get reincarnated in another world, or you decide to go back to the cycle of reincarnation, and you will be reborn as a newborn with all your memories erased. What's your choice?''

She asked them, but they were not in the mood to answer. Imagine that suddenly someone came and informed you that you are now dead. Either you agree to get reincarnated as you are in another world, where you're sure you will not come back from. Or you agree to be sent into the circle of reincarnation to be reborn as a newborn with all your memories erased. What will your reaction be? Will you answer immediately?

The answer is no; that would be the normal reaction. You'll be shocked not knowing what to do. You won't even have the time to answer quickly. Well, Alex and others are not in some novels. This is real life, so real that you know that you're not in some fucking dream.

Once again, the self-proclaimed Goddess Mea seems not to be taking their feelings nor mental health into consideration, as she said.

''I think you've all chosen the first option, so I..''

She was suddenly interrupted by Maria; the latter was so furious that she started to speak in an aggressive tone, different from her usual style.

''Wait for a fucking minute, will you? You just came and started blabbering, not giving us the time to digest what you just said before you started talking again. Are you a fucking politician? Why are you in a hurry? It6 your job to explain things to us, so, do your job properly.''

'Wtf? Is this Maria? The calm and elegant Maria? Or she's a fake? I've never seen this side of her.' Alex wondered.

Even Leonardo was dumbfounded, like the rest of them. Only Luna and that Japanese girl named Sakuya, Maria's best friends, were not astonished. They just held their heads in their hands while muttering. 'Here we go again.

This was not the first time she had snapped.

Goddess Mea's expression turned ugly, with black lines appearing on her face. She looked like she was about to explode as well, but quickly her expression became normal again like a salesman. A professional indeed. Clearing her throat, she said while wearing a beautiful smile.

''My bad, I forgot that you are just a baby that needs a lot of care. Truly sorry, I will give you fifteen minutes to sort out your thoughts.''

This woman, she didn't forget to send a slight jab back at Maria, her two best friends held the latter; if not, she would have continued.

Fifteen minutes later, Alex and the others had finished talking. They could only select the first option. Choosing the second would be detrimental to them; nobody in their right mind will decide that. Besides, fantasy world hasn't that a wrong choice. Hence, they all voted for the first option.

Even knowing that Alex and others were still depressed because it means they won't be seeing their families and loved ones ever again. They will be gone forever. Looking toward his right, Alex saw Maria quietly crying in a corner, her shoulders shaking.

Everybody was crying; even Alex had cried; he was sad because he would never see his grandma again. Alex had lost his parents. His Grandma raised him after his parents died in a car accident when he was ten years old.

'Now that I think about it. Am I not the same? Dead in a car accident like my parents. Well, for me, it's a bus instead of a car. I'm one grade higher than them.' Alex thought before looking at the still crying Maria. He decided to do something to lighten the mood.

So, he slowly advanced towards Maria and held her small white hand in his hands while looking at her in the face he declared.

''Don't worry, don't be sad. I'll be there even though I don't know what awaits us on the other side. I promise that I will protect you. You can count on me. At least if it starts raining, I'll use my body like an umbrella to cover you so that you will not become wet. This can count as helping, can't it?''

Even Alex felt that what he just said was too cliché and sound cheap. It sounds like words a virgin MC would say. He almost blushed in shame, however considering how thick his skin was, his outward appearance did not change.

''Pft! hahahaha. You're funny, Alex, do you know that? Thank you, I'm feeling a little bit better now, and don't worry. If it ever comes a day I need help, I will come at you.'' Maria replied with a smile, a beautiful smile, so beautiful that Alex got smitten for a second.

'Dangerous,' Alex thought that her smile was too dangerous.

Suddenly, Alex sensed someone glaring at him. Naturally, it was Leonardo.

Leonardo's face looked like the face of someone that was about to kill a person, and he knew that person was him.

After agreeing to go for the first option, meaning they accept to get reincarnated, they faced Goddess Mea, and she immediately understood. So, she started to explain.

''Good, now one by one, you will advance and place your right hand on top of that white orb over there. The orb will help you activate your Gifts; these are special privileges given to you Otherworlders. The people on the other side, meaning the world you are going in, can use magic. There are magicians, swordsmen, and so on. However, only the selected few have a Gift. Gifts make you special. You'll understand once in the other world. If you activate yours, you can become a magician, magic Swordmaster, and so on. You'll be different from others because of your Gift. Please start.''

Oh! Alex and the other's eyes were filled with expectation.

Particularly Alex, my Isekai grand adventure was about to begin. Kukuku! The other world shall tremble to hear my name: Alexander the Grand. He started laughing creepily, imagining his bright future on the other side. While jokingly imagining his glorious adventure on the other side, Alex observed the awakening process.

The first to touch the white orb was Leon after few minutes, Dodolus and the other passed, Maria and her friend also passed, lastly it was him.

When it was his turn, he advanced and touched the white orb. Suddenly, a white light coming from the white orb entered his body. The white light spread through his body before disappearing. He just felt slight discomfort, nothing else. After a while, he separated himself from the white orbs; nothing happened, but Alex could feel that something was awakened inside him.

Goddess Mea clapped her hands and suggested.

''Very well, now that you have all finished activating your Gift, you need to say Status in your mind, a blue screen panel containing information will appear in front of you. Try it''

Filled with anticipation, Alex was ready to do as Goddess Mea told them.

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