Death Guns In Another World

Chapter 10 - 9: The Moonlight Inn

After finishing his registration at the Adventurer Guild, Alex asked the beautiful Elf receptionist where he could find a good Inn.

''A good Inn? Umu! Let's see. I would recommend [The Moonlight] Inn. A pretty good and affordable Inn..'' The Elf receptionist responded.

''Thank you. I'll go there. I will come to take a request after finishing some errands. See you.'' he says and leaves the Adventurer Guild.

''Okay. Take care. See you soon.'' Leena replied, waving her hands.

As he left the Adventurer Guild, Alex started searching for the Inn the Elf receptionist Leena had recommended. The Elf receptionist was named Leena, a beautiful girl with green hair and green eyes.

After bypassing several inns, Alex finally spotted the one he was searching for. It was a three-story building, not as big as the Adventurer guild, though.

Drawn on the signboard was a moon illuminating a black world『Moonlight』It could be said that the inn's name was expressed on the signboard.

The inn's size was about the same as the other inns Alex saw on the way from the guild.

Traditionally, the first floor had a bar and dining room; the second and third floors were the inn.

The door made a gyi~ sound as Alex opened it. Because it was not past the afternoon, there weren't many people inside the Inn. A few people were dining in the bar on the first floor.

''Welcome to The Moonlight Inn. Are you here for a meal? Or are you staying for the night?''

A middle-aged woman called Alex when she saw him. She had shoulder-length brown hair and green eyes.

''I would like a room,'" Alex responded.

The woman nodded with a pleased smile when she heard his words.

''Yes, thank you very much. The inn charges payment in advance. Three silver coins a night with morning and evening meals. However, in the case of staying for ten days, it's 28 silver coins.''

''I see.''

It was a reduction of Two Silver coins if he chooses to stay for Ten days straight. Considering that he was planning to stay in this town for a while, better pay for one month.

''Ok, I would like to book it for one month.''

A middle-aged woman with a pleasing smile responded.

''Very well, it's 84 Silver coins.''

Alex nodded and took out one gold coin from the pouch attached to his waist without any problems. He received a change of sixteen Silver coins.

"If you choose to eat meals outside your Morning and evening meals, it will cost an extra of 6 Silver coins for one month.'' The brown-haired middle-aged woman added.

''Okay, I'll pay. Please prepare lunch; I would like to have it after checking my room; I'm hungry.'' Alex paid her the extra six silvers while asking her to cook something for me to eat.

''I understand, It's a bit late to say it, but I'm Lana, the proprietress of The Moonlight.''

''Nice to meet you; I'm Alexander Kael Touch, Alex for short. I'll be in your care for a while.'' Alex also introduced himself.

Lana was astonished when she heard that Alex had a last name. Well, he was expecting something like this; it's probably another one that thought he was noble. He will not correct their misunderstanding, though.

Lana's expression changed back to normal, and with a smile, she said.

''Yes, nice to meet you. I'll ask my daughter to take you to your room which is located on the third floor. Lea, come here. I have a job for you.''

Suddenly, a girl came running towards us. She had long brown hair and yellow eyes. She's the younger version of Lana.

''Nice to meet you; I'm Lea. I'll guide you to your room.''

''Okay, let's go.''

Soon, Alex and Lea arrived on the third floor.

''Here is your room, number 305; I'll be going; your lunch will be ready soon,'' Lea said before going back to the first floor.

Alex's room was the last room in the corner of the third floor.

He entered his room; the room was neat and clean. He checked the quality of the bed; it was good. He was a little tired after lunch; he would sleep directly.

''Guest, your meal is ready, come down,'' Lea called him.

''Okay, I'm coming.''

Alex descended to the first floor. He sat down in front of a table, and Lea brought him his meal.

Alex's meal was a meat stew and plenty of bread. There was also cheese, wine, and a vegetable salad.

He first tasted the bread; it was not hard. So, he decided to taste the meat stew next.

Then, he took a bite of the meat stew. As soon as he savored it, the flavor of meat spread through his mouth.


''Thank you very much.''

The words involuntarily came out of Alex's mouth.

Lana bowed her head while smiling, seemed happy to have her dish praised.

Alex continued his meal; he ate the bread and the vegetable salad. Lastly, he tasted the cheese and drank a little wine. The wine was good but not like the one on Earth.

''It was delicious. Thanks for the meal. See you tomorrow.'' Alex said before going back to his room.

''Thank you, Good night.'' Lana, the proprietress, replied with a smile.

Soon, Alex was inside his room on the third floor. He went directly to his bed. He was tired; his adventure was about to begin.

'I don't know what awaits me in the future, but I'll do my best. I'm not going to give up. I need to come up with something to use in the meantime until my Gift is unsealed. Also, I need to level up; I can't fight monsters barehanded; I'm not Ken. I hope a good night of rest can help me come up with a solution. The others won't wait for me. I don't plan to fall behind.' Alex reaffirmed his determination.

Tomorrow, he will allocate his unused BP (Bonus Points) to his stats. He must use them wisely.

While thinking about this, he fell asleep.

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