Death Guns In Another World

Chapter 9 - 8: Eria’s City, Adventurer Guild

A few days passed quickly, and now Alex was heading towards the Adventurer Guild located in Eria Town.

After bidding farewell to Priscilla and others, he started his journey. Before letting him go, Priscilla gave a pouch containing one hundred gold coins, the equivalent of one white gold coin. If he were to convert it in dollars, it would be equal to One hundred thousand dollars ($100 000).

Alex thanked Priscilla and boarded the carriage that was heading toward Eria's city. The journey was uneventful, and five hours later, Eria's city appeared in front of them.

It was a medieval city built of stone. It looked like a fortress surrounded by sturdy walls.

After passing the checkpoint, the carriage Alex was boarding entered the city gates, and the city's liveliness overflowed. Alex thanked the carriage owner and descended after asking where the Adventurer guild was.

Alex took a deep breath and looked around, watching the livelier city.

A stream of carriages carrying a large piece of luggage filled the cobbled streets. Bustling street stalls, blacksmiths were hammering irons vigorously, and beautiful women attracted customers to the store. He saw many people who stopped their feet in front of the store with many resplendent weapons; he was sure they were Adventurers.

Suddenly, a beautiful girl from a different race caught his eye. She had porcelain white skin, and Bob cut golden hair; her ears were more elongated than human ears. It was a tall and beautiful Elf. This is another world for you. Alex mumbled.

After acting like a country bumpkin for a while, he decided to head toward the Adventurer guild.

Alex walked for a few minutes, and soon a big building came to view. It was a three-story building with a signboard indicating that this the Adventurer guild.

With a creaking sound, he opened the door to the building and entered. Then, an unexpected view entered his eyes. Rowdy people gathered in great numbers; some were drinking alcohol and some arguing, sometimes a voice would raise vulgar laughter. Though he was expecting such a scene, it differed from his expectations(he thought he would see men fighting. Well, you know you often read something like that in novels and on Web novels.). There were places for food and drink in the Adventurers Guild, but there were only about a few people who looked like adventurers; a few more people were drinking, but most seats were vacant.

''Welcome. What business do you have here?''

While Alex was curiously looking around the guild, a voice suddenly called to him. So, he turned his eyes in the direction of the voice, and he saw several receptionists, one of them had called him.

As expected of the receptionists, who are the faces of the Adventurers Guild, they were all beautiful women with great figures. There were beast people with dog ears and cat ears; there was also an elf receptionist.

Naturally, of course, there were also human receptionists, but It was the Elf receptionist who called Alex. He advanced towards her and declared.

''Hello, I would like to register with the guild to become an adventurer.''

''Oh! It's a newcomer; welcome to our guild, Boy. We hope you'll survive long enough. Let cheers for the newcomers.'' A middle-aged man, an adventurer drinking at the bar, said.

''Cheers,' said the others before gulping down the contents of their glasses.

Alex was astonished because he thought that they would mock him for sure. Well, truly unexpected, Alex slightly bowed in their direction before returning and facing the beautiful Elf receptionist.

''Welcome; please sign your name, age, and status on the form here. Don't worry; we won't disclose anything. Do you need me to write for you?'' she asked him with a smile, a professional smile.

''No, it's okay,'' Alex responded. The language comprehension skill was truly handy; not only was he able to understand most of the languages in this world, but he could also write them.

Well, he doesn't know if he could understand the Demon language, though, nor if he could write it.

After Alex finished filling the form, he handed the piece of paper back to the receptionist. She was astonished when she saw that Alex had a last name.

By the way, only nobles had the last name in the world of Mysthia. It could also be awarded if some outstanding achievement was accomplished. So of course, when she saw that Alex had a last name she was astonished, she thought he was from a noble family. Alex wondered if she would be more astonished if he had written that he was Otherworlder; well, he won't do that, though.

''I need to pay, isn't it?" Alex asked.

''Yes, two silver coins for registration.''

Alex gave her one gold coin, she took it and returned his changes (98 Silver coins)

''Thank you. Because there is some time before the guild card is ready, I'll give an explanation of the guild.''

With a slight bow, the receptionist started to describe the guild.

Adventurers registered with the Adventurers Guild are part of a ranking system; the ranks go from F to S. Though there tentatively is a SS rank and the SSS rank, it isn't easy to enter, and there are only a few SS rank adventurers in Mysthia World. As for SSS, nobody managed to step into that rank for a hundred years.

F rank is the lowest rank and specializes in receiving requests for the lowest quests, like gathering herbs or cleaning.

Requests can be taken from the request board and can be handed to the receptionists when completed. Because the compensation written on the request paper already accounts for taxes and housing fees in the city, you will receive the full amount specified on the request. Also, if you do not complete the request within the given number of days, you will be penalized and will have to pay the Adventurers Guild 30% of the request reward.

In addition, it is possible to receive requests one rank higher than your current rank; there is no lower limit. For instance, a G-rank adventurer can receive an F rank request. Your rank can be improved after completing a set number of requests.

However, when going up from E to D, or C to B, it is necessary to take an exam issued by the guild. You will understand if you see this guide: F to E are Novices, D to C are experienced, B to S are Masters. SS are Grandmasters.

SSS are called Saint.

When forming a party with more than one person, the average rank of the members becomes the party rank; this is clearly described on the guild card.

Also, if you have formed a party, you can receive requests two ranks higher.

Registering as an adventurer costs two silver coins for the fees, while five gold coins are required to re-issue if you lose your guild card.

An adventurer may sell materials from monsters to customers out of his judgment; in that case, if there is trouble, it does not concern the Adventurers Guild.

In addition, the Adventurer guild will purchase materials and weapons, and because the Adventurer Guild partnered with most of the shops in the City, there some advantages, meaning the armor shops and magic item shops in the city will sell things 1-2% cheaper.

There are other advantages, the purchase assessment is quick, and even if there is a large amount of the same material in the market, the payment will still be the same. Since the Adventurers Guild can contact other countries quickly with magic items, you can still rank up your guild card at a different Adventurers Guild branch.

If adventurers have trouble with a request or other adventurers, the Adventurers Guild is not concerned, so it won't intervene.

There are many dungeons: Lowest Dungeons Level with few floors (5-15) and Middle-Level Dungeons (15-50). To explore the Lowest Dungeons, you need to be at least F rank. For middle-level Dungeons, it's D rank minimum. For the high-level Dungeons, you need to be at least B rank. You'll need the permission of the empire the dungeon is located in before exploring, or if you graduate from the magical academy, you'll get your permit to explore the lowest floor of the High-Level Dungeon even with a low rank (minimum D).

That's all.'' the Elf receptionist said.

Alex nodded his head; her last explanation was no different from what Maria had said. Alex looked at the Elf receptionist and asked.

''I understand; I don't have any other questions in particular. How long before the guild card is ready?''

''Um...Yes, it's ready. Here's the card. Please give me your thumb; I need your blood to bind this card to you.'' She asked.

She pricked Alex's thumb, and his blood dropped on the card.

Per the receptionist's words, Alex verified his guild card.

[Guild registration location: Eria branch, Name: Alexander Touch

Rank: F, Age: 17. Gender: Male

Rank 1, Level 1...]

Finally, Alex's level and skills were registered on the card, but only he can read it. If he doesn't give his authorization, nobody can see it. The card is bound to him, and others can't steal it.

Alex's guild card was light gray. His registration is complete, and this guild card can also act as identification paper anywhere he would go.

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