Death Guns In Another World

Chapter 12 - 11: Visiting A Blacksmith Store

After leaving the [Moonlight] Inn, Alex walked in the opposite direction to the Inn.

Suddenly, his nose caught the smell of roasted meat, so he stopped. Alex started to walk in the direction of the smell. Even though he had already eaten, Alex just wanted to taste this meat.

After following the smell, finally, he spotted where the smell was coming from. It was arranged under the store's eaves. Alex bought one without question for two copper coins. In a good mood, he walked off with it in his hand.

It looked like kebab, though he couldn't tell if the meat was stewed or roasted. Wheat was baked into a thick crepe-like shape to hold the meat.

Alex took a bite.


The juicy meat and the simple taste of wheat were good. Maybe, the seasoning was too simple? Nevertheless, it tasted good; he liked it. However, he wondered what kind of meat it was. It seemed bird-like, but it could just as easily have been pork. He decided to ask the seller later.

While eating, Alex continued walking, and soon he stood in front of a store. Even outside, you could hear the sound of hammering, pushing the door open as he entered.

Once inside the store, Alex saw many weapons displayed on the wall; there were many weapons displayed: Swords, Spear, Great Ax, Daggers...

He went toward the reception table.

''Welcome to Smith's Store, a customer? What kind of weapons are you planning to buy? We have everything you may need. I'm Sera, the receptionist. Nice to meet you.'' the receptionist Sera said, slightly bowing.

She was a beautiful girl, a slim yet curvy body. Her height was around 1.70m (5.77 ft); she had shoulders length auburn hair and brown eyes. Alex smiled before starting to explain what brought him here today.

''Nice to meet you too. My name is Alexander Touch. I'm not planning to buy any weapons. I'm here to order a custom-made knife and a..''

''Oh! A new customer who wants to order a Custom Made knife. This Smith will help.''

Suddenly, a rough voice interrupted Alex.

Soon the sound of footsteps could be heard; a man came from another room; it was where the sound of hammering was coming from. It was probably his workshop. This man was tall, at least 2 meters (6.56 ft. An extremely muscular man. He held a big hammer in his right hand. He had brown hair and brown eyes. He looked at Alex as though he was appraising him; finally, he asked.

''I'm the blacksmith, Smith. What kind of knife do you want? Can I have the specifications?"

''Yes, here are the specifications and the picture of the knife I want to order.''

While saying that, Alex passed him two papers. One had the picture of the knife drawn on it, and the second had the specifications.

The quality of the paper in this world was not as good as the one on Earth, but the quality was not too bad.

The specifications of Alex's custom-made knife were the following:

Overall Length: 13.75 Inch (34,925 cm)

Blade Length: 8.75 inches (20.32 cm)

Blade thickness-0.55

Weight: Ultralight

Blade-Type: Ultrasharp, Durable, and Long Resistance Sharp Blade.

Handle size- 5 inches (12.7 cm)

Knife Material: Stainless Steel (Silver) Blade

Scabbard (exterior) – !!!

Scabbard (interior) – !!!

Handle- !!!

''I see, nice picture. No problem, I can make it. I'll add a Mithril to make it more durable and sharp. For the Scabbard and handle materials, I'll use my own materials. Is that okay with you?'' Smith asked, impressed by Alex's talent for drawing.

''Yeah, it's okay. Also, here are two other papers containing the information on throwing knives; I want to custom-make these throwing knives as well..'' Saying this, Alex passed him another paper.

The throwing knives Alex wanted to custom-made were United Cutlery UC2772 Expendables Kunai. The one used by Lee Christmas in the movie The Expendables. It was a double-edged, black cord-wrapped handle with a finger hole. Blade: Its overall length was 12-Inch.

''Nice throwing knives, I never saw this design, nor this throwing knife. Where do you find them?" Smith asked, clearly curious about these unusual throwing knives.

''Father, It is not good to ask someone else's secrets, you know?" Sera admonished her father. As he thought, there were father-daughter pairs.

''Sorry, I was just curious; no need to be angry, Sera,'' Smith said in a dejected manner.

Alex laughed, looking at the two.

''Young man, how many throwing knives do you want?" Smith asked how many throwing knives he wanted to be made, Alex replied,

''A want a set of five throwing knives,''

''Good, come in two days to get them,''

''That's good. How much will it cost?" Alex asked about the cost of the knife and throwing knives after Smith told him to come back two days later.

''Thirty Gold coins. All future maintenance will be included.''

This time it was Sera who answered; Alex immediately haggled,

''No, twenty-five, and I'll buy all my future weapons here,''

''Accept, Sera,'' Smith suggested.

''Okay, Twenty-five gold coins then.'' Sera reluctantly accepted.

Alex took out Twenty-five gold coins from his item box and handed them to Sera.

''I almost forgot. I want a Custom black sheath with boot clip and leg strap for my throwing knives.'' Alex added.

''Okay, no problem,'' Smith said before disappearing into his workshop; his eyes were shining like a boy who got a new toy and could not wait and play with it.

Alex chatted for a while with Sera; he left Smith's store. He will come back to take what he ordered.

The reason why Alex decided to use throwing knives was because of his skill: Swift Fingers Level Max. He acquired this skill because he was good at programming; he was fast as Flash on a keyboard. The dexterity of his fingers was terrific. So, to make full use of them in this fantasy world, Alex thought about using this skill on throwing knives. He needs to train later. Everything was ready; he just needed to wait for his knife and throwing knives to start taking requests at the Adventurer guild.

Alex returned the [Moonlight] after touring the city for a little while.

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