Death Guns In Another World

Chapter 13 - 12: Smith’s Store Once Again And Training.

Two days later, Alex was heading towards Smith's Store. After walking for a while, he arrived in front of Smith's store. Alex pushed open the door and entered.

"Welcome to Smith's Store Customer, Oh! It's Alex. Hello, how have you been?" Sera asked after she saw it was Alex, not a new customer.

"Fine, and you?" Alex responded before asking her how she was doing.

"I'm doing fine as well. You're here to take your orders, aren't you?"

"Indeed," Alex replied.

"Father, bring the weapons; Alex has come," Sera shouted, calling her father.

Soon, Smith came out of his workshop with three things in his hands. When he saw Alex, he greeted him and passed Alex the things in his hand.

The first thing was a knife in a sheath, Alex doesn't know what kind of materials have been used to make this sheath, but it feels nice. The sheath was attached to something that looked like a belt.

Alex fastened the belt around his waist. The sheath containing the knife was on his right. However, it seems that he could freely move it, switching to left or in front and even behind.

"Good job Smith. I never thought about this kind of sheath. It is helpful. Thank you," Alex thanked Smith, extremely pleased.

"You're welcome; just try the knife and give me your impression," Smith replies.


Alex immediately unsheathed the knife from the sheath on his right. The knife came out with a shing!!! Sound. The knife blade was shining in silver light; the blade was silver. The knife didn't weigh much, nor was it too light; its weight felt perfect in Alex's hands. Alex does a few casual swings as a test; the knife easily cuts through the air.

"Nice Knife, I'll name you Razor from now on," Alex named the silver knife.

"Razor? Well, I don't know what it means, but it is a good thing to name your weapon. Next, you should try the throwing knives." Smith suggested.

After returning Razor to its sheath, Alex decided to try the throwing knives. Two leg straps were containing three throwing knives each. It seems Smith had added one more knife onto the initial five throwing knives, Alex asked.

After fastening the two legs straps on his two legs respectively, Alex unsheathed the throwing knife on his left leg; he studied the throwing knife, it was black, it didn't look too different from the one he had seen on the net if not for the cord wrapped around it, which didn't seem like a nylon cord.

Alex hurled the throwing knife, and with foosh! Sound it pierced the wooden dummy Sera placed in front of him. His aim was off. Alex was aiming for the torso, but it ended up piercing the wood dummy leg.

"Well, I need to train to throw knives at the Adventurer guild training rooms soon. I'll name the six throwing knives "Black Betty's." Black Betty's are heavier compared to Razor." Alex decided.

Alex bid farewell to Smith and his daughter Sera after talking with them for another half hour. He promised to visit them soon after completing his first quest.

A few minutes later, Alex was in front of the Adventurer Guild; he pushed the door open and entered. There were a few Adventurers inside the guild today as well; they were probably on a mission outside. Alex advanced toward Leena and greeted her.

"Hello, Alex, how have you been? it has been three days since the last time I saw you." Leena said.

"I'm fine, you're right. It has been three days. I'm here today to use the training ground." Alex announced, asking Leena to use the training ground to train.

"Okay, let's go. Karen comes to take my place. I'm going to show this newbie the training ground" Leena called another receptionist to come to take her place. A black-haired girl came to switch places with Leena. This black-haired girl was a human in the middle of twenty; she was as beautiful as the other receptionist.

Alex followed Leena toward the underground where the training ground is. The training ground located in the underground of the first floor of the Adventurer guild was big, like a small arena. Alex saw many people training; some were firing arrows on wooden dummies, some were doing mock battles, etc.

"What kind of training do you want to take, Alex?" Leena asked him.

"I want to train by throwing knives at dummies," Alex replied.

"Oh! I thought that because you're noble, you will have an amazing Gift. Maybe your Gift is related to throwing knives?" Leena probed.

Alex shrugged his shoulders and replied, "Who knows?"

"My apologies. I shouldn't have asked anything. I'm sorry." Leena lowered her head, apologizing.

"I know, don't worry. Although I don't mind, you should not try to probe any other person's personal information in the future. Not everyone can be as lenient as I am. I hope you understand." Alex warned Leena.

"Thanks for the reminder; I'll keep that in mind. We are here. Would you like to have an instructor to teach you?" Leena inquired.

"No, I will train on my own. I don't need an instructor." Alex refused.

'Well, the truth is that I don't have enough money to hire an instructor. I wouldn't say that, though.' Alex mumbled to himself

When Alex was lost in his thoughts, Leena shook his arms and announced, "I will take my leave then. See you later."

"Okay, thanks," Alex thanked Leena before starting his training. Firstly, Alex set his target fifteen meters before he started throwing Black Betty's.

Naturally, Alex's first attempt failed. He kept trying, and finally, after five hours, he managed to hit the target. Alex continued to train until late in the evening before stopping; by now he could hit his target five times on twelve tries.

Alex even acquired a new skill: Throwing knives Level 1.

He dragged his tired body back to the[Moonlight] Inn and slept.

The following five days were used to further train, at fifteen meters, Alex could perfectly hit his target, then he moved to twenty and finally thirty meters next. The level of his throwing knives rose to Level 3. He also trained using Razor and gained a bit of proficiency in knife art.

Now he is ready to start taking the quest to level up. Tomorrow he will be taking his first quest.

One week has passed.

In this world, there were 24 hours in a day and 30 days in a month; a week had seven days. A year had 12 months; there were hardly any differences with Earth's calendar and hours. To know the times, there was something called magic clocks in this world.

However, because clocks were a type of magic item, ownership was limited to wealthy merchants and nobles. Then how did other people keep the time? It's simply because a bell would sound in town every 3 hours: 6 am, 9 am, 12 noon, 3 pm, 6 pm, 9 pm; most people would roughly know the time as the bell sounded six times a day.

Alex returned to the Inn and ate before sleeping. Tomorrow he will be taking his first request.

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