Death Guns In Another World

Chapter 1470 1317: Third Sin Unlocked:...

Chapter 1470 1317: Third Sin Unlocked:...

Kade rode a horse in front, bringing 20 special soldiers with him.

They quickly disappeared into the black fog.

Other than them, the others remained around the vicinity of the black fog, preparing to face the enemy.

Only Alex was being carried away on a stretcher by two soldiers through the city gates.

As they reached the front of the city gates, a recruitment officer rode a horse alongside them.

He had his horse match the pace of the stretcher and asked Alex.

''How bad are your wounds?" He asked.

"I'll survive" Alex replied.

The two of them nodded and said nothing else.

Silveria was back after completing her task.

〖I didn't think you'd be able to force him into a corner so well. You can be pretty smart when you want.〗

Alex helplessly said: "He wanted to get rid of me first—— I'll be honest, originally I wanted to observe a bit before deciding on a game plan, but now I can see that these monsters had better be eliminated as soon as possible"

〖You are right. This world is more complex than expected. This Bahamut is sure something. Let's follow and play by his rules for now. I'm curious about his ability, what kind of ability you'll get after killing him.〗Silveria declared.

Alex could imagine Silveria licking her lips when she uttered these words.

Like she had said, he was curious as well and couldn't wait to acquire this ability. It would not be easy but it was what made adventure thrilling.

''I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of ability I'll acquire.''

Alex responded with a thin smile.


While chatting, time passed quickly.

After entering the city, Alex was brought to a rehabilitation ward while Kade was about to confront the powerful enemy in the black fog.

He stayed over for a moment before slipping out of the rehabilitation ward and going outside.

The sound of explosions continuously resounded throughout the battlefield.

The strong howling wind did not stop for even a second.

Even with the obscuring black fog, the residual power of the battle still continuously spread in every direction causing everyone's hearts to quicken.

Suddenly, Alex felt a terrifying chill running down his spine and mumbled unconsciously.

''Something is coming.''

A crimson shade of light gradually manifested from within the depths of the black fog.

Crimson, orange, light red, hazy yellow, bright yellow——- the colors grew increasingly intense until it eventually pierced through the black fog altogether.

A sharp howl resounded from deep within the black fog:

『 All shall fade within the flames of destruction! 』

In the snowy wind, countless balls of fire shot through the black fog in every direction.

A rain of flames.

Alex's gaze became focused.

He could sense individual malice emanating from each of these balls of fire.

He released his Divine Sense released to quickly observe the entire city.

Although the sound of alarms had been constantly ringing, it was currently in the middle of the night, and the entire city couldn't possibly mount an effective line of defense in such a short time.


A ball of fire landed in the middle of the city's main street, forming a deep crater as it did.

Very quickly, a crimson monster climbed out from inside.

It was made from mixed masses of bones, a scorching crimson flame emanating from its body, every step it took left a mark of molten lava on the ground.

Such monsters began to fill the entire city.

Silveria who had been silent since leaving the rehabilitation ward finally spoke.

〖How troublesome, a fire-type attack. The city might have already been plunged into a sea of flames before it could react.〗

She seemed to have taken Bahamut's clone game seriously. They have to survive but not just survive, they've to survive with some achievement.

"That's true. Most of the Professionists in this world are traditional knights and mages, it would most likely require quite a bit of time for them to organize proper defenses" Alex responded as a matter of fact.

Alex cracked his knuckles and was ready to jump into the battle.

〖You don't need to act in this minor incident.〗Alex didn't respond to Silveria's words and she continued.

〖You're—- planning on fighting against all these monsters by yourself?〗

Finally Alex spoke.

"It's been a long time since I got to exercise.''

From where she was Silveria rolled her eyes at her lover. He would never cease to be shameless she thought.

Closing his eyes Alex recalled the conversation he had with his mother-in-law. The description of a certain sin appeared in Alex's mind.

'Gluttony: A weapon in the form of Gauntlets, they are powerful and capable of absorbing some of your enemy's attacks to give you stamina and faster recovery if you are injured. It has a hidden feature. You can absorb your enemy's energy and power. Anything can be absorbed. Gluttony knows no bounds and shall devour everything.'

Alex recalled more detailed information about this sin.

'Gluttony: Gauntlets

Sin Technique: King of Beast

This Sin technique transforms Gluttony's user into a massive beast with devastating power. While the beast is extremely powerful, it has an insatiable hunger. If the user doesn't have the mental capabilities to control this transformation, the beast will rampage, consuming everything in its wake.'

'It is exactly what I need right now before testing that power, I'll be my first time using the Sin Technique.' Alex mumbled before inhaling deeply and unlocking his third sin. He already had an idea of what kind of beast he would unleash.

''Third Sin unlocked: The Sin of Gluttony!"


A powerful aura burst out from Alex before turning into the form of two dark gauntlets that tightly wrapped around his fists.


The sky rumbled and the image of a voracious beast appeared behind Alex, a beast with a never-ending appetite. A beast capable of swallowing everything and still wouldn't be satiated. The most curious thing about this beast was that it didn't have a shape, sometime it was the face of a lion the next time a tiger or giant snake, it was a faceless beast as if the final form of this beast depended on the owner and it was exactly what Alex was aiming for.

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