Death Guns In Another World

Chapter 1471 1318: The King of Beasts

Chapter 1471 1318: The King of Beasts

Closing his eyes Alex recalled the conversation he had with his mother-in-law. The description of a certain sin appeared in Alex's mind.

'Gluttony: A weapon in the form of Gauntlets, they are powerful and capable of absorbing some of your enemy's attacks to give you stamina and faster recovery if you are injured. It has a hidden feature. You can absorb your enemy's energy and power. Anything can be absorbed. Gluttony knows no bounds and shall devour everything.'

Alex recalled more detailed information about this sin.

'Gluttony: Gauntlets

Sin Technique: King of Beast

This Sin technique transforms Gluttony's user into a massive beast with devastating power. While the beast is extremely powerful, it has an insatiable hunger. If the user doesn't have the mental capabilities to control this transformation, the beast will rampage, consuming everything in its wake.'

'It is exactly what I need right now before testing that power, I'll be my first time using the Sin Technique.' Alex mumbled before inhaling deeply and unlocking his third sin. He already had an idea of what kind of beast he would unleash.

''Third Sin unlocked: The Sin of Gluttony!"


A powerful aura burst out from Alex before turning into the form of two dark gauntlets that tightly wrapped around his fists.


The sky rumbled and the image of a voracious beast appeared behind Alex, a beast with a never-ending appetite. A beast capable of swallowing everything and still wouldn't be satiated. The most curious thing about this beast was that it didn't have a shape, sometime it was the face of a lion the next time a tiger or giant snake, it was a faceless beast as if the final form of this beast depended on the owner and it was exactly what Alex was aiming for.

''Time start.'' Alex declared and then jumped out from the window and flew straight towards the monster.

The monster instantly noticed him, abruptly looked up, and spat out a cluster of flames.

Alex waved his hand and casually threw a punch.

Normally, he could control the darkness element with this sin but Alex had no trouble controlling other elements. Maybe it's because he is an irregular. Alex chose the most fitting element in this situation.

From Alex's casual punch, a frosty white air appeared and clashed against the flames, immediately overpowering it, and enveloping the monster.

In an instant, the monster was covered in a layer of frost, completely frozen in place.

Alex lightly landed and flicked the monster's body with his finger.

Cracks began to spread all over the monster's body.



Clak clak———

The monster's body crumbled to dust, leaving only some faint white frost where it used to be, exuding frigid air.

Checking his remaining spiritual force from the corner of his eyes Alex grinned before joining his gauntlets together. It was his first time using this technique but he felt like he had been using it for a long time. Alex like a child couldn't stop the excitation from filling him.

''Glottony Sin's Technique: The King of Beasts!" Alex declared while forming the image of a king of beasts in his mind.


There was a huge explosion.

A black fog began to emanate from his body, his eyes also turned into a pair of vertical irises.

The form of a black dragon gradually became clear.

Intense wind howled.

A large dragon of darkness took to the sky, flying above the entire city.

For Alex, the absolute king of beasts can be nothing but a dragon.


The black dragon of darkness uttered a resounding roar, its claws gradually clad in a frigid aura.

Following the dragon's aerial circulation, the frigid aura spread in the air, turning into a layer of encircling blue ice crystals.

Bam bam bam bam bam!

The balls of fire that flew out from the black fog descended upon the blue ice crystals like asteroids, only to be abruptly frozen before dropping from the sky as broken pieces of bone.

Not a single ball of fire managed to go through the frosty barrier to enter the city intact!

Alex who had now unleashed his Gluttony Sin's Technique The King of Beasts and turned into his black dragon form casually circled in the air, spreading frost to improve the power of the barrier.

This way, the few monsters that managed to enter the city received no reinforcements and were swiftly dispatched by the soldiers within the city.

"A dragon!"

"A legendary dragon!"

"A dragon had arrived to help us against the monsters!"

The soldiers cheered.

Suddenly, a malicious voice resounded from inside the black fog:

「 Dragon! I suggest you do not interfere where you are not needed unless you wish to fall to destruction following this world 」

Hearing this, Alex became focused.

And loudly questioned: 「 Who are you? Anonymous bastard who conceals himself, someone without even a name doesn't deserve to talk to this great one! 」

The black fog remained silent for a while.

The voice finally spoke up again: 「 I am the Lord of all things in the void, the Judge of Living Beings' Fate! Dragon, you have one last chance to retreat, or I shall have you endure the fate of eternal suffering! 」

Alex thought this thing must be suffering from midgrade school syndrome, a Chuunibyo like the Japanese like to call it.

While Alex was wondering if this monster was suffering from Chuunibyo's syndrome he heard Silveria's warning.

〖Alex, you better not underestimate this thing and you must not forget that your transformation can be eternal.〗

Alex nodded, he must make a better of the situation. Like Silveria said his transformation could only last for a moment because it consumed not only his Spiritual Force but also his stamina and both things weren't endless.

Alex focused his attention elsewhere. He was circling in the sky as a black dragon.

He no longer paid any heed to the monster's faraway shouting, instead opted to silently wait.

He decided to observe first as well as use this time to prepare for the incoming clash. Alex has the feeling that the true meaning of this Sin's Technique is not to transform into the King of Beasts, there's more to this Sin's Technique and he shall research it.

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