Death Guns In Another World

Chapter 1474 1321: Black Dragon Vs Elemental Giant

Chapter 1474 1321: Black Dragon Vs Elemental Giant

At this point, Alex was using his original face to appear in front of the knights.

His previous identity 'Cavalry Alexander' should have already died in battle during the previous assault into the black fog.

This was something that the cavalry knight who managed to escape had confirmed, many people all heard it.

"It certainly is time for you to know my true identity…"

He flew out from the window, his figure flashing as he took flight.

At the next instant——-

A gigantic black dragon abruptly manifested!

"It's a dragon!"

"A dragon!"

"He was the dragon from before!"

"Oh my heaven, that is our guardian god!"

The knights loudly cheered.

The black dragon flew high through the sky, his eyes flickering.

He began to descend.

The black dragon then circled the city walls with unimaginable speed.

Like a black stage curtain, he rapidly flew above the flame monsters, spreading the frigid frost wherever it did.

The crimson light in the darkness of the night slowly faded away.

Flock after flock of monsters were frozen in place, turned into glittering ice sculptures.

The world outside the capital city had been turned into a world of silence and snow.


"It's the dragon!"

"It had frozen those monsters!"

The special soldiers on top of the city wall all cheered.

At the same time, the black dragon's gaze focused on one place.

The monsters who had stormed the city no longer attempted to spread death and destruction, instead, were converging together and slowly becoming one.

In just a few moments, the molten lava had formed a foundational shape and quickly manifested itself into a crimson dragon.

Molten lava dripped from its body to the ground, scorching it.

This dragon took a few steps forward before abruptly taking flight into the night sky.

It was heading straight towards the black dragon.


The crimson dragon unleashed a cluster of flame even more gigantic than itself.

This scene went above and beyond all stretches of the imagination, becoming a scene of apocalypse that could not be erased from the mind no matter how much time passed.

——this cluster of flame was as big as the capital city itself, and even the black dragon's gigantic form could not help but be consumed by this boundless flame!

Someone couldn't help but exclaim: "Watch out!"

[Shadow Shift]

In the blink of an eye.

Everyone felt their visions turning blurred.

The crimson dragon and black dragon abruptly switched places.

The crimson dragon was struck by its flames and sent spiraling through the sky, falling towards the depths of the black fog.

A few moments later.

From the darkness, its furious roar could be heard.

The flames had burnt through the black fog, revealing the vast field of graveyards in the distance for everyone to see.

Alex once again returned to his human form, watching the vast field with a heavy gaze.

The crimson dragon was now perched on top of the tombstones, coldly staring at Alex.

Around it, monster after monster was piling on top of one another, also taking on draconic form.

They soon filled up every bit of space there was.

——this time, it wasn't just a crimson fire dragon.

The other dragon monsters each carried the elements of frost, poison, lightning, wind…

The city's cheering was cut short, suddenly turning into stunned silence.

There existed an innumerable number of draconic monsters.

Even the dragons of legend had never been so numerous.

Alex stood mid-air, observing the horde of draconic monsters made up of bones and Elemental energy from afar.

'This can be troublesome.' Alex murmured fortunately he had recovered enough and could fight again.

He turned to the vast field.

Numerous dragon-shaped monsters manifested from the elements were taking flight one by one.

They were going to continue their assault on the capital city.

In truth, only two——

No, only one elemental dragon would have been enough to destroy the entire capital city.

With such a huge force of elemental dragons, the capital city would be wiped out in almost no time at all.

Alex transformed into his black dragon form and headed into the wilderness while ignoring the shouts of the soldiers below.

He was extremely fast, much faster than a normal dragon, so he quickly faced the first elemental dragon.

His dragon claw flashed.

Frigid cold air ripped through this dragon clad in poisonous mist.


This dragon immediately fell, crashed into the ground, and scattered into green mist, which then attached to the body of another elemental dragon.

That elemental dragon's body instantly grew twice as large.

Alex was surprised.

Frost counters fire, so he can easily dispatch the fire monsters.

But now that the dragons were made up of different elements, it would be tough to thoroughly kill them all at once.

And if he couldn't kill them, they would simply fuse and transform into even more powerful monsters.

While Alex was pondering this, multiple dragons clad in elemental glow had taken flight and surrounded him.


The elemental dragons swiftly declared his death.

But the black dragon vanished from their encirclement.

The elemental dragons were still confused. It was only after a bit that they realized the black dragon had returned to the human city wall.

He once again turned back into human form and stood in mid-air, muttering:

"No good, they aren't easy to kill, and they'd grow stronger after fusing with one another.''

He quickly considered his means.

During this time, the elemental dragons were approaching the capital city closer and closer.

The crimson flame dragon was in the lead, spitting two balls of fire towards Alex.

He swung his fist without hesitation.

Alex's Fist Technique, [Frost Freeze]!


The first ball of fire completely vanished from the sky.

The intense frost aura's residual power continued shooting toward the other dragons in the sky.

Because of Alex's connection with the ancestor of the dragons, the original dragon, Ignia he was naturally much stronger compared to a normal dragon.

This strike caused the crimson dragon to become cautious.

At this point, the second ball of fire had reached Alex——–


Ego appeared.

A sword flashed.

Ego wielded the Glacier's sword and cut the fire into nothingness.

"He cannot use his sword right now, but I can." Ego muttered.

The crimson dragon watched Ego, then the white sword in his hand, and whispered: 「 A sword that can cut Laws, so you still had such a trump card.」 𝑓𝘳𝑒𝑒𝘸𝑒𝑏𝓃𝑜𝑣𝑒𝓁.𝘤𝑜𝓂

It suddenly stopped flying and began reciting something in the air.

「Chaos, become one with me, grant me the power that far surpasses this world!」

Oong—– oong—- oong——

From the end of the horizon, something was responding to its call.

Behind it, the other elemental dragons once again turned back into pure elemental power and began circling it.

They were absorbed into the flame dragon's body one by one.


The flame dragon landed on the ground, its body slowly beginning to change.

Metal – Wood – Water – Fire – Earth, Wind – Lightning – Light – Darkness –, and even Poison, all sorts of elements gathered into its body at once.

Its form grew.

"What is that?"

"My god…"

"Even a dragon couldn't be a match against such a monster"

"Oh no, the world is over"

The soldiers protecting the city fell into despair.

It wasn't just them, Alex himself felt his eyebrows twitching.

"Is this really just an illusion?"

He whispered.

On the empty field several hundred meters away from the city, a giant slowly stood up.

The glow of elements drifted around its body, forming intense wind around itself.

Wherever the wind blew past, everything was destroyed without exception.

The earth dried up, and all things withered and died.

This was the power of an elemental tidal surge!

Simply by standing there, the giant was causing its surroundings to violently become desolate.

「Destruction is the fate of this world like any other world Chaos set its sight on.」

The elemental giant stared at Alex in the sky and spoke in its low voice: 「 Even if you have surpassed the power of a normal dragon, you are still but a servant of fate! 」

「 Come, surrender yourself to the fate of death 」

It started walking towards the capital city.

Alex's mind quickly turned, going over every fighting technique he had ever learned.


But he can't stop now.

Left with no choice Alex attacked with another Frost Fist.

The elemental giant paused for less than a split second before continuing to head towards Alex.

「 Did you really think that pitiful attack will work on me?」

The elemental giant smirked, scoffing: 「I am the embodiment of the Chaos, my will is to cause the eternal end of all things, other than that, I do not have any thoughts.」


The firm city walls were like soft butter, easily squashed underneath its feet.

It reached its hand to catch Alex.

"Right at this moment!" He shouted.

Alex's restriction to force the elemental giant to freeze.

Then he unleashed his following attack.

A barrage of fists.

Hundreds of thousands of punches descended unceasingly onto and around the elemental giant, causing a sound almost like that of the pouring rain in a storm.

The elemental giant could not move, being trapped inside the barrage of fists.

Amidst of this Alex secretly summoned the black gun and unleashed its ultimate bullet.

[The End!]


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