Death Guns In Another World

Chapter 1473 1320: Guardian God

Chapter 1473 1320: Guardian God

This man was none other than Kade with his men.

"All troops, charge!" he abruptly shouted

"Yes, general!" the special soldiers all uttered a resounding shout in response.

Immediately, the humanoid monster's group was surrounded by countless special soldiers.

Just as Kade was about to attack something unexpected happened.


The illusory world abruptly vanished together with everything else.

The field of tombstones returned to silence.

All the special soldiers, the Humanoid monster, as well as his group were no longer here.

Only the Judge of Living Beings' Fate stood alone in this vast graveyard.

The black cat silently sat on top of a tombstone, focusing his gaze on him.

He waited for a moment as if waiting for the perfect opportunity, he didn't have to wait for too long.

At the very next moment.

A black cat appeared behind the Judge of Living Beings' Fate.

He leaped onto its shoulder.

A faint golden light mixed with a resounding silver glow overlapped, manifesting in the form of small chains to freeze the monster, then followed the cat's paw into the Judge of Living Beings' Fate's body. He had condensed Silveria's power into these chains. He combined this with Nyx's temporal ability.

[Alex's Prohibition: An enemy you strike will have all of their skills sealed away, 1 minute duration]

As soon as the black cat used this technique, he also transformed back into Alex.

He then struck the monster using his metal gauntlets with all his strength.

Elemental Frost fist technique, [Frost Freeze]!

The frost spread from the gauntlet onto the monster's body with extreme speed, quickly forming a glittering block of ice.

The Judge of Living Beings' Fate was frozen within the ice crystal, just like an insect in amber.

It tried to struggle.


Alex threw another punch toward the ice crystal.

''Time to finish this.''

As soon as Alex said those words his body became clad in a faint yellow glow.

He used the Earth element to make his punch stronger, more heavier.

He lightly threw a single punch toward the ice crystal.

[Fist Technique– No Pardon]

A fist technique to destroy everything!

Tangible or intangible, illusory or real, all things, all living beings, everything shall shatter in front of this punch and return to Primal Chaos.


The entire blue ice crystal shattered into glittering bits of ice, slowly scattering into the darkness like fireflies at night.

Within the ice crystal, the Judge of Living Beings' Fate stared intensely forward.

Its gaze was full of confusion but it seemed to have realized that death was approaching.

However, that didn't matter, as the power of Alex's Prohibition had stripped away all of its chance to retaliate.

It scattered with the ice, and returned to Primal Chaos, no longer to be seen ever again.

〖What excellent fist technique.〗Nyx didn't hide her admiration for Alex's fist technique.

'Hehehe! It's nothing I've got a nice master from whom I learned a lot.' Alex was referring to their training sessions in Nyx's world.

Nyx didn't respond but a jealous Silveria couldn't help but snort.


'Well, I've created this new skill thanks to my wonderful Silveria after all.' Alex added while trying to hold back his laughter.

Now his business here finished it was the time to go back.

He was not too concerned about Kade's sudden disappearance, he was certain that it was Bahamut's clone doing.

Alex had started to understand the goal of this game, it was not survival but also a way to show him what would come in the incoming final clash. Maybe it was to make Alex despair and join the chaos side. He knew well the enemy had a certain interest in him or maybe in one of the sisters he was in a contract, either way, he wouldn't give their satisfaction, he could learn from this, no matter how small it was, he could learn something Alex thought.


Alex flew through the dark sky.

He was traveling extremely quickly and reached the capital city in just a few dozen breaths' worth of time.

The entire capital city was now surrounded by countless monsters, the capital army had already been completely overwhelmed, left with no choice but to pull their line of defense from in front of the city gates back onto the city walls.

The shouting of the soldiers resounded throughout, but couldn't alter the waning trend of their hopeless battle.

The monsters were clad in flowing lava, the flames from their bodies rising to the sky, plunging the entire city in a shroud of crimson light.

They had begun to lay siege to the city.


Several parts of the city wall weren't able to stand up to the flame monsters' attack and collapsed.

"Kill them all! We can't let them storm into the city!"

A commanding officer shouted.

The special soldiers holding various professions such as a mage shouted in response, unleashing their most powerful attacks to clash against the monsters.

Unfortunately, the monsters' bodies were created from tough and sharp bones clad inside several protective layers of Elemental Fire, causing both physical and magical attacks to be unable to deal any meaningful damage.

Alex's Divine Sense scanned forward, falling into the room where he was admitted for treatment earlier.

The room was still sealed. On the other side stood Ego with a sword, he was carrying Alex's order by continuously defending, providing assistance with a sword, and slashing. Alex had ordered him to use his brain for this, it was a test to see if he would show his fangs or not, apparently not because he was doing exactly what he was told, defending using this method.

Ego's sword continuously gave off wave after wave of sharp sword aura that shot out from the window to attack the city.

Each wave of sword aura was lightning-fast, sending every monster on its path flying before slicing them into bits in mid-air.

Alex pondered a bit, then quickly understood.

Ego's current identity is a military recruitment officer. 𝓯𝙧𝓮𝓮𝔀𝓮𝙗𝓷𝓸𝙫𝓮𝙡.𝒄𝓸𝒎

According to the rules, he could not do anything that went against his identity in front of the people of this world.

——he wouldn't be able to explain why an office worker like himself would have such powerful swordsmanship.

That was why his only choice was to hide in the room where no one could see him and use sword qi to kill the monsters.

Alex's figure flashed and directly appeared in the room.

"How's the battle going?" Hiding his admiration Alex asked.

"Not very well. Unless we can thoroughly eliminate these monsters' bodies, their corpses will simply fuse and form more powerful monsters" Alex's clone, his alter ego, Ego replied.

Alex looked out the window.

On the streets just outside, a group of knights had just managed to defeat two monsters with their combined might.

But the corpses of the two monsters swiftly fused, once again forming a 5-meter-tall flame monster.

——–this monster was considerably more powerful!

「 All… die… 」

The huge flame monster charged towards the knights.


A sword aura shot through the air and struck the monster, completely erasing it from this world.

The knights cheered, all of them turning towards the direction of the window.

"Which sir acted just now? Please let us see you once!" The knight captain loudly called out.

The room remained silent.

The two Alex exchanged glances.

Alex thought briefly, then walked up to the window and looked at the knights.

"Hurry up and head to the city wall to provide aid."

He casually ordered them.

The knights were all shocked.

At this point, Alex was using his original face to appear in front of the knights.

His previous identity 'Cavalry Alexander' should have already died in battle during the previous assault into the black fog.

This was something that the cavalry knight who managed to escape had confirmed, many people all heard it.

"It certainly is time for you to know my true identity…"

He flew out from the window, his figure flashing as he took flight.

At the next instant——-

A gigantic black dragon abruptly manifested!

"It's a dragon!"

"A dragon!"

"He was the dragon from before!"

"Oh my heaven, that is our guardian god!"

The knights loudly cheered.

The black dragon flew high through the sky, his eyes flickering.

He began to descend.

The black dragon then circled the city walls with unimaginable speed.

Like a black stage curtain, he rapidly flew above the flame monsters, spreading the frigid frost wherever it did.

The crimson light in the darkness of the night slowly faded away.

Flock after flock of monsters were frozen in place, turned into glittering ice sculptures.

The world outside the capital city had been turned into a world of silence and snow.


"It's the dragon!"

"It had frozen those monsters!"

The special soldiers on top of the city wall all cheered.

At the same time, the black dragon's gaze focused on one place.

The monsters who had stormed the city no longer attempted to spread death and destruction, instead, were converging together and slowly becoming one.

In just a few moments, the molten lava had formed a foundational shape and quickly manifested itself into a crimson dragon.

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