Death Guns In Another World

Chapter 21 - 20: Goblin Slayer Part 1

The next morning, the sun rose from under the horizon and lit up the sky. The residents of the city of Eria were beginning to wake up and start their respective jobs.

The Moonlight Inn's first floor was bustling with activity. Here and there you could see, some clients were eating, while some were simply talking. Those who finished eating left to start their jobs inside of the city. While some went outside, like adventurers and the merchants.


Alex's room on the third floor.

He woke up and let out a long yawn.

''Good morning Sil, did you sleep well?" Alex asked Silveria before adding "Well, I don't know if you can sleep, though."

?Morning, Master. Well, it not a necessity for me to sleep, however, I chose to sleep simply because watching your sleeping face is boring.?Silveria replies while not forgetting to tease him.

As for Alex, he smiled in return, it good to have someone to talk to when you wake up in the morning. After watching and changing his clothes, Alex descended to the first floor took a light breakfast before leaving for the Adventurer guild.

On his way to the Adventurer Guild, he stopped by Smith's Store.

Alex saw the Father and Daughter pair, he asked Smith to make him a custom made holster for his gun.

When they saw the design of the holster for his gun, Smith and his daughter were left speechless, they had never seen this kind of Gift, nor head about it. They tried to know his true background, however, Alex didn't say anything, he only smiled, refusing to talk about it.

Having seen that Alex was planning not to say anything, the two dropped the matter. Alex asked Smith to make him an Armor (Defensive shirt and pants made with a powerful monster hide), He paid Three gold coins for the Armor.

When Alex passed in front of a Magic Store, he stopped and purchased five mana potions, one mana option cost 2 silver coins, Alex bought a medium Grade potion. These mana potions are used to restore a depleted Magic Power.

Just after using his Appraisal skill on one of the mana potions he had purchased, a small window containing a piece of small information appeared in front of his eyes.

「Mana Potion

Color: Blue

Grade: Medium

Utility: This potion is used to recover one Magic Power, recover 500 points of your Magic Power. 」

It was all he got with his normal Appraisal skill,

'I wonder what kind of information would pop out if I had an Advanced Appraisal skill? Maybe, I could see the information on the ingredients used to make this potion.' Alex thought.

He will know after his Normal Appraisal skill advance toward the Advanced Tier.

Before leaving, the clerk warned Alex to only consume two Mana potions per day, or else he would feel stiffness in his muscles if he drinks more than that. After thanking him and promised him to listen to his advice Alex left.

By the way, potions are classed by grades, there are five grades known, be it's a mana potion or Strengthening type potion, Healing potion, and so on.

These grades are the following:

? Normal Grade: green color

? Medium Grade: Blue color

? High Grade: Red color

? Advanced-Grade: Gold color

? Holy Grade: White color

No Store can't sell a Holy Grade potion, it was forbidden. Even the Advanced-Grade potion can't be brought in a store, it's too expensive.

As for the Holy Grade potion, it's extremely rare to see one, it's considered a national treasure in any empires and the other superpowers in the world, it's a priceless treasure. There are only a few Holy Grade potions in the world.

It is said that nowadays nobody could produce this kind of potion, not even the most talented alchemist couldn't do it. Only a few nations have this kind of potion in their treasure vault heavily guarded. This shows how valuable a Holy Grade potion is. It is said that a Holy Grade healing power could bring someone who still has one breath left in him, can cure any kind of diseases, and regrowth a lost limb in a matter of seconds. (an Advanced-Grade healing potion can also regrow a lost limb, but not as fast as a Holy Grade healing potion).

Alex let out a small sigh before continuing and soon he saw the Adventurer guild, he pushed the door open and entered.

The first floor was lively as always, everybody turned in his direction when they heard the sound of the door being opened, however after seeing that it was Alex, the newbie, it is how he was surnamed, they returned doing what they were doing.

?Master, let's quickly go and slaughter some goblins to level up. Please hurry up.?Silveria suddenly said, urging him. She was acting like a small child to whom one had bestowed a toy and she was impatient to play with it.

Alex left the guild after selecting today's question and went in the direction of the northern gate. it was another Goblin subjugation.

Half an hour later, Alex came out from the northern gate and entered the forest.

Suddenly, Silveria spoke

?Master, continue going forward, thirty meters East of your current position is a group of goblins, there are roughly five or six goblins there. ?

"Okay, I'll go. It seems that you have also the presence detection skill as I do." Alex said, however, Silveria immediately denied it, clearly displeased by what he said.

?Master, do not compare my divine sense with your cheap presence detection skill.?

Alex shrugged his shoulders in response, He continued walking, he went east like Silveria had suggested and soon he saw six goblins in front of him.

Silveria appeared in his hand without being summoned. She was really impatient.

Alex aimed his silver gun toward the goblin in the middle and fired two bullets.

Bang! Bang!

The two bullets pierced through the goblin's chest leaving two fingers size hole on it.

Finally, the goblins saw that something wasn't right because suddenly one of them fell on the ground, they looked in Alex's direction.

Without waiting for them to attack, Alex fired another two bullets in the middle of five remaining goblins, the bullets were too fast for them to dodge, one of the bullets pierced a goblin in the head, instantly killing it. While the other pierced another goblin's stomach injuring it.

Alex like this weapon, there was no recoil when you pull the trigger. He smiled, Alex likes the feeling of his fingers pulling the trigger. As if he was safe where he was, as though he could kill anything with this Silver gun in his hand.

?Master, snap it. Stop daydreaming, you're in the middle of a fight, you will die if you don't focus on what is in front of you?Silveria shouted, she brought Alex back from his daydreaming. That's was dangerous, Alex quickly leaped back dodging a rusted sword thrown at him.

After thanking Silveria, Alex fired another bullet towards the incoming goblins.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Five consecutive bullets were fired, killing another three goblins ( the one that was injured earlier and the one who threw the rusted sword) and another goblin who was holding a club. The remaining one goblin tried to flee, but how could he allow that, he killed the goblin with one bullet in the head.

Alex killed six goblins in the span of a few minutes and he had only pulled the trigger ten times, it means Ten bullets. Alex felt a little drained when he checked his remaining MP. He was left with half of his current MP (590).

Alex leveled up after killing those six goblins. He decided to rest for a few minutes before checking his status.

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