Death Guns In Another World

Chapter 20 - 19: Discussion With Silveria Last Part

After allotting his 40 BP to his Magic Power stat, MP for short. Alex decided to check his updated status.


[Alexander Touch]

Class: Magic Gunman

Age: 17


「 Rank 1」

Level 5

Experience Value (XP): 30/600

Magic Power: 1050 + 40 ? 1090

Magic: None

Attack: 130

Defense: 115

Agility: 150

Intelligence: 150

Luck: 100

BP: 0

Gift: Two Guns * Semi-sealed*

Skills: [Normal Appraisal Level 1] [Language Comprehension] [Item box Level 1] [Swift Fingers Max] [Presence Detection Level 1] [Throwing knife Level 3]

Titles: [Otherworlder] [The one who can't use Magic] [The one whose fingers are faster than Flash] 』

If he remembered correctly when he leveled up to Level 4, there was still 80XP left and before awakening his gift, meaning leveling up to Level 5, he had killed three goblins which gave me 300XP and the Poison Frog Alex killed gave him 150XP, 30XP more than goblin XP. After using the 500XP to level up to Level 5, and now he was left with 30XP.

Tomorrow, he was going to take another goblin subjugation quest. Alex needs to level up faster. After deciding his plan for the next day, he shifted his attention back to Silveria.

"Sil, can you explain to me what my class: Magic Gunman means?" Alex asked what his title means.

?Certainly, Master. As the name suggests, it's a gun that uses magic to function. In your case, it means that you will be using your MP to create bullets inside your magic gun (a.k.a me) to kill your enemies. This a magic world and it's not like you will be using fake bullets in a magic gun.?

Silveria explained but when she talked about fake bullets, her voice was filled with disdain. Hence, Alex decided to inquire about that fake bullet she disdained so much was.

?What I mean by a fake bullet, is the bullet you use in your homeworld: Earth?

"What? How can our manufactured bullets be fake? There's a bullet that can even pierce through a tank you know?" Alex asked clearly disagreeing with Silveria.

?Oh? Maybe, it's considered powerful in your world, however, in this world is completely useless against a monster or a powerful Ranker. Even your nuclear weapons are useless against magic. So, it's why I deem them useless.? Silveria replied.

Truth be told, he knew that some earthen weapons were useless in a fantasy world, reason why when he saw that his gift were two guns, He almost fell in despair. Wait, suddenly he thought about something, so he decided to ask Silveria. "Sil, How did you know all these things related to my world?"

?Ah? What kind of stupid question is that? Master, you should use your brain a little more you know?? Silveria replied teasing Alex.

'I see. Never access my memories without my consent, understood?' Alex warned.

〖Don't worry I will not. It happened because of my awakening.〗Silveria said.

'Good.' Alex said while cussing at her in his mind.

This damned divine weapon who doesn't show any respect to her master. Unknown to him even though, Silveria call him Master, she didn't really acknowledge as one, at least not now, it may change in the future.

?Thank you for the compliment, Master. It makes me happy.?

"Damn it, I wasn't complimenting you, you shameless divine weapon and I know you know that. Cut the crap and answer my question will you?" Alex shouted. He wondered how the second weapon personality will be? If he/she is hard to deal with like this one, he will become crazy. Alex suddenly thought praying that isn't the case.

?Rest assured Big sister is not like that.?Silveria blurted out.

"Big sister? So the black weapon is a girl?" Alex asked he wanted to know more about the said Big sister.

However, Silveria did not answer. It seemed that she had let something slip that normally she shouldn't.

Alex chuckled in response to her silence.

"What a loose tongue you have. What your Big sister will do once she knows that you said something you shouldn't?" Alex teased her back.

?Shut up, Do not talk like you know Big Sister.? Silveria yelled at him. Alex started to feel dizzy because she was talking to him directly in the head. It seems that he had gone a little overboard in his teasing. So, Alex apologized.

?My bad, I shouldn't have shouted earlier. Let's stop talking about it. To answer your earlier question, I will say, it's simply because we shared our memories, Its because we shared our memories that you managed to see my previous owner memories. It was like that I know about your world and technologies and I must say for a practically manaless world, your technology is a bit decent.?Silveria explained.

''I see. However, you said practically manaless world? Is it meaning there a little mana in our world? Did it means there are hidden magicians on Earth?" Alex asked her, eyes filled with anticipation, eyes shining like a child who got a toy.

?Well, You can say that. Let's not dwell on this matter. Let me talk about how much MP you will need per bullet created.?

?Because I'm a magic gun functioning with MP. I consume 50MP/bullets for now. If we take into consideration your current MP capacity, it means that you can fire twenty bullets before your MP will be drained.?Silveria explains.

''I see, I hope it will change soon." Alex asks clearly not happy with what she has said.

?It will. There different types of bullets to be unlocked, let say for example, that once you became Rank 2, : The homing bullet: cost 300MP/bullet (It will follow the target for some distance before becoming ineffective). For advanced homing bullet, it cost more. Well, the more your level become higher the less MP needed to shoot them?Silveria explained.

Alex was left speechless, his mouth hung agape. He almost shouted WTF!. Alex let out a sigh, it seems that all his future BP will be used on his Magic Power stat. After exchanging a few jokes with Silveria, Alex decided to sleep. The good point is that it's temporary.


After having seen that Alexander had fallen asleep. Silveria mumbled to nobody in particular.

'Master, you need to work harder. You will need to use more than MP to be able to use one of Big Sister's divine abilities. Also, there is that divine ability of mine that uses more than XP to work.'

She let out a sigh before saying 'Big sister, I know you can hear me, don't worry I'll not let them do anything to our current master. You need to help me to, I sincerely hope that you can unseal yourself faster. I miss you.'

After saying that, Silveria stopped talking and decided to rest in her own dimension.


Elsewhere, in a sealed space, this space was totally shrouded in darkness and an eerie silence that could make one shudder.

Suddenly, someone let out a small sigh after hearing what Silveria has said. It's difficult to know the individual that sighed gender.

Afterward, silence returned to the sealed space again as if nobody was there like it was an illusion.

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