Death Guns In Another World

Chapter 23 - 22: Goblin Slayer Part 3

After killing the last goblin, Alex quickly retrieved his throwing knives before retreating and hide behind a big tree.

Shortly after, five goblins came and when they saw their fallen brethren, they started talking in an unknown language that even he couldn't understand.

Gyi~! Gyi~!

Gyi~! Gigyi~!

They were clearly restless, the five looked around, trying to see if they could locate the culprit.


Because Alex was too nervous, he had unconsciously stepped on a dead tree branch.


The five turned their attention towards where Alex was.

Alex took a deep breath and said: "Sil, be ready, I hope you can perfectly synchronize with me."

?I can, do not worry, Master.?Silveria replied.

After listening to Silveria's reply, Alex dashed out from he was hiding startling the goblins who were coming toward his direction.

Swish! Swish! Swish! Swish!

Alex successfully threw four knives toward the goblin on his left and right side respectively. Clearly not expecting a surprise attack, the two could not defend themselves properly, they were injured stopping them in their tracks.

Alex, on the other hand, continued without stopping, Alex swung Razor toward the goblin in the middle, aiming at its ribcage.

Even though everything happened in flash, the goblin still managed to block his attack with its rusted sword.


A loud sound could be heard when the two blades collided, due to the difference in height and physical strength, the goblin was pushed back.

As though she had read his mind, Silveria perfectly synchronizes with him, she appeared in his left freehand, with her help Alex fired two bullets towards his left where another goblin was coming from.

Bang! Bang!

Without looking if whether he had successfully killed the goblin or not, Alex automatically switched his weapons, Razor went into his left hand while Silveria appeared in his right hand. He then fired another two bullets towards his right.

Bang! Bang!

Everything happened in a matter of seconds,

Thud! Thud!

The sound indicating that something had fallen onto the ground could be heard. The goblin in front of Alex stiffened because he had not anticipated this series of actions. Alex was too quick, the goblin knew without even looking back that the two that had fallen won't be waking up anymore.

A sudden fear gripped its heart, this frail-looking human at the moment looked like a monster to him.

No, to be more accurate he was afraid of the thing in Alex's right hand, He was afraid of Silveria, he was so afraid that he turned tail, and started running.

But how could Alex let him go so easily, missing this chance? He looked at the running goblin and then, he threw Razor with strength behind it.


The sharp knife pierced the globin's neck, nailing him against a nearby tree, the goblin struggled for a while before stopping moving, he was dead.

Alex decided to take a few breaths to regulate his breathing.

It happened at that moment, Alex heard Silveria warning.

〖Watch Out〗

Without asking anything, Alex ducked down, barely managing to avoid the fate of being beheaded, a sword passed above his head, a few strands of his hair was cut off in the process.

Alex felt a chill down his spine when he saw the sword embedded in the tree not far from where he was. If he was late by a millisecond, he was sure he would be dead by now. He almost died because he was careless, it's true that carelessness is one greatest enemy. He had forgotten about the other two injured goblins.

While still being on the ground, Alex aimed Silveria toward the startled goblin who was not expecting him to be able to avoid that sword, the other remaining goblin was also startled. Alex used that chance to finish them.

Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang!

Four bullets were fired in quick succession piercing the chest of the two goblins, they fell onto the ground and there was no longer any life in their eyes.

"Ah! That's close, thank you Sil. I won't be careless from now on." Alex promised.

?It's good that you know, please do not die killed by the like of goblin. This is not a game, there is no restart. If you die, you die for good. Never let your guard down before the end of a fight, not even after being sure you have eliminated every threat. I hope you will not forget. You're destined to soar, be above everyone else. That's your destiny after being chosen by us.?Silveria explained.

Destiny or whatnot, Alex must not be careless anymore. He was not planning to die young. He will live his life to the fullest.

"I promise, I'll be careful from now on.''

After promising to be careful from now on, Alex decided to check his status. It seemed he had leveled up before he killed the last three goblins.

''Status'' Alex murmured and immediately a blue panel containing his status appears in front of his eyes.


[Alexander Kael Touch]

Class: Magic Gunman

Age: 17


「 Rank 1」

Level 7

Experience Value (XP): 330/800

Magic Power: 950

Magic: None

Attack: 140 ? 150

Defense: 125 ? 135

Agility: 160 ? 170

Intelligence: 160 ? 170

Luck: 110 ? 120

BP: 0

Gift: Two Guns * Semi-sealed*

Skills: [Normal Appraisal Level 1] [Language Comprehension] [Item box Level 1] [Swift Fingers Max] [Presence Detection Level 1] [Throwing knife Level 3]

Titles: [Otherworlder] [The one who can't use Magic] [The one whose fingers are faster than Flash] 』

Alex became Level 7. And because he had fired four bullets he was now left with 950 MP after added the 20 BP gained per Level up.


Alex let out a small as he continued to dismantle the corpses of the goblins. If it is possible he would like to advance to the next Rank before going back. And to do that he would need to level up eight times.

After a quick calculation, he would need 6100XP to do that. To go to Level 13 from his current Level 7, it was that amount of XP he needed, he would need to kill 61 goblins to be able to gain that amount of XP. If only he could change to another hunting ground, but he will not do that, he will continue to kill the goblin in this area for now for the simple reason that he didn't have an Armor or any defensive gear on me.

Suddenly, Alex had an idea so he asked ''Sil, I need your help. Will you help me?"

? Sigh! It can't be helped. Say it. What do you need me to do??Silveria replied.

''Nothing serious, I just need you to use your Divine Sense to scan the forest, to see if there is somewhere where there are lots goblins grouped together,'' Alex explained what he wants Silveria to do. The latter was not pleased with it.

?What? You're asking me to scan the forest entirely and you are saying it's nothing serious??

Alex stayed silent before saying, ''I know it's tiring to do that because I am weak at the moment, but you must have understood why I asked you to do that. Please help me, you won't lose anything if you do, on the contrary, if I become powerful it will be helpful for you. So, what is your answer, Sil?"

?Okay, Master. I'll help you.?

Finally, Silveria accepted. She scanned the forest, after one minute, she stopped her scan and say.

?5 km west from here there are 20 goblins, it is likely a small goblin settlement. I'm a little tired, let me rest for a while. You can continue walking. However, you must wait for me before doing anything, do not rush to go there.?

''West? Okay. I understand. I'll go there. After killing these 20 goblins I will go back. After killing these 20 goblins, I'll be able to level up at least twice.'' Alex mumbled before starting walking towards the goblin's settlement location.


[A/N: After Alex leveled to Lv 7, his MP was=1130( the 10 pts per Level up have been already added.) Alex fired four bullets after his level went up, meaning his original MP will go down by 200. It's why his MP became 950 on his status screen.]

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