Death Guns In Another World

Chapter 24 - 23: Goblin Slayer Part 4

It was a little past noon, the sun was high in the sky. A lone figure could be seen walking inside a dense forest.

Naturally, it was Alex, he was heading West, toward the twenty goblin's location.

Silveria woke up about 15 minutes ago.

''Sil, I would like to use magic, even though my title says otherwise. Is there any way?'' Alex raised a question.

〖Oh? Why do want to use Magic so much?〗

Instead of answering Alex's question, Silveria asked him a question.

''Why you ask?"

''It's simple, when you talk about Fantasy world, being able to use magic is a must,'' Alex replied with a smile.

〖Fufufu, You seem to have read too many novels. Not everyone can use magic, you know. Or perhaps are you thinking that you are some kind of protagonist?〗

Silveria asked teasingly. Alex rolled his eyes before answering ''I'm without a doubt a protagonist.''

〖Oh? The protagonist of what?〗Silveria asked amused.

The corner of Alex's mouth lifted upward as he replied ''Of course, I'm the protagonist of my own life.''

There was a silence before Silveria burst out of laughter.

〖Fufufu! Nicely said. To answer your question, all I can say, it's no. So, to use magic like others it's impossible. You can't because of me and Big sister. We are Nemesis of magician〗

''I see. So, it's impossible after all.'' Alex mumbled under his breath. When he was thinking that it was clearly impossible to use magic. Silveria said something that raised his hopes to one day be able to use magic.

〖Do not worry, Master. Your case is not totally hopeless as you think. Well, I won't go in the details. You'll know in the future. 〗

''Wonderful, but could you at least tell how? please a few hints will do.'' Alex pleaded because he truly wanted to know how he would be able to use magic, Alex was truly excited, his heart started pounding hard just by thinking about it.

〖Sorry, Master, I can't. Just be patient and besides you're too weak to understand some things because of your low-level .〗Silveria explained refusing to go into the details.

However, as he was expecting something like that, Alex was not too disappointed because he had the feeling that he would know soon, He just needs to strengthen himself, to rise in levels.

The two continued to chat, exchanging few jokes as he continued walking silently toward the goblin's location. Alex suddenly thought about Maria and others.

Alex shook his head, driving away any unnecessary thoughts that could hinder him in the incoming battle.

Half an hour later he arrived at the destination. Alex immediately hide behind a tree and observed what was in front of him.

There was something that looks like a cave, at the entrance of the cave stood two goblins guarding it. The one on the left had a club in its hand while to the one on the right held a crudely-made bow and a quiver containing arrows.

''Sil, I thought that you had said there were twenty goblins together in the same location? But I seem that there are two goblins outside while the remaining goblins are inside that cave.'' Alex asked.

〖Yes Master. It is as you've guessed. Hehehe! Let's go massacre them.〗Silveria says while laughing. She appeared in Alex's right hand without behind summoned. Her laughter sends a chill down his spine.

Alex chuckled and says ''Okay, let's take care of those two first. However, I can't use you because it will draw the other goblin's attention in case they heard the gunshots. It's not like you have a silencer to stifle the sound of the bullets fired.''

〖Did I say that?〗


〖Just watch, Master.〗

When Alex was still puzzled by what she meant, Silveria who was in his hand shined in silvery light for one second and after the silvery was gone, he looked dumbfoundedly at the now transformed Silveria.

Appearance-wise, she was still the same (Desert Eagle 50EA, RAE-713 IMI Desert Eagle Mark XIX Speedloader), however now she was equipped with a Silencer. Like the one you often saw in movies. However, this Silencer was silver in color instead of black.

Alex stood frozen in a place for a while before letting out a small chuckle as he rubbed his forehead, before muttering,

''Seriously, if you have the ability to transform please inform me beforehand. My heart almost stopped beating because of how surprised I was. So, how many types of transformation you can do?"

〖Master, do you think I'm some kind of a transformer?〗asked Silveria, she was clearly pouting. She seemed dissatisfied with his question.

''Are you not? I thought that you could transform in various forms, for example, you could transform into a sniper rifle or a shotgun. That's would be so cool.'' Alex says with his eyes shining like a child who just got his first toy.

〖Master, sorry to shatters that delusion of yours, but I can't transform like you are hoping. Creating something like this is my limit. So, do not hope for something impossible. Let's start the massacre.〗Silveria explained completely shattering his wild delusion.

"What a shame. Let's me vent my frustration on these goblins then.'' Alex declared before aiming Silveria at the goblin on the right who had no idea about its incoming death.


Without waiting Alex fired another bullet toward the goblin on the left whose attention was focused elsewhere.


The two goblins fell onto the ground dying, their eyes were filled with unwillingness. They did not know how they had died.

After dismantling the corpses, Alex stood at the entrance cave, he took a deep breath before activating his skill Divine Sense. Like the last time, a tridimensional map appeared in his head. Alex was able to see inside the cave, there was a lot of little dots on the map, they were red in color. If he hasn't guessed wrong:

Red ? Enemy

There was no Green dot on the map, only eighteen red dots. Three red dots were not too far from the entrance, while the remaining stood in the same location, Alex did not know what there were doing, but It helps him, he will quickly eliminate these three goblins before proceeding towards the remaining goblins.

After switching off the Divine Sense skill, he silently entered the cave. Darkness welcomed him, the inside of the cave was dark. Alex could not even see what was in front of him. He had miscalculated, to think he would forget to take the cave being dark into account.

''What to do?" he mumbled, he seemed to be at his wit's end.

〖Sigh! I guess it my turn to help then.〗Silveria announced.

''What?" Alex asked, she did not answer him directly, she just said 'it going to hurt a little.'

''Don't tell me. Please wait for a second will you?" Alex pleaded.

However, a terrible headache answered his pleas. He almost dropped Silveria and started rolling on the ground. Alex gritted his teeth, so hard that it almost bleeds. It still hurts even though, he went through something like this not too long ago when he was acquiring his Divine Sense skill.

〔New skill acquired: Night Vision Level 1〕

A message appeared in front of his eyes, announcing that he had acquired a new skill, however, Alex was not in the mood to care about that for now. He was still feeling a little dizzy after experiencing that terrible headache once again.

''Silveria, tell me in advance in case you are planning to gift me a skill. I do not like this terrible headache that assaults me each time you are about to gift a skill. Seriously, do warn me in advance. Is that clear?" Alex said, displeased.

〖Sorry Master, I will warn you in the future. I thought that you will get accustomed to that headache because you had already experienced it once. It seems that I wrong. I'm truly sorry.〗Silveria says, she was truly sorry. So, Alex decided not to complain too much.

''Nobody can get accustomed to that headache so quickly. I do not enjoy pain, I'm not masochistic. Still, I must thank you for gifting me another wonderful skill. What a timely gift. It's truly helpful. Thank you.''

〖Stop it, Master. You're making me blush. There is no need to thank me. After all, you're my dear Master that I like so much, hence it normal to help you.〗Silveria say acting bashful, however, Alex knew that she was teasing him. So, he stayed silent not replying.

Finally, Silveria talked after noticing that Alex did not reply to her teasing.

〖Why are you not talking? Do not tell me it was because you've fallen deeply in love with me. What a sinner am I? To think that I will make my master fall deeply in love with me. As expected of this Lady charm.〗Silveria boasted shamelessly.

Alex held his head in his arms and say in resignation ''Stop it, Sil. I'll die of shame if you don't. You win. Let's proceed.''

She left out a small chuckle. Alex decided to not bother himself with her any longer, he decided to check his newly acquired skill.

〔Night Vision Level 1: It's a skill that lets you see easily in the darkness.

At Level 1 you can only see Five meters around you.

Consume 20 MP per minute〕

What a nice skill, it doesn't consume too much MP.

'Night Vision' Alex muttered, immediately his vision became clear, he was able to clearly see what are in front of him. It was not perfect but he was sure that when the level of the skill will become high, he would be able to perfectly see in darkness.

With the Night Vision activated, Alex proceeded deeper into the cave. He tried to silently walk, not to alert the three goblins ahead.

Like a cheetah, he walked, and soon he was able to see three goblins chatting around a table.

Alex stopped walking and studied the three goblins, even though they sat around a crudely made table and chairs, they were still vigilant, as their weapons were not far from them. Still, it seemed they had not noticed his presence which was a good thing.

''Let's rock baby,'' Alex mumbled trying to sound cool.

〖What's that?〗Silveria asked.

However, Alex refused to answer, still hiding, he aimed Silveria at the goblin in the middle and fired.


It was instant death, a bullet in the head.



The other goblins were startled after seeing their brethren with whom they were talking a few seconds earlier fall headfirst onto the table.

Without giving them time to search for the intruder, Alex fired two bullets in quick succession. he managed to quickly eliminate them. The other two also died with their heads crashing onto the table. The poor table was broken into pieces.

There was a little noise, hopefully, it did not alert the other goblins.

Alex quickly started to dismantle the dead goblin's corpses.

Suddenly, Alex stopped because he saw a small pouch, when he opened it, he saw a few coins inside it. Roughly counting it, there were at least thirty Silver coins inside the pouch.

Alex's hands became heavy, his breathing quickened.

''I have a bad feeling about this,'' he muttered feeling something ominous. As though there was something on the other side he would not like.

〖Me too, Master. However, you can not stop here now. So, Let's go.〗Silveria says.

''Sigh! You're right. Let's go even though something it telling that I won't like what I going to see if I proceed.'' Alex replied.

With a heavy step, he continued, going where the remaining goblins were located, in the depth of the cave.

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