Death Guns In Another World

Chapter 25 - 24: Goblin Slayer Part 5

As Alex continued to advance, the ominous he had earlier was growing deeper, each step he took. He was sure of one thing which was that whatever awaiting him on the other side, he wouldn't like it.

Alex shook his head and continued walking, now that he thought about it, It seemed he had leveled up after killing the last three goblins.

As soon as Alex thought about checking his status, a blue panel appeared before his eyes.


[Alexander Kael Touch]

Class: Magic Gunman

Age: 17


「 Rank 1」

Level 8

Experience Value (XP): 30/900

Magic Power: 1130 ? 1140 +20 BP (1160)

Magic: None

Attack: 150 ? 160

Defense: 135 ? 145

Agility: 170 ? 180

Intelligence: 170 ? 180

Luck: 120 ? 130

BP: 0

Gift: Two Guns * Semi-sealed*

Skills: [Normal Appraisal Level 1] [Language Comprehension] [Item box Level 1] [Swift Fingers Max] [Divine Sense Level 1] [Throwing knife Level 3] [Night Vision Level 1] (New Skill)

Titles: [Otherworlder] [The one who can't use Magic] [The one whose fingers are faster than Flash] 』

It was without saying that Alex distributed his 20 BP gained per Level up to his Magic Power stat. With the amount of MP he had now he could at least shoot twenty-three bullets before running out of MP.

Satisfied with his stats, Alex continued to walk and soon he came to an intersection, there were two tunnels in front of him, one goes left, while the other goes right.

When Alex was contemplating which tunnels he should take, he heard Silveria's suggestion.

〖Master, you should take the one on your left, the one on the right is the shortest however it is filled with traps .〗Silveria cautioned.

''Thank you, Sil. It saves me some MP.''

Alex entered the left tunnel, after walking for about fifteen minutes, he saw the end of the tunnel, from the other side a light could be seen. After he switched off his Night Vision skill, Alex drowned one of the Mana potions he had purchased.

[+500 MP]

Even though it tasted a bit bitter, he recovered the MP he had used. Alex had used more than 300MP.

After he checked that everything was ready, Alex decided to see what was on the other side, he advanced cautiously and looked through the entrance.

What he saw send a shiver down his spine, his inside started churning, he had a sudden urge to puke, so he quickly retreated back to the tunnel.

Immediately after retreated back to a safe distance, Alex could not control himself any longer, So, he started puking, throwing everything he ate since the morning.

〖Take it easy, Master.〗Silveria said while consoling him.

Alex felt like she was patting his back, stroking his head with care, but he knew it was impossible, maybe it was an illusion, Silveria did not possess a physical body nor he saw her in soul form either.

Still, he managed to calm down and now he was filled with a wave of extreme anger


Alex mumbled with a cold voice that astonished even himself.

〖You are right, however, do not let anger cloud your thinking.〗Silveria warned.

Those damn ugly green-skinned monsters, Alex's heart turned colder when he recalls what he had seen.

A human male nailed against the cave by numerous swords, the Armor he wore was in tatters, with lots of injuries visible to the naked eyes, some were so deep that you could see a white bone, his limbs were twisted unnaturally, his eyes wide open, he was already dead and from his opened eyes you could an immense hatred mixed with guilt.

〖Master, he must have taken the right tunnel to enter the center of the cave, hence he encountered a lot of traps along the way, he became injured even before stepping out. As for the girl, she must have taken the left tunnel.〗Silveria explained.

Alex's eyes were filled with anger, as she had said, there was a girl as well, even though he looked briefly, what he saw, was hard to describe, most of the clothes she was previously wearing were torn apart, a goblin was playing with her lower body, while another one was playing with her mouth, the remaining goblins were watching on the side, some were even cheering. Judging by the lack of sound coming from the girl, she was probably died since a while ago and those damned green-skinned monsters were still playing with her body.

Alex felt sick in the stomach just by remembering it, even though he had often read these kinds of things in a novel back on Earth, now that he saw one with his own eyes, the reality was different, he was feeling extreme anger and hatred toward those green-skinned monsters.

''Let's go massacre them,'' Alex says with a cold voice, unconsciously his mouth curled up forming a grin.

〖Fufu! Certainly, My Master.〗Silveria replied, seeming happy somehow.

Well, it's a good thing, she's happy. Alex thought.

Slowly, he walked back, going where those monsters were.

Normally, any normal human facing this kind of situation will have two kinds of emotions:

The first one would be: fear. Seeing fifteen monsters together playing with a woman's dead body while there was another human corpse not too far from there. Fear will overtake your mind and you would want to quickly flee back and ask for reinforcement.

The second emotion would be: Rage, seeing this situation, you will be filled with extreme rage, so much rage that you would recklessly charge toward the goblins to eliminate them, thus avenging these two victims.

Strangely, Alex's case was different, he was not filled with fear, if he must describe it, He was burning with extreme anger, yet at the same time, his thinking was still clear, Anger did not cloud his judgment, nor he was recklessly charging towards them, his mind was clear, so clear that even himself he was astonished by it.

Why so? He did not know, nor he had the time to think about it. With a clear mind, calmly Alex walked with Silveria pointed forward, while in his right hand were three throwing knives, naturally, it was his lovely Black Bettie's.

Soon, Alex comes out from the tunnel.

Because the goblins were still enjoying themselves, none of them took notice of his arrival.

''Perfect,'' Alex muttered.

Without wasting this chance, he threw the three Black Bettie's in his right toward three goblins on the right, while at the same time Silveria was aimed at the goblins that were enjoying themselves with the girl dead body.

Pui! Pui!

Two bullets were fired, the first one went through the head of the goblin that was playing with the girl lower body, while the second went through the other goblin's chest (the one was the one using the girl's mouth.)

In a matter of seconds, five goblins were killed and their bodies fell onto the goblins, astonishment filled their eyes, they did not know how they had died nor who attacked them.

Finally, after seeing five goblins suddenly fall onto the ground in succession that the remaining came to know that there was an intruder.



They started looking around, trying to see where the intruder was.

After successfully killing five goblins, Alex hides behind a boulder he saw by chance and observes the panicked goblins. Still, being behind the boulder, Alex aimed at another goblin and fired.



Another goblin had fallen onto the ground, nine goblins remained.

The goblins became more panicky, they started to frantically search who was attacking them, none of them came to look at where he was, and because Silveria was still equipped with a Silencer who helped to reduce the bullet's sound, every time Alex shoot they only saw one of them fall, nothing seemed to work, not even their shield.

Like that, Alex killed three more goblins reducing their numbers to six. One more to go and he will level up and they will be no need to hide any longer.

It happened when Alex was aiming at one the remaining six goblins, one of the goblins spotted him, he didn't know how but he was spotted.


That goblin pointed its finger toward his direction and charged at him with its club, the other followed him.

''Sigh! And I thought that I could calmy level up without taking any risk. I guess not everything works as you wish.'' Alex muttered in dejection.

〖Fufu! Don't complain too much, Master. Since a while ago, you're having it easy. So, it's now the time to face them head-on and quickly eliminate them. What a lazy Master you are.〗Silveria says, not forgetting to tease him.

''I guess, you're not wrong,'' Alex replied.

Immediately, Alex stood up and aimed Silveria toward the incoming goblin and fired.


Another one died with a bullet in the head. Alex becoming more proficient in handling his gun.

The remaining five goblins came to an abrupt stop and became cautious, fear could be seen in their eyes when Alex sensed that they were about to turn tail and run. He aimed my gun toward them and fired.

None of them managed to flee far away before being killed by Silveria, after a few minutes they were all dead.

After Alex finished closing the two corpses' eyes and covering their corpses. He sat on the ground against the previous boulder (the one he had used as cover to kill some goblins) and decided to take a little rest before proceeding to dismantle the corpses of the goblins.

Suddenly, Alex saw a blue panel window appeared before his eyes.

『A New title acquired: Goblin Slayer』

Without checking what the title means, Alex closed the information window and closed his eyes to rest for a few minutes, he was mentally exhausted after seeing all these things earlier.

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