Death Guns In Another World

Chapter 33 - 32: Guild Master Part 1

Gracier put on a beautiful smile and declared,

''I'm back Big brother Alex, from now onward I can help you in your adventure.''

Alex gave no reply because he was still shocked by Gracier's transformation, not only her left eye turned into golden color, even her hair becomes longer than they were, more colored, fiery red in color. Previously, Gracier was the timid type but now she gave a wild type feeling.

Gracier who was expecting to see Alex happy was disappointed by Alex giving no reaction, no to be more accurate Alex seemed shocked, finally, Gracier felt that something was amiss, something about her had changed, physically that is. She touched her left eye and felt a dried up blood there, she panicked and sprinted toward the bathroom and watched herself in a mirror, she shrieked.

''Eh! What happened to my left eye? Why my hair became longer as well?"

Gracier asked clearly panicked, Alex who was on the other side replied.

''These change happened because your Gift got activated.''

Gracier after cleaning herself came back and looked at Alex wanting some answer.

Alex sighed and he pointed at the bed, Gracier sat on the bed while Alex sat on the chair facing her. Gracier stared intensively at Alex with her heterochromia eyes, Alex gulped feeling a little pressure coming from her left eye.

''Can you please do something about your left eye, it's putting pressure on me, making it hard for me to breath.''

''Eh? I don't know that my left had this ability, sorry Big brother I don't know how to control it.'' Gracier replied dejected.

〖Master do not ask the impossible, it's impossible for her to control her eye power that easily. The only way possible for her to control it, for now, is to cover her left eye.〗Silveria suggested.

''I see,'' Alex says before retrieving a bandana from his item box, it was something he used to wrap around his hands when he was training to throw knives.

''Excuse me Gracier, I'm going to cover your left eye until you become able to control it,'' Alex explained before wrapping the Black bandana around Gracier's left eye.

Alex sat back on his chair and decided to use his Appraisal skill on Gracier.


Class: Fire Empress

Age: 14


Level 1

Experience Value:0/100

Magic Power: 800

Magic: Fire Magic

Attack: 90

Defense: 60

Agility: 50

Intelligence: 70

Luck: 100

BP: 0

Gift: Ignia's Bracelet

Skills: [Cooking Level 4] [Sewing Level 3] [Fireball Level 3] [Fire Arrows Level 1] [Meteor (???)] [Dragon Eye Level 3]

Titles: [Avenger] [Child of Fire]

Alex sucked a cold air, his eyes almost popped out of their sockets, Gracier's status changed, her class changed from magician to Fire Empress, Alex recalls that they were someone that had Empress in her class, it was Maria, Ice Empress to be exact.

Alex shook his head and decided to focus on Gracier's status. She gained a lot of skill, her Fireball was even level 3, it's probably because of her class and title. Alex's attention was drawn toward her Dragon eye Level, it was without doubt about her left eye, at level 3 she could pressure him a Level 10.

''She's a Level 1 an with her Dragon eye skill she could pressure him, just imagine that her level went up, she c-"

Silveria cut Alex and continued,

〖She can easily pressure you with a stare alone before finishing you with a spell. Well, it's a good advantage in a battle but her eye power is not easy to use. Ah! to think that she gift her this eye, too generous as well〗

Silveria muttered at the end, Alex became curious, ''Huh? So you know Gracier's contracted spirit, I mean her divine weapon spirit. Is it the Fire Dragon Goddess Ignia?"

〖Who knows. Let's to the Adventurer Guild and register this girl〗Silveria says, she seemed to be avoiding answering Alex's question.

Alex sighed decided not to pursue the matter. He faced Gracier and says.

''Gracier now that you Gift has been activated, you should summon. Just think about summoning it and it will show up.''

Gracier does as she was told, she thought about that beautiful woman that called herself The Dragon Goddess Ignia. Immediately, she felt the heat in the deepest part of her body, this heat was warm, this heat seemed to want to come out from her body so she let it out.

With a sudden golden flash, a golden bracelet appears around Gracier's left wrist. This golden bracelet was really beautiful with an extricate patterns drawn on it, there was a miniature dragon amidst these patterns.

After the bracelet appeared around her wrist, the atmosphere around Gracier changed, the room temperature as well. Alex had the feeling that Gracier could control the heat present in the air.

Gracier wore an extremely beautiful smile while facing Alex, her smile shined like a sun.

''How is it, Big brother? Can I help you from now on?"

Gracier asked, staring intensely at Alex.

''Sure, let's go to the Adventurer Guild to get you registered for now,'' Alex replied with a smile.


Gracier became happy, she almost started jumping around. This was the first step toward her revenge against the monster responsible for her village tragedy.

Alex and Gracier left the Moonlight Inn, when Lea saw Gracier with one eye covered, she almost stabbed Alex thinking maybe he had done something to her friend. Fortunately, Gracier managed to calm her down with a lie. Lea was surprised by Gracier's long hair, however, she thought that she had overlooked how long it was, thus she didn't ask.

The two left and soon they were inside the Guild, because it was the morning there were still lots of people taking quests in the guild, some were even drinking. Gracier acted like a country bumpkin, looking left and right, it was to be expected, this was her first time going inside an Adventurer Guild.

The boisterous atmosphere inside the Guild stop when they saw fresh meat inside the Guild (it how they called a newcomer). Every single person inside the Guild turned their attention at the entrance and started scrutinizing Gracier, they were astonished to see a young girl here, not that it was the first time they saw fourteen years old wanting to become an Adventurer, but it was because the young girl had something most of them doesn't possess. Her aura was different from a normal person, she was emitting an aura only the Gifted could possess. This left them bewildered, only the extremely talented and people from big clans possess a Gift. This means that this eye-patched girl was either talented or she was from a big clan. They gulped audibly, they must be cautious and know how to deal with her if it was the later, even though it was the first case they must show some respect. It was how special Gifted individuals are in Mysthia World.

Even though most of them were curious about the red-haired girl relationship with Alex the rookie, they decided not to probe. They will know in the future, however everywhere you go there are some individuals who can't read the mood and act on impulse.

Naturally, it was Diaz and his men, they approached Alex and Gracier, they stood in front of Gracier. With a smile that hides hidden intentions, Diaz says while rubbing his hands together like a shady merchant that was trying to corn his customer.

''Welcome, Young lady, I'm Diaz an E rank Adventurer and those men behind me are my men. Let me explain to you a few things about our Adventurer Guild. This way, please.''

The other Adventurers looked at Diaz with disdain, how shameless can he be, and acted as though Alex was not present.

However, Gracier's next words surprised them.

''Big brother Alex, this Big brother sounds like a shady businessman who's trying to corn his customer. He must not be trusted.''

Gracier says that so innocently that the other Adventurers could not control their laughter any longer and started laughing. Diaz smile turned stiff, he was visibly angry, however instead of directing his anger at Gracier, he glared at Alex before leaving with his men, he didn't forget to bump his shoulder against Alex with a smug expression on his face, however, soon he almost fell because Alex extended his left leg and Diaz bumped against it.

The other Adventurers laughed looking at the red-faced Diaz who was running away with his tail between his legs, he didn't forget to throw a third rate threat before leaving.

''You, just wait, I'll come back and beat you.''

Alex sighed and says to Gracier.

''Let's Go.''

''Okay, Big brother.''

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