Death Guns In Another World

Chapter 34 - 33: Guild Master Part 2

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Alex did not bother himself with Diaz any longer, with Gracier he went towards Leena's counter.

Having seen the earlier commotion, Leena knew Alex was here with a new face. She observed Gracier as if she was studying her. Gracier couldn't help and step back. For a moment, Leena's eyes widened however she quickly concealed it, no one noticed it except Silveria.

〖 As I thought this girl is not simple as she seemed, her background must not be simple as well. I hope she will not become Alex enemy or else she will be troublesome to deal with〗

Silveria muttered. Alex not knowing anything about his partner worry greeted Leena.

"Morning Leena."

"Morning Alex, who's that lovely lady beside you?" Leena replied with a smile.

"She's called Gracier, my new companion. Gracier that Elf lady is called Leena." Alex introduced the two.

"Good morning Big sister," Gracier says politely, she didn't know why but somehow her half Elven blood was feeling pressured in front of this beautiful Elf Lady.

Leena smiled sweetly before vanishing from where she stood and reappears in front of the startled Gracier. She was too quick, Alex only saw a blur.

'Sigh! As expected this girl is not simple.' Alex thought.

Leena held Gracier hands in her own and stared fixedly at Gracier in the eye, her right eye to be exact.

'As I thought' Leena murmured, no one managed to head her except for Silveria who was observing her. Silveria chuckled in her dimension, her earlier worry seemed to vanish with this.

Leena not knowing that someone had heard her, said something that left Alex and Gracier speechless.

"Let's become sworn sisters. I promise you that if you accept I'll become your Big sister for life, you'll be my little sister. I will help if someone tried to do something to you, even if the world is against you, I'll fight against the world then. I swear upon the World Tree that I'll do as I say."

Leena was deadly serious, she even swore upon the World Tree. Gracier had the feeling that her oath wasn't a joke, the World Tree is sacred for them, it was what her half Elven blood was telling her. She became confused about why Leena says that.

Gracier was looking at Leena and Alex alternatively, not knowing what to do. Alex smiled and says "Gracier you should decide on your own. Do it as you feel it."

Gracier smiled, she was happy that Alex left the initiative to decide something that concerned her fate. She looked at Leena in the eyes, after staring into her green eyes for a while she decided to accept, she may have her reason for declaring that, Gracier was sure that she would protect her, besides having a powerful ally as a Big sister wasn't something bad for her and her Big brother in the long run. Thus with a smile, Gracier accepted.

"Take care of me from now on Big sis Leena."

Not knowing about her little sister plan, Leena smiled,

"Gladly, let your Big sister take care of everything. Now that I'm your Big sister tell me your relation with this shameless man."

Leena shifted Gracier behind her as if to protect her from something dangerous.

Alex rubbed his forehead feeling an headache coming. 'Seriously, she is already acting like a Big sister. However, I'm not a dangerous guy.' Alex complained.

〖Fufufu! say the lolicon〗Silveria says teasingly.

'You!! When did I become a lolicon?' Alex asked back.

〖 You'd have seen your face last night when she was sleeping in your arms. You were grinning, probably too happy to have one of your otaku dreams come true. A loli Elf. Well, in your case it was a loli Half-elf.〗

'Shut up, that's not true. I'm innocent, beside it was a violation of privacy to watch me sleep without my consent you shameless girl.' Alex screamed in his mind. Silveria sneered,

〖That's what all criminals say.〗

Alex's lips curved into a grin and he muttered,

'You know one of these days, I'll spank your ass to teach a lesson, to teach you how to speak to your master, Sil.'

〖Peh! I knew you were a pervert. You're aiming for my holy butt. How shameless〗

Silveria muttered like a scared rabbit, Alex rolled his eyes thinking 'You are the shameless one. Let's ignore her.' Alex decided not to continue to play with his shameless divine weapon. She liked this kind of game.

Finally, Alex looked at Gracier and Leena to see Leena looking at him with a disgusted expression.

"Little Cier looks at how he was grinning earlier, I bet he was thinking about some perverted things."

Alex's expression sank, fortunately, Gracier came to his rescue, however, the things she said didn't arrange things at all, on the contrary, it had worsened them.

"No, Big brother Alex is not like that, he's my Big brother. He saved me, he even let me sleep in his bed. I even used his arms as a pillow, he didn't complain."

〖I like this girl.〗Silveria muttered in appreciation.

All eyes turned toward Alex, he facepalmed and says.

"Gracier you know, some things are better left unsaid."

Gracier was confused first before managing to understand what Alex meant. It seemed that what she said wasn't helpful as she thought.

"Fufufu! Alex, you and I will have a discussion later." Leena says while smiling, however, her smiling face sends a chill down to the onlooker's spine, Alex included.

"Joke aside, I want to see the Guild master, I've something to report. Also, helped me register Gracier will you?" Alex says changing the subject.

Leena's face became serious. "I understand but it will not be me doing it, because I need to take you to see the Guild master. He was planning to see today anyway, so let's go. Karen, please take care of my little sister in my stead. I've something to do with this pervert over there."

"Do not call me a pervert," Alex complained. Leena ignored him and says.

"Little Cier go see that Big sister over there, she will help you register as Adventurer and explain to you few things. Your Big brother and I will come back soon."

"Roger★" Karen replied with a victory pose.

"Okay, I understand." Gracier nodded her head before going toward Karen's counter.

"Shall we go?" Leena asked with a smile.

"After you," Alex replied.

The two left, going toward the third floor where the Guild master room is located.

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