Death Guns In Another World

Chapter 36 - 35: He’s Lying

After Alex left there was silence inside the room before Chris chuckled and asked,

"Eh! Little Leena what do you think about the boy early answer?"

Immediately, the room's temperature turned cold, Leena's eyes narrowed dangerously as she glared at Chris.

"Do you want to die? Continue and you will. Besides I'm older than you, it should be me calling you little boy you know?"

"Ah! You're no fun at all. It's why older women ar-"

"You have a death wish," Leena says before aiming her right leg toward Chris's head at an extremely fast speed.


Chris was blasted away by Leena's kick, he couldn't finish what he was saying as he collided head first against the wall. Chris stood up and cracked his neck before sitting back on his chair, his head was bleeding, with the flick of his fingers, the blood and his injury disappeared. This showed how powerful he was, Leena must be powerful than him to be able to injure him with a casual kick.

"Violent as always, however, it's what I love about you. Abuse me more." Chris says with his eyes filled with something that isn't good to explain for the sensible souls.

Leena stepped back unconsciously as she glared at this good for nothing of Guild master.

"Disgusting. I wonder what the Adventurers that admires you will feel knowing that you have this kind of personality?" Leena asked.

Chris shrugged his shoulders and leaned his back against his chair,

"Who knows, maybe they will join me, I'm that outstanding after all, everywhere I go, they will be always some people appreciating this outstanding me."

"Narcissist." Leena spat out.

Chris cleared up his throat and his expression turned serious, different from his early playful one as he says,

"Joke aside, I asked you a question earlier. What do you think about the boy's answer?"

Leena sat across Chris and crossed her jade white legs, Chris tried to see if he could catch a glance of Leena's panties because the receptionist dress she was wearing the skirt was too short, unfortunately, he didn't see anything, so earlier when he was kicked he tried to do the same thing, unfortunately, Leena was too quick when lowering her leg hence he didn't see anything.

Leena shook her head facing this Guild master whose shamelessness knows no bound. She decided to reply to his early question,

"He's lying. It's obvious that he knew them, he came with them."

"I know, I just wanted a confirmation. Also, it was to push you to speak, I wanted to hear your lovely voice, I miss it." Chris says shamelessly, his eyes were wide open, as though he was ready to see something.

Suddenly, with the flick of Leena's fingers more than twenty Wind Arrows were created and were pointed at Chris, he turned pale of fright. He raised his hands in surrender,

"You're no fun at all, you should have played along. Sigh! I just wanted to see what panties you are wearing today, White or risky mature Black?" Chris asked forgetting that Leena's arrows were still pointed toward him.

"Fufufu! The cost for knowing that will be your life, so give it to me and after I harvested it, I'll show you, well your corpse that is."

After saying that Leena flicked her fingers three times, each time three Wind arrows were hurled towards Chris at an extremely fast speed, however, he avoided them easily as though there were nothing, his eyes didn't leave Leena for one second, suddenly Leena vanished and reappears behind him, sending a kick toward his head, Chris made a sudden turn and caught Leena leg.

The corner of his mouth curled up, "Gotcha."

However, he heard Leena's chuckle, immediately he knew that he had fallen into a trap, and as expected the Leena he thought he had caught vanished like an illusion and the real Leena appeared in front of him, he tried to bring his arms in front of him as quickly as possible to block her attack, however, Leena was quicker, she dove her right knee straight into his abdomen.


Chris grunted in pain as an intense pain assaulted his lower body that he almost crouched down, however, he quickly leaped back to avoid Leena's kick, the latter didn't stop after one attack, she attacked him again and again.

Her attacks were quick and fierce, so fierce that Chris was forced to surrender, the whole room was in mess, Chris sat back on his chair panting while Leena was smiling.

"Seriously, look how my organized room has become so disorganized. Ah! it be will a hassle to clean this up." Chris complained.

Leena rolled her eyes, "It's all your fault. Don't complain as though It is you who going to clean up. Let's talk seriously."

"You're right," Chris says and slumped back into his chair.

"After my investigation, I knew that the boy came from the Temple of God's forest, he is one of eight. It is said that his Gift was useless, he can't use magic." Chris explained.

"His Gift useless? I don't think so. I'm sure it was his Gift he used to kill those goblins and that rare species. Did you find any information on what kind of Gift he possesses?" Leena asked not believing that Alex's Gift was useless as they claimed to be.

Chris shrugged his shoulders in response,

"Sorry, I didn't find anything, nobody saw anything apart from the Otherworlders or that girl."

"Speaking of that girl, I know that she isn't the type of person that will let you investigate in her turf so easily without finding out," Leena says while thinking about a certain blue-haired girl.

"Sigh! You know her too well. She knew I was investigated, someone." Chris says dejectedly.

"Oh? and what kind of compensation did she ask?" Leena asked knowing well that girl wouldn't let Chris go scoff free.

"Nothing serious, she just asked me to watch after the boy during his stay over here, making his stay a little comfortable that's all," Chris explained what Priscilla, the head priestess of Temple of God's asked him after learning he was investigating Alex.

"I see, That's one of the reasons you want him to pass the next test to become D Rank Adventurer." Leena says, Chris, nodded his head and added "Also, the boy is talented. That's arrogant little lass must be blind to have missed this unpolished gem, she will regret it not adding him to her faction later."

"Talking about that, how is the other seven doing at the capital? I heard that the blonde-haired boy group joined the Princess faction, as for the remaining three I had no news about whose faction they joined." Leena asked.

Chris let out a huge sigh before explaining,

"It's as you said, the boy named Leonardo joined that arrogant Princess faction with his crew, he is talented, his Hero class is no joke, he is almost Rank 2 (Level 21), his crew members are not too far from him."

"Nothing to be astonished about considered that the little girl is letting him use a personal dungeon to level up. I'm not interested in him, I'm more interested in the other group, Alexia's group." Leena says clearly not interested in Leonardo and his crew, she dislikes him after the first time she saw him, he's too lecherous.

"That group is also astounding, especially that girl Maria is almost Rank 2 ( Level 20) as well after refusing to use the personal dungeon proposed by the princes and princess, she and the other two girls are doing missions outside of the capital, killing monsters to level up. They refused to join any factions at the moment with the excuse that they are training. The first Prince faction is always trying to recruit them, the First Prince moved personally to recruit Maria and the other, however, she refused him. Still, the First Prince didn't feel down after her refusal, he became even more passionate going after her, it seemed that he has fallen for her, it was love at first sight they said. He proclaimed that she will become his Empress." Chris explained.

Leena rubbed her forehead feeling headache because of the First Prince persistence, she knew him very well,

"I see, in less than two months the Magic Academy will open its doors for new students. I have the feeling that Alex will be going there."

"You're right. Other empires and kingdoms princes and princesses are also coming to the Magic Academy to study magic and get an adventurer certificate to dive into dungeons after graduation." Chris added.

"Heh! You and I know that it is not the real reason for their arrival, even though the Magic Academy was the biggest in the world, the reason they are coming to the academy was essentially because of the Otherworlders. I was thinking when they would start moving but now I guess I know." Leena says mockingly.

"You're right. What a pain in the ass. They want to have at least one of them for their own country." Chris explains the true purpose of the incoming princes and princesses.

"I guess it's time for me to move as well. I can't sit and watch them take the boy away beside now that he is with my little Cier." Leena mumbled as she stood up.

"So, you're planning to go back already? Well, I'll miss you, I don't know why you're so interested in the boy but I hope he is worth it." Chris says sincerely.

"Don't worry he is worth it, at least more than you," Leena says with a smile.

"Harsh as always," Chris replies with a stiff smile.

Leena didn't bother herself with Chris any longer as she says,

"I'm off then."

Once alone Chris slumped into his chair, entwined with hands he mumbled.

"You're are too mysterious Leena, I don't know if it's your true name, you've appeared here five years ago with no particular reason now you decide to go back to the capital. It seems that whatever you have been waiting for, is finally here. Ah! The boy is more interesting than I thought. Also that Half-elf girl must be special to you, so special that you took an oath. I wonder what is your true identity, I didn't manage to find anything on you after investigating for five years. It was as if you appeared out of thin air, I knew that place is too restricted but, nobody wants to talk about who you are, they became scared just after hearing your description. Sigh! I'm tired, I give up." Chris mumbled before closing his eyes to rest a little.

Unbeknownst to him, Leena was leaning against the wall outside, she heard everything Chris said, she chuckled,

"You're an interesting boy, to think that you'll continue investigating for five whole years, not bad. It's good that you know when to stop. Ah! let's go back, my little Cier must be waiting for her Big sister."

Leena says when she remembers that little girl she couldn't help but smile, her steps quickened as she was descending toward the first floor.

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