Death Guns In Another World

Chapter 35 - 34: Guild Master Last Part

Alex and Leena arrived on the third floor, in front of them was a Big door and behind this door must be the Guild master.

"Alex wait" Leena stopped Alex and looked at him in the eyes. Alex looked back at her questioningly, she seemed serious as she says.

"Alex thank you for saving Gracier. Truly, thank you."

"No need to thank me, I did it for my own interest." Alex shrugged his shoulders and replied.

"I know still, thank you," Leena says.

Alex looked at Leena strangely, the latter became uncomfortable,


"Nothing, you seem too concerned about Gracier as if you knew something about her origin," Alex says while observing Leena, he was trying to see how she would react if his assumption was correct.

As expected Leena refused to look at him in the eyes, she looked elsewhere and muttered,

"What are you talking about I wonder."

Alex chuckled seeing Leena acting obviously that she didn't know anything.

〖Master it's as you thought, she must know something about Gracier's origin it is probably why she did what she did earlier. It's a good thing for us, though. We will have a powerful ally because she is Gracier Big sister. This girl is very powerful, she is concealing something, she too mysterious.〗Silveria explained.

'I know.' Alex responded.

Meanwhile, when Alex and Silveria were talking, Leena thought about her earlier action, she knew that she was too hasty, still, unexpected situation call for unexpected action, she must take the initiative so she did. She did not regret her action even knowing that it would benefit Alex in the future considering how Gracier treats him. She was happy even, she was thinking about how to bind this mysterious boy to her faction, unexpectedly she can use this chance to do it.

Leena glanced at Alex and heaved a sigh.

"You know Alex, men mustn't try to pry open women's secret."

Alex rolled his eyes and asked, "When did I try to pry open your secret?"

Leena chuckled before pushing open the door and the two entered the room.

The room was not too big, there was a big table in the middle of the room with lots of papers stacked on top of it, sitting in a big chair on the other side of the table was a man, he seemed to be in his middle fifty, head of black hair, deep yellow eyes. He looked at the two before continuing to flip through the pages of the book he was reading.

"Sit down." He ordered, Alex sat across him while Leena went and stood on the Guild master left side.

"So you are the newcomer Alex. Nice to meet you, I'm the Guild master of this Adventurer branch, call me Chris." The Guild master, no Chris says after stopping flipping through his book.

Chris lifted his head and stared at Alex as though he was scrutinizing him, immediately a powerful pressure descended on Alex, he had troubles breathing, he almost fell on his knees from his chair, nevertheless, he refused to yield, gritting his teeth till it almost bleeds Alex endured the pressure albeit with a difficulty, after some time that seemed like an eternity the pressure he was feeling disappeared like a breeze, Alex was able to breathe normally again.

Chris smiled seeing Alex whose back was drenched in sweat.

"Not bad. It seems that you have something to report. Go ahead and report it."

Alex nodded him while inwardly cursing Chris for his earlier action, he knew he was testing him, however, it left a bad aftertaste in Alex's mouth, still, there is nothing he could do, at least for now, he couldn't only swallow his anger.

Chris and Leena noticed Alex displeased face, Chris acted as though he didn't saw anything.

"What I'm about to report is about the tragedy that befalls the Gato village a few days ago, it's-"

Chris stopped Alex and continued,

"Oh? You are talking about Gato village located in the Zilya's Mountain? I know what happened, it was a tragedy indeed, however, it was not the only village massacred by monsters, few other villages were massacred as well. But how do you come to learn about this situation?"

Alex sighed before explaining,

"It's because I rescued the last survivor of Gato village, she was about to be sold to a slave merchant in this town by some thugs that caught her when she asked them to save her after she runs away."

Suddenly, the temperature in the room dropped to several degrees, Alex could feel Ice cold killing intent that sends a shiver down his spine, it was as though he had stepped into the North pole, he couldn't move, he was trembling in fear as if he was in front of an ancient beast, he knew without looking up from whom this killing intent was coming from.

For a moment Alex wanted to open his mouth and say something to calm, however, he decided not to.

Alex heard a gulping sounds, it was Chris, the guild master who gulped.

"Cough, Cough. Thank Gods you saved her. Take good care of her from now on or else."

Alex nodded his head, he had already understood what the guild master was implying because he stealthily glanced at Leena when he talked.

Finally, Leena concealed her killing intent and acted as though she hadn't anything. Chris heaved a sigh feeling relieved, he then looked at Alex in the eyes.

"Thank you for the report. Let's switch to another matter, the reason I wanted to see is about your discovery and fight against the rare species. Firstly, you've been too reckless. Sigh! However, sometimes men must to reckless things to evolve."

Leena glared at Chris, the latter body trembled, still he refused to look at Leena in the eyes as he continued talking.

"Secondly, it's about your promotion, having killed that amount of goblins you should be at least Rank E, however, somehow you managed to kill a rare species Goblin, something only D Rank Adventurer could fight, maybe it's related to your Gift. Even so, we decided to let you pass the test to become D Rank Adventurer. What do you think about it?"

"I'll take the test," Alex replied without hesitation. Chris smiled, seeming happy with Alex's decisiveness.

"Good. Now a personal question of mine, can I?"

"Go ahead," Alex replies.

"Good, do you have any connections with the Otherworlders that came recently in this world?" Chris asked while observing Alex's reaction.

Alex flinched when he heard Chris question, however, he quickly regained his cool and acted as though nothing happened as he replied.

"No, I don't have any connection with them. Why did you ask that guild master?" Alex didn't acknowledge that he knew the other as he raised a question.

Chris chuckled as he leaned against his giant chair.

"Nothing, I was just curious. Your test will start soon after completing the mission of wiping out the monsters located in the Zilya's Mountain with several other adventurers. Leena will inform you about the date of the Expedition later. Also thank you for bringing the two adventurers corpses. Their parents will bury them. It's painful but at least they will have their children's bodies to bury. That's all you can go back now." Chris says, dismissing Alex.

"Okay, I understand."

Alex reply as he stood up and left after glancing at Leena, the latter make an eye signs telling him to proceed ahead of her.

After Alex closed the door, he leaned against the wall and sighed.

〖Master, he didn't buy your lie.〗Silveria says.

"I know, why he asked that? Though, I knew some people would know that I have a connection with the Otherworlders after investigating. I didn't think it would be this soon. Ah! I hope it's nothing troublesome."

Alex muttered before leaving for the first floor.

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