Death Guns In Another World

Chapter 40 - 39: Yesterday’s Subjugation Reward

Meanwhile, while the girls were ready to sleep in another location was a Mansion, inside this Mansion a young girl was about to take a bath,

She stripped down and step slowly into the tub, turning the water on high and letting it beat over her head in steamy rivulets. Closing her eyes to the water as the heat soaks into her skin, she leans against the cool tiles as her weak legs threaten to buckle.

"Ah! I'm tired, a good bath then a good sleep will reshape this tired body of mine." the girl murmured.

The shower curtain was ripped back and the girl didn't even flinch, engrossed as she was with the water cascading down her body and massaging muscles long past cramped.

"Camilla" Leonardo the new entrant sighs, the exasperation clear in his tone. "How are you feeling?"

Camilla cracks an eyelid and raises a brow at the same time, watching him. "A little tired. How was your talk with her Highness?" she asked.

"She was happy that I became Rank 3 today. She said that I must become Rank 4 before class starts at the Imperial Academy." Leonardo explained.

"It seems that Maria is not far from attaining Rank 3, that fool of First Prince invited them to have dinner with him. He doesn't know when to give up. Never will they accept him, the three will be mine that's given." Leonardo added, eyes filled with nothing but infuriation.

Camilla watched him as the water runs over her skin like a caress,

"How had I fallen in love with this man who can't only love me? This wily snake that had twined around my own wolf's heart from the first meeting of eyes. Yet knowing his nature I'm still and continue loving him. I'll do anything for him. I'm must be sick myself" Camilla inwardly thought.

"I wonder how that fool Alexander is doing? I hope he is still alive to see me claim the three girls." Leonardo added while thinking about the black-haired young man he hates since the first day he saw him.

Camilla chuckled and says "I bet he will not even be Rank 2 when he will come to the Imperial Academy, his Gift is useless after all."

"You're right," Leonardo replies with a smile.

Slowly, Camilla raises a hand and cup his cheek, leaning close to kiss him gently. Feeling his hands glide over her water slick body, pulling her close to him and disregarding the fact that she was naked and wet and he was clothed as pulls her deeper into the kiss.

Soon, his clothes were discarded and a long battle followed.


Back to Alex's location.

After Leena finished talking with Chris the guild master, she descended to the first floor to see Alex and Gracier chatting happily.

Joining them she asked, "I'm back, how was your registration? Easy isn't it?"

"Welcome back Big sister Leena. Yeah, it was easy, Big sister Karen explained a lot of things to me." Gracier replied, happy to see Leena.

"That good but I bet she did not explain everything to you, let's me restart like this I'll slowly explain everything to you," Leena says while caressing Gracier red hair.

Alex's lips curved up into the smile, he knew Leena was trying to talk as long she could with her little sister, but how could he let her do that? If he doesn't stop her now, Leena will continue talking until late in the night, she may even propose to let Gracier sleep here because it was late.

"Leena, how was the situation? Did the parents learned what happened to their children and come retrieved their bodies?" Alex asked, eyes filled with seriousness.

Leena glared at Alex reproaching him for not reading the mood, unfortunately, there was nothing she could do, Gracier seemed interested in the topic hence Leena replied,

"They have been informed, the bodies and the 30 silvers coins have been sent to them. Even though it was painful at least they have bodies to bury. The parents send their thanks to the Adventurer that brought their child's dead bodies back. You've their eternal gratitude they said."

"I see. It's sad but it's Adventurer's life" Alex said thinking that he may die one day if he was ever careless.

"Indeed you're right but you have been warned don't go dying somewhere on your own. Your life isn't only yours anymore now that she is part of it. You have responsibilities to yourself, to her, and to all those who care about you. So don't die until they said so. I don't want to feel sad and especially I don't want little Cier to feel sad knowing you are dead. I hope I was clear?" Leena warned, looking at her Alex was sure that she was not joking, she was concerned about him, even though some part was because of her little sister Gracier. He was still glad, nonetheless.

Alex smiled even knowing that "I promise, I'll be careful from now on."

"Don't worry Big sister Leena, I'll protect Big brother Alex, and even if I can't, I know that you will," Gracier added, Leena was astonished by what she said but nevertheless she still smiled.

"Yeah, I will," Leena replied while caressing Gracier's silky red hair.

Suddenly, she stopped caressing Gracier's head and give Alex a pouch containing yesterday's subjugation rewards.

After catching the pouch Alex counted the money inside it, there were Four Gold coins and Ten Silver coins inside it. He knew without asking that this is yesterday's subjugation rewards.

Without waiting for Alex to ask any questions Leena explains.

"The total of thirty goblins ears and magic stone are equal to 210 Silver coins (2 Gold coins and 10 Silver) while the rare species earned you 2 Gold coins."

"Okay, thank you, Leena. Gracier and I will be going back, tomorrow we will come to take Quest together." Alex replies after looking outside and saw that the sun was about to set. So, they must go back, there are few errands the two must do before returning to The Moonlight Inn.

Knowing she couldn't stop them, if she were to do that she may be hated by her little sister who seemed to want to spend more time with her Big brother, Leena begrudgingly left Gracier to go but not after the latter promised going out with her on her free day, something she was patiently waiting for.

'It will be the two of us without that annoying Alex around. Fufufu! It will be wonderful.' Leena inwardly thought.

"Bye Big sister Leena, bye Big sisters."

After saying goodbye to Leena and the other girls, the two left the guild.

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