Death Guns In Another World

Chapter 41 - 40: Encounter

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As the two left, Alex suddenly stopped and asked the girl beside him.

"Gracier, Let's go buy you some clothes. Even a few will do. Once you go out with your Big sister Leena later, she will buy you anything you might need. For now, let's buy the necessity."

"Okay Big brother. We will do as you suggested. I promise I'll pay back later once I started earning my own money. I pay half of our rent as well" Gracier declared, it seemed that she didn't want to be a leech, she plans to contribute. It was something she had thought about and come to the conclusion that she must participate or else it would leave a bad aftertaste in her mouth.

〖Good girl, I'm starting to like her more and more master. You should never let her go. I can understand a bit why Ignia chooses her.〗Silveria praised Gracier.

'Indeed, you're right Sil. Do not worry I never planned to let her go, to begin with. She's precious my little sister after all.' Alex responded in his head with a smile.

〖Pervert.〗Silveria said.

Rolling his eyes at her, Alex focused his attention on Gracier. Smiling he said "Good. I'm waiting and I hope when you get your first pay, you'll buy me a drink."

"I will," Gracier replied with a beautiful smile.

The two continued advanced while chatting and soon they were in front of the shop that sells clothes, pushing the door open which makes a clinking sound, Alex let Gracier enter before following her in.

Immediately as the clerk saw the two, especially Gracier how beautiful she was, expressly with one of her eye covered, the clerk put on the most beautiful smile she could offer and welcome them.

"Welcome to Dior's Store. I'm Delphi, nice to meet you. How can I help you? We have everything you might need."

Alex observed this Delphi, she's beauty not beautiful as Gracier or Leena but she's indeed a beauty. Blue hair and deep brown eyes, she seemed to be in her middle twenty. There was one aspect where she beat the other girls in, the chest department, they are huge, truly huge, maybe F-cup. Alex couldn't tell but he knew that they were Big. He had a hard time looking elsewhere, shaking his head Alex spoke.

"Hello, I'm Alex and this is my little sister Gracier, we are here to buy her a few clothes and other women necessities."

Hearing Alex, Delphi's eyes brightened for a second as if she knew heard or had heard about him, she quickly hides it. Alex was surprised but Delphi's behavior but she chooses not to dwell on the matter.

Smiling coquettishly Delphi says, "Oh, and when I thought that it was 'The Rookie' little girlfriend. It seems that I'm wrong. Come with me little sister, let's Big sister take care of you."

Saying that Delphi spun and started going where the clothes the sizes of Gracier were. She didn't forget to wink at Alex before going.

Gracier followed after her in bad mood, she didn't like this woman at all, she seems fake.

Alex scratched his cheek, he would be an idiot by now if he doesn't know what Delphi was trying to do.

"Ah! It's sure tiring to be famous." Alex says sarcastically.

〖Cut the crap, I bet you fantasize on those cow tits that girl have.〗Silveria says in bad mood.

Shrugging his shoulders, Alex responded "Which men wouldn't? Big tits are men's dream after all. Like one of my past friends often like to say, 'No Big breast No love'. Well, I'm not interested in this girl, though."

"But somehow someone seems to be jealous of the girl's asset, don't tell me you're the flat type girl?" Alex asked teasingly.

〖Hehehehe!!〗Silveria started laughing.

Without knowing why the more Silveria laughed, the more dread Alex felt, as if something bad was about to happen to him. He felt a chill running down his body as Silveria continued laughing until she said something that makes Alex's body tense up.

〖Hehehe! Enjoy the Gift master. Skill bestowal: [Blink]〗

"Holy fu-" Alex couldn't finish whatever he was planning to say as an intense headache assaulted him. This headache was far worse and intense than the previous ones, Alex dropped onto the ground and started rolling, holding his head, you could see tears coming out from his closed eyes.

Gracier who was choosing clothes on the side felt something, she dropped the dress and come running towards Alex's location to see the latter holding his head seeming to feel intense pain.

Crouching beside him, she asked worryingly,

"Big brother Alex what's going on? Why are holding your head? How can I help you?"

Alex was not in the mood to answer her questions, Delphi also came and saw Alex, she panicked before crouching down and muttered a chant.


"I hope it will suffice, it's the best I can do," Delphi mumbled apologetically.

A white light covered Alex's head, his terrible headache seemed to calm down as his raged breathing turned calm again. Alex's back was drenched in sweat as if someone had thrown him into a pool.

A few minutes later, Alex sat down and said,

"Sorry, I don't know why it happened. Well, it may be because my level went up quickly recently. Sorry for the trouble and thank you for the help. I didn't expect you to be able to cast a healing spell."

"Hehe! You're welcome, besides there is hardly any customer this evening so I don't mind. Well, I was a cleric in an adventurer group a few years ago. Things didn't end well for us so here am I." Delphi replied, explained a bit about how she became clerk here.

"I see, it sad but it's good that you are happy doing what you doing actually. This life suits you more if I may say." Alex said, Gracier nodded her head, by now she had calmed down. Like her Big brother she also shares the same feeling if not for Alex, she would have proposed to leave happily far from trouble (Adventurer life). Well, something Gracier was sure her Big brother would not accept.

Delphi smiled shyly, emphasizing her assets she said "I think so, there only one thing missing, a good man." saying that she winked at Alex flirtatiously.

Alex felt a chill down his spine for another reason, calming down he tried to switch to another subject,

"Gracier, go back with Delphi choose your clothes, we must quickly go back. Don't forget your promise to Lea. She will not be happy if you're late again."

Intelligent as she was, Gracier quickly understood what her Big brother meant.

"Ah! I forgot. Quickly come to help me choose Big sister Delphi." Gracier responded by dragging Delphi with her, the latter followed her even though she was a little skeptical about Alex's claim.

Once alone Alex heaved a sigh before his expression turned cold as he says angrily,

"Silveria, never do something like this without asking my consent, understood?"

Seeing how angry her master was and knowing that she went a little overboard, Silveria apologized.

〖Sorry, Master, I promise not to do it again. Now, it's my turn to warn you. Never call a woman flat chested whether it's true or not. For your well-being please refrain from saying something that could earn you a few slaps.〗

Alex's back tensed when he remembered the look Camilla gave him back when he inwardly thought how flat her chest was.

Shaking his head Alex promised to be prudent from now on.

Thirty minutes later, Gracier came back with few clothes she had already tried, because Alex was feeling unwell, she did not ask him to see the clothes she tried, she chooses to follow Delphi advice.

After paying the bills, 1 Gold coins, and 20 Silver coins for the clothes and underwear, Alex bid farewell to Delphi and promised to come back, this time to buy his clothes and underwears, he left the store with a happy Gracier.


After the two left Dior's Store they decided to head back, walking past several streets Alex come to an abrupt stop and turned his head in the opposite direction to see a girl dressed in short pants and shorts shirts, on the two sides of her short pants were two daggers sheathed in something that looks like a belt.

Looking at the girl's face, it was plain as the word plain could mean, even Delphi was beautiful than this girl, the girl had long black hair tied in a ponytail and black eyes dark as the night itself. Even so, Alex did not know why he felt the girl's presence, the girl was also astonished when she locked eyes with Alex, however, she quickly concealed and started moving forward not bothered to look at Alex again.

On the other hand, Alex continued to observe the black haired girl who by now had disappeared from his sight.

"What's happening Big brother Alex? Why are you staring at that Black haired girl so much? Did you perhaps know her?" Gracier asked.

Shaking his head Alex explained,

''I don't know her but I feel like that face is not her real face. She concealing something I'm sure of. Well, it not my problem. Even though she from her outfit I can tell that she is also an adventurer, I never saw her. I doubt we will see each other again, not that I care. Let's go."

Gracier glanced at her Big brother before mumbling to herself, "I'm not sure about that."

She quickly followed after Alex, the two went towards The Moonlight Inn.

Meanwhile, the girl in question now in another street glanced back and mumbled "Interesting." before vanishing from where she stood.

'Interesting' was the word used by Silveria when she saw the girl.

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