Death Guns In Another World

Chapter 43 - 41: Nuts Crusher Part 1


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After Leena finished her shift, she went to her room on the second floor, once inside, she showered before changing into new clothes, mumbling something, her figure changed, instead of her previous green hair and eyes, now she had long black hair and blue eyes, she was not beautiful as her previous self.

''This will do,'' After saying that, she checked her figure before leaping through the window of the second floor and disappeared into the night.

'Time to hunt.' she murmured before the darkness swallow her up.


The sun had already set, leaving a place to the darkness that held the world in its embrace.

For some it was the time to sleep, to recover after a long journey of work, the night was the time they are active, ready to receive their clients, meanwhile, for some, it was time to drink until they forget who they are, in a night like these Taverns are full, the night became daytime for the customers inside it.


In a Tavern few streets away from the Adventurer Guild.

From the outside, it looks welcoming, well maintained, and warm. Large and small stones and soft wooden tree trunks make up most of the building's outer structure.

It was near impossible to see through the small, curtained windows, but the sounds of cutlery and drinking glasses from within could be felt outside.

As one enters the tavern through the old, hardwood door, you're welcomed by clapping hands and cheerful singing.

The bartender was handling some customers but still manages to welcome a new customer with a wink.

It was as engaging inside as it was on the outside. Stone beams support the upper floor and the rows of small Luminaes (Magic stones used to illuminate one house at night) attached to them. The walls were packed with all sorts of travel memorabilia, most likely all collected by the owner.

The tavern itself was packed. Adventurers seem to be the primary clientele here, which often leads to exciting evenings as they recount their adventures not forgetting to exaggerate to spice things a little bit.

Several long tables were occupied by happy, excited groups of people, some were dancing on the table, while others cheer them on with clapping and yelling. The other, smaller tables were also occupied by people who were having a good time. Even most of the stools at the bar were occupied, though nobody seems to mind more company.

Ella leaned on the bar, her long black hair lying over one shoulder of her sequinned dress. She lolled her head to one side, pushing out her red lips just a little. Her blue eyes shined in this poorly illuminated bar. She wasn't drunk yet but she liked to give the impression that she was. The bartender was there to take her order in a flash, eyes dropping only momentarily to her low-cut neckline. She twiddled her hair in a seemingly absent-minded way and giggled girlishly before ordering a strong drink.

''I'm on it.'' replied the bartender, giving another glance at her before going to prepare the drink.

Meanwhile in another corner sitting around a table drinking was a group of men. They are not particularly handsome nor too ugly either, one of them who was observing the Black haired woman for a while finally talked,

''Jo, that chick over there will do, whaddya think?"

Jo, the burly man among the three shook his head, he seemed drunk ''I dunno, Pinky, what's the plan?" Jo asked back albeit with a difficulty.

Pinky, the midget, the one who talked earlier, touched his pink nose and send a glance toward the Black haired woman who seemed to be drowning cup after cup as if tonight she had come to drown her sorrow before lowering his head and said ''You lots didn't seem to have eyes, you're seeing a drunken woman, but me I'm seeing an opportunity to make quick money and at the same time quench the boss anger for our last failure. Don't you see where I'm going?"

Pinky became frustrated as none of them seem to pick what he was trying to say. He had the impulse to punch those bastards who can't use their heads even one bit, all the assholes know was to drink and drink, more drinks, he was fed up with these bunches of brainless idiots, it was because of their negligences that last time the merchandise had escaped and even though they had caught it, they still lose it because of some asshole playing the Hero. Well, he was one hell of a Hero, Pinky swore that he had never seen anything like that, just a few beams and they have been Ko-ed. Hell, thinking about it send shivers running down his spine. He prayed to the gods, hoping that they do exist, and had his time to make that he never encounter the 'Flash Demon' it was how he nicknamed the man who played the Hero and rescued the red-haired girl back then.

Pinky's Boss did not believe him even after seeing their unusual injuries something his attributed to some projectiles, nothing usual he had said.

'Well, you haven't been there so you won't know that what we said are true.' Pinky inwardly thought that day.

There is no need to think about it anymore, let's focus on the opportunity in front.

Shaking his head, Pinky glared at his partners in crime before patiently explaining what he meant.

''You see, we mustn't let this opportunity to make money slip by, and at the same time we could use this chance to redeem ourselves for the previous failure, Boss was furious, no he's still furious. That red-haired girl was worth a lot of money, a special client was waiting for the merchandise after all. Well, let's drop this topic. My point is that one of us will approach this Black haired girl and after making sure she was drunk, we will propose to send her back home but well, that home won't be hers that's all. Do you lots understand where I'm going?" Pinky asked.

Finally, the two seemed to understand what Pinky meant as they started grinning.

Max, the third person who hasn't spoken since the start finally spoke. He was the more handsome among the lots. Short brown hair and eyes of the same hue, he had a scar on the left side of his face, it added more manliness to his already packed figure.

''I get what you are saying Pinky but what proof do you have that the girl isn't a local? What if we proceed as you said and trouble follow shortly after?'' Max raised some questions he considers important, they must be cautious not to alert the guards or the Adventurer Guild on their illegal dealings after all.

Smiling as they are not brainless, especially Max, he can be wise in some unexpected situation, Pinky decided to explain why he had selected the chick for tonight's operation. He hadn't been observing the girl for fun, after all, lowering his voice he started his explanation,

"You see, I have been observing the girl for more than two hours already, at the start of thought she was waiting for someone but it seems that I was wrong, she just sat there drinking cup after cup. After analyzing her I conclude that she wasn't from this town, she's just a passerby, I never saw her here, you know I know probably everybody here. As for why she just sat there drowning cup after cup, I can't clearly say why, maybe she had a problem but what you must know is that she isn't from here, meaning nobody gonna miss a girl who just disappeared. Besides she gave the loner vibe, hence we must waste this God's given gift. Tomorrow she may go back, so we must act tonight and asap that is.''

''Okay, leave to me then,'' Max replied before leaving his sit, his next destination was obvious, he was going toward the Black haired woman who seemed drunken.

On the other side, Ella who lowered her head couldn't help but smirk when she heard the approaching man. Unknown to the three she had heard all they said.

Grinning evilly, if If those who knew her were present, they were going to say that hell will break loose on these poor guys soon. Ella mumbled ''The fish has taken the bait, hehehe. That's going to be fun.''

''Did you say something?" asked the bartender who was cleaning few glasses.

''Give another cup of the previous drink,'' Ella ordered.

Even though the bartender wanted to comment on how many cups she had already drowned, he still shut it and served another drink to the girl.

''Thank you'' Ella said as she started seeping her drink waiting for the man to come.

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