Death Guns In Another World

Chapter 44 - 42: Nuts Crusher Part 2



When Ella opened her eyes again she was inside a cage instead of her room. Panicking, she looked around her to see that she was not the only one trapped inside a cage, there were several other cages as well. People seemed to be trapped inside these cages like her, roughly counting there were dozens of so, of these cages.

Ella's head throbbed because of the terrible headache she was feeling.

''Fuck, how did I end here? It's stink like hell" She swore, she had trouble comprehending how she had ended up here instead of her room.

Trying to remember what she was doing a terrible headache assaulted her if her memory didn't play her, she remembered that she was drinking and a man approached her, after drinking few cups she started to feel drowsy and that man proposed to accompany her back to her Inn who was not far from the tavern and then she blackout, when she opened her eyes again she was here chained inside a cage.

It doesn't take a genius to guess that she had been abducted and brought here, she will be probably sold as a slave. Though slavery had become forbidden throughout the world since hundred years ago, some still practiced it, slaves were sold but secretly, if you are caught only guillotine awaits you.

Coming back to the present, Ella observed her surrounding, this place looks like a basement, the other caged girls, yeah all of them were female, ages ranging from fifteen to twenty, their eyes were lifeless, there were numerous bruises on their skin, it seems that they have been trained until they became obedient not making any noise, they just sat there.

Ella was extremely furious, she quickly calmed herself not to blow off her cover.

Soon, numerous footsteps could be heard until the door was opened, three individuals who were laughing, they seemed extremely happy, the three entered inside the basement.

Immediately Ella recognized the three, how could she not? Those three were at the tavern back then, one of them approached her, it was how she ended here.

Pinky happy for tonight success, he looked at the caged Ella and whistled,

''It seems that our beauty is already awakened. How are you feeling?" Pinky asked sarcastically.

''Fine, I just want to punch that pink's nose of yours,'' Ella replied sarcastically in turn.

Jo and Max burst out of laughter with Max teasing Pinky.

''You heard her right? So, will you obediently let yourself get punched? Maybe it won't hurt. She's frail after all.''

''Right, right. Do it Pinky.'' Jo, chime in.

''Shut up you two.'' Pinky glared at the two before turning to face Ella with a grin he said,

''A fiery one, I like it. Unfortunately, I can't enjoy you myself, I'll let Boss decide your fate. You'll be sold tonight, like this you won't have the chance to escape like that red-haired little slut. Drag her out, we going to see Boss.''

Max dragged Ella out, the other slaves shuddered in fear, shrinking back into their cages, clicking his tongue Pinky and the other left while dragging Ella behind them and because her head was lowered nobody noticed the dangerous glint that passed through Ella's eyes when Pinky talked about a certain red-haired girl.

After walking for fifteen, they arrived in front of a big door, from the other side clamorous sounds could be heard, with women moans mixed in.

Ella's body trembled, noticing it Pinky grinned and said ''Let's go'', immediately Max pushed the door open and the four entered, what greeted Ella was a scene of debauchery, dozens of so, of men, were drinking while numerous naked women were entertaining them, some were playing with the women while some were lashing them.

It was a horrible sight, even though the women were begging they continued, farther in the room stood a throne, and sitting on the throne was a topless man who had a woman kneeling in front of him head lowered. It doesn't take a genius to guess what the woman was doing.

The man sitting on the throne had a large physical, even though he was sitting one could see that he was extremely tall, two meters tall, black hair and blue eye, one of his eyes was covered by an eye patch. There were numerous scars on his body témoignage to his numerous battles, he was emitting a kind of wild aura, the aura of a wounded beast, one must know that wounded beasts tend to be dangerous.

All noises stopped at once when the four entered before the men whistled appraising Ella's body with their lecherous eyes.

''Boss, I brought something as apologies for our last failure,'' Pinky announced ignoring the other men who were trying to get into his good side now that they saw what he brought.

The Boss smiled with his yellow teeth in full display as he said with a rough voice.

''Oh? Isn't our little Pinky. I thought that I had said I didn't want to see you after your previous blunder? I wasn't clear enough I guess.''

Pinky flinched but gritting his teeth he talked back ''Please Boss hear me out, I brought this girl as apologies, even though she's not beautiful as the previous one she's finer than the other goods, believe me, boss.''

The Boss finally observed Ella as if appraising her after scrutinizing for a good minute, the Boss stroked his chin and nodded his head in appreciation.

Pinky heaved a sigh of relief 'It seems I'm not going to die tonight.'' he mumbled.

''Good, but that doesn't mean that I forgot your previous blunder, your fines will be cut in half for the next two months.'' the Boss declared.

Pinky mood soured when he heard his Boss punishment, still, he smiled and replied ''Okay boss I accept the punishment.''

"Good, it's why I appreciate you, you're intelligent just that you don't know how to manage your men. As for their punishment let see, no salary for the next five months.'' the Boss declared.

The other men burst out of laughter even Pinky laughed as well, Max and Jo turned pale, with this punishment they will eat less and drink less, it was total hell for the two who like foods and wine more than anything.

''Now, now what should I do with this chick? She has a nice pair of eyes. Should I enjoy her myself?" the Boss considered.

''Boss, I think it would be preferable to give to that man as a Gift. Like that he won't be angry anymore. He will owe us one. We can't use this debt in the future in case we face trouble. What do you think?" Pinky proposed.

The Boss thought for a moment before nodding his head ''Good idea Pinky, smart as ever. That prodigal son will be happy if we do as you suggest. Poor, Marquis he doesn't know that his son is collecting slaves, the thing he hates the most as his toy's inside his dungeon.''

The other men laughed mocking the young man who thinks he was intelligent, if not for his background their Boss would not have to bother himself with the latter, well it was with his help they managed to get this base located in the slum area and were also able to smuggle their goods in and out without much issues.

Hence they must careful when dealing with him if they want to continue doing their business inside the town. The man was quite greedy but there was nothing they could do. This town was like his playing ground, his father had spoiled him too much. Still, outside he acted a bit proper but inside he's rotten, his collect different slaves every three months. He keeps them inside his dungeon where he plays with them until their break or until he became bored playing with them.

Chuckling, the Boss, Marco ( the boss's name) thought how Marquis Lawson would react knowing his cherished son have numerous slaves as his playing things, he had disposed of numerous slaves as well after becoming bored with them.

'How ironic.' Marco mumbled before drinking his wine while not forgetting to play with the woman beside him while at the same recalling his days as a mercenary.

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