Death Guns In Another World

Chapter 45 - 43: Nuts Crusher Last Part


Warnings: NFSW, there is a little bit of violence ahead.


Marco had been a mercenary as far he could remember, going from battlefield to battlefield, well, he said battlefields but they were more like few skirmishes who happened here and there between countries nothing major. Still, he enjoyed these days until one day he offended someone he shouldn't, it was an extremely beautiful girl who was passing by.

Marco and his crew had finished a mission and were enjoying themselves in one of the villages near the end of the continent when a maiden dressed in white passed through the village, she wore a veil to hide her face, even one could see that she was an extremely beautiful woman, she had long golden hair.

When Marco and his men saw the maiden, their eyes zeroed right on the maiden, immediately they became breathless, they whistled in unison with one of Marco's men suggesting.

"Boss, I think I saw a Goddess today."

"We concur." the other men nodded their heads as if sharing the man's thought.

Marco was staring foolishly at the maiden that was walking as though gliding on the ground.

The previous man who talked added,

"Because we are not as handsome as the Boss we suggest that Boss should get this girl. You'll be respected through the land if you were to have a wife like this one. So, Boss do not let her go."

"Yeah, yeah Boss don't let her go. You are the most handsome among us, there's no way she will refuse. When she was passing she quickly glanced at you. Go for it Boss." shouted the other men.

Like a devil's whisper, Marco believes his men and decided to try his luck hence he stood up and walked toward the maiden who was walking a few meters ahead.

"Excuse me miss can I have a little bit of your time? I promise you won't regret it. I'm Marco, a C Rank Mercenary. I'm the leader of the Fang's Mercenary. Nice to meet you. May I know your name?" Marco asked.

By the way, mercenary Rank doesn't differ too much from the Adventurer Rank just that there was no SS Rank Mercenary.

Back to Marco's group.

The maiden ignored Marco as she continued advancing. Even though Marco was a little irritated he calmed down and decided to continue trying maybe she had not heard him, he thought.

"Miss, I'm Marco."

Marco introduced himself several times, changed the way he talked to no avail, the maiden ignored him. Furious Marco who doesn't want to lose his face in front of his men cussed,

"Bitch, Why are you playing hard to get for? You're just a whore just a little bit beautiful than the other. Stop for this daddy."

Marco's men burst out of laughter.

Finally, the maiden stopped walking and spun around, facing Marco, Marco overjoyed.

However to his horror what the maiden did next would hunt him for numerous nights to come.

She swung her hand in Marco's direction, yes just a casual swing, it was all it took to blast Marco (Peak Rank 5) far back, he collided against his men breaking a few arms and noses in the process. When Marco stood up again, he noticed that one of his eyes had been blinded, his upper armor disappeared leaving numerous scars on his already scarred body.

Forgetting his pain Marco's turned pale, fear assaulted him, he had never felt so powerless before, not even facing that famous S Rank Mercenary. The maiden had already disappeared not bothering herself with them, for her it had been just a small punishment, nothing noteworthy.

Intense pain assaulted Marco, he didn't care about his men who were groaning lying on the ground.

'Shit, I shouldn't have said that.' was Marco's last thought before falling unconscious.


Back to the present.

Marco stroked his blind eye covered by an eye patch. Fear assaulted him.

Shaking his head the Marco drinks his wine while asking, "Pinky how did you manage to get the girl? I don't want any problem."

"Don't worry Boss, I have been extremely careful when choosing the girl," Pinky said before explaining how and why he had selected Ella.

"Good, your punishment will be reduced to one month and a half," Marco announced, Pinky overjoyed but before he could thank his Boss, the latter eyes narrowed into a slit as he noticed something.

''Say Pinky why didn't you mark the girl? I don't want her to escape like the previous ones. I swear I'll personally kill if it ever happens. That little girl was fine good, maybe I should have claimed her virginity back then when you brought her.''

The Boss grinned evilly while playing with the woman that served him his drink.

The temperature inside the room turned cold instantly after Marco mumbled that, all laughter's stopped, even Marco's hand stopped and in a heavy tone he asked.

''Who? who dare to come here uninvited? Show yourself.''

''No need to roar like that I'm here you know?" a woman's voice answers him.


Asked several men at the same time as they turned their heads in the direction of the voice and to their horror they saw Ella who should be chained sitting on a chair legs crossed so nonchalantly that one wouldn't doubt that she was at home.

'Since when?' that was the question running through their heads.

"Who are you?" Marco asked eyes filled with caution, a girl who was able to do what she had done was no weakling after all.

All other men stood up ready to intervene at any moment.

"Me? Let's see I'm the Punisher." Ella replied casually.

"What?" asked everyone.

Flicking her fingers the door opened itself, all the men present inside the room body tensed at this display, unbothered Ella continued,

"You all leave, wait for me down there."

The slaves' girls looked alternatively between Ella and Marco, seeing that Marco's eyes were solely focused on Ella as if he was fearing that the latter may make a move at any moment, the girls finally left the room as if running from what they considered to be soon a battlefield.

"Now, we can play," Ella muttered.

No one answered her, silence hung inside the room.

Suddenly, Ella's eyes narrowed into a slit, smiling evilly she said "I hate when people try to stealthily walk behind me you know? Max or whatever, thanks for the previous treatment."

Ella vanished and reappears in front of the startled Max who never thought that he would be discovered.

Ella smacked the surprised Max across the cheek, sending him spiraling across the air like twirling ballerinas.


Max crashed against the wall, embedding himself within it, his arms bent into an unnatural angle, foam coming from his mouth, one move and he has been KOed.

A Rank 3 got done in just like that, fear took hold of the other hearts, Marco's eye opened in horror, his body was trembling, this scene brought back an unwanted memory.

"It's just one girl, let's attack her together."

Pinky who overcomes his fear momentarily ordered.

All other men sprung forward bringing with them their weapons or an alternate one.

Except for the frozen Boss, there was another man who had not moved, a peak Rank 5, the strongest after the Rank 6 Marco. He was named Gregor, Marco's right-hand man, when he saw how Ella handled Max, he knew there were in deep shit, 'This one is not a joke' he thought before observing his Boss and saw the latter trembling,

"No good, gotta slip, or else I'm going to die here," Gregor mumbled before trying to stealthily leave using the commotion.

However, Ella was not planning to let him do as he wishes.

Immediately she released a bit of her power, time itself stopped, all approaching men stood there frozen with their weapons raised.

Only their eyes and mouth could open, one could see the horror on their faces.

Especially Gregor and Marco, the latter mouth open so hard that one could be able to shove an egg in it, while the former muttered eyes filled with extreme fear, someone of her caliber should not be here, more than a deep shit, they were simply finished, eyes filled with horror Marco said, "Shit, a Demi-"

"You talk too much," Ella muttered before Gregor was sent crashing against the wall sharing the same fate as Max.

Ella moved between the other men striking them and soon she was in front of the frightened Marco.

Recalling her power back, all other men were sent crashing against the wall, some crashed against the tables and chairs, all of them were in worse shapes.

"It's was-" Marco couldn't finish what he was going to say before letting out a hail.


Ella had stepped on his crotch, destroying his family jewel.

"You like to play with women, don't you? You're planning to take her virginity, don't you? Let's see how you are going to do that without your things." Ella muttered while grinning evilly.

[Alter Heal] Ella chanted in an obscure language before a light covered Marco's crotch, healing it, however to Marco horror, his manhood had disappeared after the healing.

"Nooo" Marco shrieked before finally fainting.

The other men trembled in fear, some tried to escape even if they had to move limply.

Grinning Ella approached each one of them and did the same thing to all of them.


"Please have mercy, I'll behave from now on. Please, nooo-"

In the following half-hour, cries filled with horror and pleading could be heard coming from the hall as all the men lost what made them man. Ella crushed their balls before healing them, however, they all lost their family jewel becoming dickless.

Smiling proudly Ella looked at her masterpiece before leaving the room after she bound all of them together.

Freeing the women and collecting the evidence proving the Marquis' son involvement, Ella left but not with the girls, after leaving them near a guards station with the collected evidence, she disappeared like a cool heroine.

Soon, the guards learned what happened and went to Marco's den to see bound and fainted men, all of them were naked but all their manhood had disappeared.

Bewildered and feeling chills down their crotchs the guards still did their jobs, the Marquis' son has been arrested as well.

People would later call the mysterious heroine "The Demoness a.k.a The Nuts Crusher"


Back to Leena's room.

Ella appears and undid her transformation to transform back into Leena.

Giggling she said "That's was fun, still to think that bastard would be their backer, poor Marquis. Well, tonight's goal has been accomplished. Let's sleep, good night Cier, Big sister has taken care of those trashes, you should focus on leveling up to be able to have your revenge against these monsters located in Zilya's Mountain. I won't help you on this one, I'll just observe."

Leena mumbled and with a sweet smile, she entered her bed before switching off the light.

Darkness envelopes the room and soon the sound of calming breathing could be heard.

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