Death Guns In Another World

Chapter 6 - 5: Discussion With Priscilla

Alex, Maria, and Sakuya silently walked towards the big hall where the others were waiting.

After a few minutes they arrived inside a big hall, it was a beautifully decorated hall and in the middle of the hall was a big table and chairs. Leonardo and others were already sitting there. Alex saw priestess Priscilla and a few other people as well, they were not present yesterday, or he didn't notice them.

Leonardo's expression sank the moment he saw Alex enter with Maria and Sakuya.

For him, it was unforgivable that someone like Alex was walking with those two. Alex seemed pretty close with Maria and Sakuya, at least from his twisted point of view.

He deems Alex useless because of his Gift, not because of his background on Earth. Even though Alex had lost his parents when he was young, it doesn't mean that he was poor; far from that, Alex had a lot of money, he was wealthy. Firstly his parents were rich, and his grandma possesses multiple jewelry stores.

And secondly, he was rich as well; because he was good at programming, he created and sold many good applications, earning a lot of money coupled with his parent's money. He was a billionaire, one of the richest.

In this regard, he could not look down on Alex even though his family was wealthy and possessed many restaurants across the states. Well, here he could look down on Alex because he got the Hero while Alex's Gift was useless, and he didn't even have class.

Priestess Priscilla waved at the three indicating they could sit.

Alex sat, Maria sat on his right while Sakuya on his left. Alex was in the middle of the two.

Leonardo, Kevin, Camilla, and Dodolus were astonished when they saw Maria and Sakuya's behavior. However, the girls just sat like that without any profound meaning behind their actions. Leonardo coldly glared at Alex; in response, Alex only shrugged his shoulders, not wasting his breath on the clown.

"Greetings. Did you three sleep well last night?" Priscilla asked.

The three both nodded.

"I see. That's good then." Priscilla said with a smile. She looked at the eight before carrying on.

"Once again, you're welcome. Welcome to our world, Mysthia. I'm the head priestess in charge of this temple of gods located in a forest not too far from the City of Eria. You already know my name, but I'll introduce myself again. My name is Priscilla Havens. I will give you a summary of our world." She said before giving them a summary of their world.

To summarize, this fantasy world is called Mysthia, created by the gods a long time ago. There are many races and continents on Mysthia.

The continent Alex and others are currently on is called Alexa Continent, a human-populated continent, but few other races are mixed in.

There are many Empires, Kingdoms, and Principalities on the Alexa Continent. The city of Eria is part of the Drexia Empire, one of the strongest empires.

The Beastmen Continent is called Bestia, the Elves Continent: a continent filled with nothing but giant trees, called Elfira, and the Demons Continent called The Dark Continent.

Demon races were enemies with the other races; they wanted to conquer the whole world. A bloody war occurred in the past that involved the other races. Finally, the Demon King (Leader of the Dark continent) got eliminated by the hero bringing peace back. This happened a hundred and fifty years ago.

In this world most people have a class, some special people have Gifts, but those that have one, are from the Royal families and Big families. Sometimes a commoner by chance may possess a Gift, but that is a scarce case. Otherworlders always possess a Gift. This is not the first time that Otherworlders was reincarnated into Mysthia. The past hero was an Otherworlder as well,' Priscilla explained.

The currencies used on the Alexa continent and other continents apart from the Dark continent are the following:

From the lowest to the highest: Copper coin, Silver coin, Gold coin, White Gold coin, and Rainbow coin.

One Silver coin equals ten Copper coins. One Gold coin equals a hundred Silver coins. Likewise, one white coin equals one hundred gold coins, and ten White Gold coins equal one Rainbow coin.

If Alex were to explain it in simple terms, one Copper coin is equal to $10, one Silver coin equal to $100, one Gold coin equal to $10 000, one White gold coin equal to $1 000 000 and lastly, one Rainbow coin equal to $10 millions.

There are many associations like the Adventurer guild, the Mercenary Guild, Merchant Association, etc. You can register in any of these associations to either become an Adventurer, Mercenary or Merchant. Adventurers to slay monsters and dive into dungeons to seek wealth: Mercenary, if you are a battlefield lover and Merchant, sells your wares to amass wealth.

After listening to her, Alex had more or less a little understanding of their current world; later, they could deepen their understanding of this new world, but something was bothering Alex, so he asked.

''Thanks, Miss Priscilla, for the summary, but I would like to know if by any chance the Demon King is about to awaken or if a new one is about to arise? Is this why a Hero appeared among the newly reincarnated Otherworlders, meaning us?"

When Alex asked this question, he glanced at Leonardo and his crew; they had a haughty expression as if saying, we are the hero, future savior of the world, What a bunch of imbeciles. Alex inwardly thought.

Maria and her two friends had a severe expression on their faces; they were likely pondering about Alex's question.

"'That's a good question, but I can't say for sure if it's related or not to that, but if it comes to that, we sincerely hope to have Hero and his friends' cooperation in slaying the new Demon King, if he were to awaken by any chance. Everybody will fully cooperate with the Hero and his team." She said while lowering her head.

"Don't worry, Priscilla, with me here; everything will be ok. We seven will easily crush the Demon King if he were to appear."

Leonardo boasted while others in his crew nodded their heads in approval.

"That would be reassuring. Thank you in advance.'' Priscilla said with a beautiful smile, but a smile with a hidden meaning.

Ah! Indeed a bunch of brainless idiots, I quit. Leonardo even added Maria and her best friends to his future Demon king slaying team. As for me, I got excluded; I can understand his reasoning, though. My Gift is sealed at the moment, thus useless; it's better to discard me quickly; there's also another reason, that's he doesn't like me, my presence could thwart a lot of his plans. Mainly those that concern Maria. Alex quickly analyzed.

'Well, I'm fine with being excluded. I can do whatever I want; nobody will restrain me nor give me an order like I must save the world because I'm an Otherworlder. I'm a selfish person; to begin with, I'm neither a Samaritan nor a savior but I still have my bottom line, I will save the person who needed my help if it doesn't go against my bottom line and I will not hesitate to save if it is my loved ones and someone who have use to me. That's the kind of person am I.' Alex mumbled to himself.

Anyhow, it's troublesome, so Alex was planning not to get involved with Leonardo and his world-saving team as much as possible.

Suddenly, Maria raised a question.

"Sorry, miss Priscilla, but can you tell us the purpose of this temple? Is it to nurture Otherworlders like us to defeat the Demon King or what?"

"Not, Miss Maria, we are here only to welcome you, help you to understand our world, and teach you some basics before setting you free. You can only stay here for one year. During this period of one year, if by chance you're scouted by an empire or any other major force, and you accepted their proposal, you can leave earlier, or if you choose to go before the end of the one year, we will give you a travel expense and wish you good luck." Priscilla explained.

"I see. Thank you for the explanation.'' Maria said before turning her head in Leonardo's direction, she warned him, her voice was cold when she spoke.

''Leonardo, it's a good thing if you decide to help others, but please do not include me, Luna, and Sakuya in your team as you please. I have my own goal, the same for them. I will live my life for myself, not for something like saving the world. I hope I was clear enough.''

Sakuya and Luna nodded their heads while smiling. They seemed to share the same feeling as their best friend, Maria.

Everybody was astonished, Alex included, Leonardo had an unsightly expression on his face, his attempt to rope Maria and her two friends in got smashed by Maria herself.

Even Priscilla's expression changed for a second before returning to normal again; she was also astonished by Maria's blunt statement.

However, there was someone dissatisfied with the way Maria spoke earlier. Camilla snorted as she asked: ''Who do you think you are?''

Maria glared at her, and Camilla shut her mouth. Maria, Luna, and Sakuya excused themselves afterward.

After asking Priscilla a few questions, Alex went back to his room, leaving Leonardo and the others there.

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