Death Guns In Another World

Chapter 7 - 6: The Others Departed 1

One month passed quickly, and because Alex could not use magic, he didn't attend the lessons given to Leonardo and others. Since that day, the relationship between Leonardo and Maria and her two best friends remained tense; they only greet each other, nothing more. The seven learned a few new skills.

Today, Alex was outside in the forest surrounding the Temple of Gods.

He laid on the ground and looked up at the sky.

A few small clouds were drifting across the blue sky. And a pale moon hung among them. When Alex lowered his view with a sigh, an endless row of beautiful trees greeted him.

The forest looks beautiful and quiet; the only sound you could hear was the sound of birds chirping.


Alex let out a sigh again. During these one month, it's not like he didn't do anything, Alex tried to use magic, but in the end, it didn't work. Well, he was expecting something like that, so he was not too surprised.

Next, Alex tried to use other weapons for experimentation. Considering that his Gift was unusable at the moment. Alex decided to switch to another weapon.

Hence, Alex decided to experiment with other weapons to see if he could find one that suits him. However, it still failed. Every time he tried to use a weapon, be a bow, a sword, a spear, an ax, and even a dagger, Alex had a severe headache that forced him to drop the weapon. If not, the headache wouldn't stop.

Alex concluded that he could not use any other weapons besides his Gift, meaning apart from his two guns, he could not use any other weapons. There was something inside his body obstructing him by creating that severe headache that forced him to forsake the thought of using any other Weapons than his two guns. Maybe it was the spirit of the two guns, Alex doesn't know if there was anything like that, but considering that this is a fantasy world of magic and sword, a Gift can have spirit.

Later, Alex even consulted Priscilla about his problem, hoping that she could help him, yet she said that his case was unheard of, so she couldn't offer him any solution. Then, Alex decided to go to the Temple of Gods' library to read many books to see if he could find a book on an Otherworlder or some native of this world that had a similar case to him.

Unfortunately, his search ended fruitlessly.

His case seems unique; nothing seemed to work. Alex did not know what to do. However, there was one thing he was sure about was that he would become the strongest.

Alex decided to go back. He started walking back towards the temple; soon, a beautiful white building appeared in front. Alex stopped walking because, in front of the Temple, there were many carriages with guards around them.

There was one big carriage, in particular; it was white with a crest on it. The crest looks like a golden eagle with two heads, and on top of the two heads was a golden crown.

Alex did not know what this crown represents, but he thought it was some imperial crest.

Alex was sure of one thing, which was that one of the empires or kingdoms finally made a move, and their goal was obvious, it was to recruit Otherworlders. Well, Alex means seven, of course. He was pretty sure that nobody would want to recruit him. Hence, when he entered the temple, Alex was planning to go straight back to his room.

However, Fate can be a fucking asshole sometimes. Kevin spotted Alex, immediately the others noticed him. He was forced to go there.

When Alex entered the big hall, he saw Maria and the others sitting around the big table.

Priscilla was there as well and a beautiful girl, she has light blue hair and blue eyes. There were two guards behind the girl's back. Under Leonardo and his crew mocking eyes, Alex sat next to Maria. He greeted her and the other two.

Finally, Priscilla spoke, introducing the girl.

''Welcome. This girl is the Second Princess of the Drexia Empire. Katherina Von Havens. Well, you may have noticed the similarity in our name. I'm the former First Princess of the Drexia Empire, and because I was chosen to be the next priestess, I discarded the Von in my name. Thus it became Priscilla Havens.''

Priscilla explained. Alex had already guessed their relationship based on their looks; he was talking about the eye color and hair color.

Priscilla continued talking, explaining why Katherina was here.

''Katherina has come to invite you all to the Imperial capital, precisely to the Imperial Magic School. She-''

She didn't even finish talking before being interrupted by Katherina, the latter haughtily said.

''No need to continue speaking any further. I'm here for the other seven, not for this trash. I have no interest in him. So, better not waste my time.''

''Kath, shut up, will you?'' Priscilla scolded her sister, obviously not pleased with the way she acted.

''Why would I? I'm not wrong. So, better not meddle in my affair. I respect you, but it doesn't mean I'll listen to you. You're not in the position to command me anymore.'' Katherina replied fiercely.

''You..'' Priscilla felt compelled to massage her forehead because of this troublesome sister of his; it would have been okay if it was her cute little sister who came; this one tends to act a bit unruly.

Leonardo and the others were silent. Maria and her two friends frowned; they wanted to say something.

However, as for Alex, the concerned party, he suddenly burst into laughter.

''Hahahaha, my bad, but hahaha.''

''Trash, what's that funny? Or have you become mad hearing that I'm not here for you?''

Katherina asked, her eyes filled with contempt.

''Pft hahaha! I'm just laughing because of how fate can be a bitch sometimes.'' Alex mocked.

''What are you blabbering?" Katherina asked because she did not understand what Alex was hinting at.

Everybody looked at Alex waiting for his answer.

''Well, you see, back in my homeworld. You can't even carry my shoes. Even that asshole blondie over there can attest to it. I have money, a lot of money, and many connections that you can't even dream of. However, because of some unforeseen accident here, I am listening to a retard trash-talking in front of me because she got a little status and power, which she didn't even earn herself. It's why I was laughing earlier. If fate were not a bitch, you wouldn't stay in front of me talking shit.''

'Everybody was astonished by what Alex said,' Alex added before departing.

''I don't care about you and your goal; even if the strongest Man was here and insulted me, I will still say the same thing. I'm not afraid of death; I'm just afraid of cowardly death. I'm not a coward; even though my Gift is useless in your eyes, it doesn't mean I take the beating without saying anything; I'll insult anybody that dares to look down on me. Do note that even an ant deserves respect. Do not look down on anyone because you don't know what the future holds.''

''One last thing, you called me trash. Well, I also have a few words for you.

Va te faire enculer p├ętasse!''

While saying that, Alex lifted his middle finger towards Katherina before leaving under their dumbfounded gazes.

[A/N: What Alex said means 'Go fuck yourself, bitch' in French.]

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