Devil’s Son-in-Law

Chapter 1122: Collision Between Sub-kingdoms

Chapter 1122: Collision Between Sub-kingdoms

“Not only that!” Sariel’s voice was full of absolute confidence, “Did you forget about the Moon Mirror? Although I’m here, it doesn’t stop! It is my kingdom avatar. Even if I’m here, it can also pass on the power of the devoured bloodline to me!”

Chen Rui was shocked that the space of the Ghastly Floating Land could not block the transmission of Moon Mirror.

Sariel laughed loudly while pointing his hand to the sky. The image of [Moon Kingdom] suddenly appeared in the space above, showing the solidified blue crystal image of Duoduo and Auglas. The outer edge had solidified into a sphere.

“As long as the Moon Mirror turned red completely, the dragon’s Pseudo-Godhood will be completely devoured and the little girl’s God’s descendant bloodline will be completely awakened. Her strength will directly enter the super-level, which will be the birth of a genius. Unfortunately, her glory is only for a brief moment, because Moon Mirror will completely absorb all her bloodline power and life force, and I, who have obtained these powers, will be greatly improved in strength. You will no longer be my opponents! Moreover, as soon as I leave here and go back to the Demon Realm to fully fuse and comprehend the true mysteries of the bloodline– even Satan will be trampled under my feet

Python was about to attack when Chen Rui’s deep voice sounded behind her, “Don’t interfere.”

Python noticed that the voice was a little different. When she turned around, she saw Chen Rui’s eyes. Even Python, who had a steadfast mind, couldn’t help but feel a chill in her mind. She had fought with Chen Rui several times, but this was the first time she saw this kind of gaze.

Full of rage, killing intent and even madness.

The glance was just a glimpse. In the blink of an eye, Chen Rui’s figure disappeared.

At the same time, Sariel’s mind was full of warning signs. Chen Rui had appeared in front of him. The speed far exceeded expectations. Before Sariel could react, his chest and abdomen were already hurt by his punch.

Although the punch didn’t penetrate Sariel’s body, the corresponding position on the back protruded, which showed how violent it was. Sariel’s body flew upside down. Before he could stabilize his weight, Chen Rui chased up. He launched a powerful knee attack and hit him into the air. Chen Rui’s figure appeared in the air with a flash, then he clasped his fists and slammed Sariel’s head with a heavy blow.

Bang!” Sariel’s figure shot down like a meteor, and he was about to land on a floating island. Chen Rui’s figure flashed again, and 7 huge light balls suddenly appeared and exploded on Sariel’s side.

The entire island was immediately torn apart. The air was filled with a large cloud of smoke caused by the explosion.

This movement was quite big, but this was where the relatives and friends gathered at the Ghastly Floating Land for training. The wandering spirits in the vicinity had already been cleared, so there was no external interference.

In the smoke, a figure slowly floated out.


His body was full of terrifying scars with large pieces of mutilation on his shoulders, chest, and legs. If he was still at the peak stage of the Pseudo-God, then the [7-star Explosion] just now might not be able to hurt him in the slightest, but now, this move dealt a huge damage to Sariel.

The blood on Sariel’s body had flowed back, and the wounds were rapidly recovering. The mutilated body grew back instantly just like winding back the television screen.

This regeneration was not a simple restoration. Sariel’s power breath had not been depleted or weakened because of this.

This was [Body of Moon Soul].

Despite this, Sariel had put away his underestimation. He knew his strength had been suppressed to the level of Demi-God, but he had the fighting experience and means of peak stage Pseudo-God after all. Only Python could be regarded as a strong enemy. He didn’t expect that ‘Aguile’ was also a tough opponent, especially the speed was extremely terrifying. Though they were both at the peak stage of the Demi-God’s strength, his speed was close to the Pseudo-God level; even Sariel thought he was inferior to him.

The breath around him became extremely violent in an instant. Then, countless crimson giant beasts roared toward Sariel. Before they approached, he already felt the tearing destruction power. The next second, his whole person was engulfed by the Scorching Dragon Sea.

After surrounding the target and squirming for a long time, the crimson destruction light gradually extinguished. Sariel’s body turned to nothing with just some broken fragments that could be vaguely seen.

“It’s useless!” The fragments made a sound at the same time, and they soon gathered together to form Sariel’s body, “For the immortal [Body of Moon Soul], no matter how powerful your attack is, you cannot really hurt me nor exhaust my true strength.

“We are old rivals. I admit that your [Body of Moon Soul] is really extraordinary. I had suffered a few losses back then.” Python sneered, “However, there is no absolute thing in the world. I was not sure previously, but after entering your sub-kingdom today, I can finally be sure that the so-called ‘immortality’ should be related to the sub-kingdom. The energy consumed by the [Body of Moon Soul] will be relayed to the sub-kingdom with a special link and replenished by the sub-kingdom. As far as a Pseudo-God’s kingdom is concerned, it is indeed almost endless, but as long as your sub-kingdom is destroyed, you can only consume the limited power of Godhood. At that time, it is your death!”

Sariel was shocked. He knew Python’s eyesight and judgment, but he didn’t expect her to see through the mystery of his [Body of Moon Soul]. He immediately pointed to the sky image, “So what? The Moon Mirror has been activated, and the bloodline of the God’s descendant will soon be completely converted to my power! I can totally afford it, and you are lacking time!”

Just at this moment, the [Moon Kingdom] displayed suddenly had a change. In the kingdom, the distant mountain range suddenly shattered. Then, a light flashed. Everything around the mountain range was destroyed.

The source of the light was a dark cloud. Looking closely, it was a huge castle, suspended in the sky. The outer shell was faintly flickering with silver light, which made people feel shocked and overwhelmed at the same time.

“What is that? !” Sariel was taken aback. There was a bad premonition in his mind. How did this thing enter [Moon Kingdom]!

The huge castle moved unhurriedly, shooting hundreds of lights in a row. Wherever the light passed, the ground would collapse. The whole kingdom was trembling under the lights.

Star Ship!

This was another killing move of Chen Rui. He gave orders to the Star Ship lurking outside the Book Collection Hall before bringing Sariel to the Ghastly Floating Land.

The Star Ship was originally just a backup in case, but after learning about Duoduo’s situation, Chen Rui knew that he and Sariel were already in a life and death fight, so he did not hesitate to order the Star Ship to attack.

This metropolitan battleship of level 5 alchemy civilization finally showed its fangs for the first time. It directly invaded the fourth floor of the Book Collection Hall with unstoppable power, defeated all the defensive enchantments along the way and entered the core space for the [Moon Kingdom].

In a sense, the Star Ship was actually Chen Rui’s sub-kingdom. This battle was like the collision between 2 sub-kingdoms.

Due to the protection and isolation of the magic circle, the people of the Bloody Empire did not notice the arrival of the Star Ship, but the powerful attack force still caused an amazing tremor in the area. Fortunately, Tiffany had already ordered the residents to evacuate and explained in advance some kind of similar situation that might occur. As a result, the public only regarded it as a normal phenomenon triggered by the transformation of the Mechanic Association magic circle.

The arrival of the Star Ship alarmed all the guardians of [Moon Kingdom], and they all came together.

The Star Ship burst out powerful firepower, destroying the [Moon Kingdom] while dropping countless alchemy creatures to face the approaching kingdom guardians.

Sariel looked at the creatures who were fighting fiercely with the [Moon Kingdom] guardians, including huge beasts covered in crystals, floating veiled women, metal-mechine combatants, and giants releasing thunder and storm… Even for Sariel, it was his first time seeing such strange beings.

The number of alchemy creatures was astonishing. Not only the individual combat power was quite amazing, but they also formed a well-trained battle formation with double the lethality. Soon, the guardians of [Moon Kingdom] were completely suppressed.

Not only the ordinary combat power but the high-end combat power was also suppressed. In addition to strange super-level creatures, there were also several powerful dragons and some men and women of extraordinary strength (plus an onion that specialized in picking up weaklings). What caught Sariel’s attention the most were 2 women. A purple-haired lady in a robe with a stunning appearance, a pair of glasses, a crown, a star-lit armor, and a wand; the other black-haired woman was wearing similar armor with a veil covering her face.

These 2 women alone were able to withstand the 10 strongest Demi-God guardians in the [Moon Kingdom], including 3 peak stage of the Demi-Gods. With 2 vs 10, they still had the upper hand! 2 of the 10 people had already been severely injured. It seemed that the defeat was only a matter of time.

The Star Ship once again spewed out a light with a shocking size. This light did not cause any explosion, but a huge black hole appeared. Everything close to the black hole was devoured into it: Mountains, rivers, land…

1 of the 3 main canons of the Star Ship, ‘Annihilate’!

“Damn it!” Sariel clearly felt that the power of the sub-kingdom had suddenly dropped, and the space structure of the kingdom had been severely damaged. If this continued, it would no longer be enough to support the output of [Body of Moon Soul]!

Sariel suddenly found that there were countless black lines in the surrounding space, exuding smoke that sealed the entire area from a distance.

The black lines gave him a dangerous omen. He looked at them for a while, and he even felt stinging in his eyes.

Python’s poison!

Python’s sinister laughter came from the black smoke, “Don’t worry. I won’t interfere, just to prevent you from escaping.”

“I’ll run away? Ridiculous!” Sariel was furious, “I have the Moon Mirror here anyway. Even if you destroy the entire [Moon Kingdom], you won’t be able to stop the awakening and devour of bloodline!”

With that said, countless blade-like sharp qi slashed down all over. Chen Rui had activated the [Aura Blade].

This time Sariel didn’t use the [Body of Moon Soul] to take it directly. The Evil Pupil on his forehead radiated a strange light, and the space where his body was located suddenly distorted like water ripples.

The water ripples were slashed into countless pieces by sharp qi, but they recovered after a wave of ripple. Instead, Chen Rui himself received some kind of recoil, and blood overflowed from his mouth.

“[Thoughtless Moon Water Magic Circle].” Python’s voice sounded.

“Yes! Even if I can’t activate the strongest [Doom Calamity 7 Chapters], I still have the [Thoughtless Moon Water Magic Circle]!” In the ripples, Sariel’s voice caused layers of ripples, “This is the ultimate skill that integrates both offense and defense. You can’t break it even when I’m just standing still here. Now that Moon Mirror has begun to absorb the power of that dragon’s Pseudo-Godhood, I want you to watch how I devour the bloodline of God’s descendant little by little!”

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